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As a new father, this problem is very personal for me. My son needed food, and I found myself struggling to find it. Being a programmer, I discovered that I could automatically monitor several of my local markets, and receive messages when new stock arrived. Because of this, I’m now able to maintain a formula supply for my child.

After seeing my friends’ struggling to find formula on Facebook and elsewhere, I decided I wanted to help others use my solution. So I spent the weekend building I hope that by providing this service, that many in the USA will get through this shortage with a well fed, happy baby!


You're pregnant? You will be mom soon?
Download our free pregnancy app and take the calculated due date or the 1st day of the last period (the due date was calculated by the 1st day of the last period).Our app accompanies you through 40 weeks of pregnancy.The APP includes:Information about your gynecologistInformation about each week of pregnancy and the development of your babyCalculates your delivery date. Information about trimester, month of pregnancy, week of pregnancy and the time until birth.Save the appointments from the gynecologist and remind you.Relax with music and fairy tales.lullaby, fairy tale for your childEnjoy your pregnancy and look forward to your baby.
Parenting app with solutions for positive parenting and healthy & happy kids.
MamaZen is an award-winning mindfulness & positive parenting app for moms. Our solutions use relaxing Mindpower Audio Sessions™ that merge meditation, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness techniques create lasting change that empowers you to use calm parenting so you can raise happy kids.After each session, you'll instantly feel less anxious, more energized, calmer, and happier. Not only will you benefit, but your children and family will, too. We believe, and know, that a happier mom means a happier, more loving household.Taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury or something to push to the sideit’s essential. You can’t pour from an empty cup!How MamaZen Benefits You• Help you feel much happier, MORE PATIENT, and more like your true self• Better-behaved children who are calmer and happier • A calmer, happier, more loving household environment• Experience less stress, anxiety, and overwhelming feelings• Actually enjoy your motherhood journey • Feel more confident and IN CONTROL of your emotions• Have more compassion in your day-to-day interactions How MamaZen Benefits Your Kids•Your children will also reap the same benefits, feeling happier and less stressed. If you’re calmer..
An ultimate guide to the parenting for the health of 0-5-year-olds.
We are group of medico (Pediatricians,Gynecologists,Geneticists,Sonologists) and non –medico (Management consultants and IT) professionals coming together to form World Digital Awareness LLp having our offices in USA,Australia and headquarters in Rajkot, Gujarat. We are extremely passionate about creating and executing medical awareness in the larger uninformed population of the world and savings lives and improving healthcare.In this app called “Pocket Pediatrician” we cater to segment of creating awareness and imparting right – understandable – implementable medical information for parents of 0-5-year-old kids. For the first time in the world, this app has all the detailed information about everything related to normal baby care, care of low birth weight babies, growth & development of babies, vaccination of the kids of 0-5-year-olds, diet after 6 months, in multiple languages.This app has been developed with the knowledge of highly experienced medical doctors, professionals and field experts. It is designed and developed as per the international guidelines of UNICEF, WHO, FOGSI, IAP and health authorities. It has been professionally prepared by expert media experts and IT professionals, to be user friendly and provide understandable..
You can track online status of your family members, know when they are online.
You can see how much time your younger family members spend on Whatsapp. Are your kids online instead of sleeping at night? Are they online instead of studying? Get notified when they're online or offline. Track how long they stay online with hourly, daily, monthly charts. See what time of the day they are online with a clock chartTrack when they are online and offline and know their online durations with the duration table.It provides a great service to for your kids guard.It provides you with the the truths.
Baby songs application helps your child to sleep quietly and comfortably
Baby songs application helps your child to sleep quietly and comfortably in a modern and attractive way.Children's songs contains a collection of children's songs that make your child calm and sleepAmong the features of the application:Hear songs without the internetThe ability to set children's songs as a ringtoneThe ability to set new children's songs as an alarm toneThe ability to play a children's song in the backgroundThe ability to play new children's songs repeatedly automatically
Collect and compare over 400 toddler fashion/goods shopping malls!
[ Everything about children's shopping, Jjimkong. ]Jjimkong is a shopping mate app that supports the wise shopping life of sensible mothers. :)Jjimkongi provides a variety of shopping services for infants and children, thinking of mothers who want to do only good for their children.• Size recommendation: When you are worried about your child's size, check the size recommended by steamed beans and shop more comfortably.• Home: Check out a variety of content from the hottest products right now to discounted stores and stylish outfits.• Ranking: Compare more than 400 baby and children shopping malls by fashion/goods conveniently in one place.• Category: Find recommended products for your child and products by category more easily and quickly.• My: Collect your favorite shopping malls and products at a glance.These days, when people prefer online shopping to offline shopping, enjoy and conveniently shop with steamed beans in the palm of your hand! :)Steamed beans will save mom's shopping time, who sometimes needs speed![If you have any questions about steamed beans?]We will continue to work hard for the shopping life of mothers.If you have any..
The traffic light simulator for games or for the study its signals.
An application that simulates the work of the traffic lights. Can be used for games and for children education.An application that simulates the work of the traffic control lights. Can be used for games and for children education.Features:Classical Traffic LightPedestrian Traffic Lights, stoplight / go lightTraffic signals modes:red -> yellow -> green -> yellow -> redred -> red with yellow -> green -> yellow -> redred -> green -> yellow -> redblinking greenCountdown for red and green lightSmiles:)
Online Tracker Last Seen Tracker Comprehensive Report with Last Seen
If you're looking for an online tracker app that lets you monitor the online activity of your friends and family, Last Seen Tracker is the perfect solution for you. With Last Seen Tracker, you can easily keep tabs on your loved ones and track their online activity, even when they're not using wp.MophyOnline Tracker in the background to collect real-time data about your contacts' online activity and displays it in an easy-to-understand format.One of the best features of Last Seen Tracker is its real-time notifications.You'll receive an instant notification whenever one of your contacts goes online or offline, so you'll always be up-to-date on their activity. This is particularly useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids' online activity, or for anyone who wants to know when their friends are available to chat.Another great feature of Last Seen Tracker is its user-friendly interface. You can easily navigate through the app and access all the features you need with just a few clicks. Plus, Last Seen Tracker is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating..
Goal-oriented baby tracker for milk stash, feedings, diaper, sleep, books, pics.
Tinytracks is a goal-based baby tracker that provides parents with the tools for successful parenting: manage a milk stash, track nursing and bottle feedings, pumpings, diapers, sleep, read books, and photos. Invite grandparents or a nanny to track as well or keep updated on your little one. Tinytracks integrates with Alexa for hands-free tracking and all data is synced in real time.Benefits:- Manage a milk stash- Log nursing and bottle feedings, pumpings, diapers, sleep, books, photos, and notes all synced in realtime- Log data in app or hands-free through the Tinytracks Alexa skill- Log events with a timer while they're happening and keep everyone up-to-date- Start goals which show you're making the right progress towards recommendations by the CDC- Add photos of your little one which are shown as memories and shared with other caregivers- Rich data visualization of your child's data giving you deep insights into trends and changes over time- Add multiple children- Makes tracking fun as all tracked events are meant to be socialleave notes and like your favorite photos or tracked events- Social login with Google..
Maryam Tips is Parenting Application
Maryam Ovulation Tracker has a calculator to find ovulation day, section of tips to get pregnant, best exercise to conceive fast and also eating advice
Being a parent is hard enough! Finding Formula shouldn't be.
As a new father, this problem is very personal for me. My son needed food, and I found myself struggling to find it. Being a programmer, I discovered that I could automatically monitor several of my local markets, and receive messages when new stock arrived. Because of this, I'm now able to maintain a formula supply for my child.After seeing my friends' struggling to find formula on Facebook and elsewhere, I decided I wanted to help others use my solution. So I spent the weekend building I hope that by providing this service, that many in the USA will get through this shortage with a well fed, happy baby! App DOWNLOAD

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Its stuck on the main screen and keep saying "unknown error" when I try to sign up


It didn't let me know until I physically was at the store.


Fantastic app! We used it all the way till our 3rd went to solids this week. Highly recommend this to EVERY parent out there. Huge time saver and stress reduction. Top tier stuff right here!


Works great and was a real saver!


Doesnt work, never sends me any notifications. I end up finding my formula without this app.. Wasteful, doesnt work


This really helped me find formula for my baby during the shortage. Notifications always came through on place and location that had the formula in stock.


Doesn't have all stores


I really wanted to love this app. It would be a great tool. But I can not make it past choosing what formula you need. Sucks I've looked for my babies formula for awhile, and can't seem to find it.


I removed the app. I don't think it's accurate for Indiana stores. It send me locations who never received the formula. Then I found some today on my own. They never sent me those locations with a lot on the shelves today.


Great concept but unfortunately it's not very accurate for me ): I got a few notifications but when I went to the store they didn't have anything. It was even their shipment day. Oh well. It was worth the try though! This formula shortage is insane.


This has been a lifesaver, and is very accurate


Helps me so much! No more calling every store from here to the next state!


I was a bit skeptical on my first time using but I came back from the store with my baby's formula. This is an amazingly helpful creation in these trying times. Thank you very much for looking out for our little ones
Thank so much for your kind words! So glad it worked for you!


This is a Godsend! I was here when emails was sent so I was glad when it became available through app. My only complaint is that it's not allowing me to update my location. I do not see a way to do so via the app and I have uninstall and reinstall the app several times but it's not bringing me to the sign up screen to enter the zip code.
Hello Cee, this is a bug with Andriod. If you go into the settings and delete the app data & cache for the app, it will prompt you again for the login screen. I hope this will change your review to 5 stars!


INCREDIBLE!!! Because of this app and it's creator, we were able to find the right formula (Enfamil Reguline) for my little cousin. Thank you so much!!! ♥️
Great Leo! So happy to be of assistance!!!


The fella who made this app/website is a Godsend. Finding formula for my baby has been a nightmare throughout this shortage and this sends me notifications as soon as my specific type I need comes in stock somewhere. 5 stars. I'd give more if I could.
Thank you so much for your review!


Thank you so much for this service. There is still a formula shortage and this has helped me find formula for my baby.
Thank you so much for your review!


So far doesn't work. Not even the test text notification works. Not giving me any notifications at all.
Virginia, I would suggest you delete and reinstall the app. Then try the test again. This is often done when the notifications are not turned on for the app.


Love this, thank you for building the app. Are you going to have it push notifications instead of sending a text.
Correct, we now use push notifications!


Works similarly to the website and is helped us a lot to find my child's gentle formula