- New Level: Retro Mission
We know you weren’t asking for an 8-bit version of Hill Climb Racing, but guess what, we delivered it to you anyway!
- Translation updates
- Various bug fixes

Hill Climb Racing Game SCREENSHOT

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Hill Climb Racing Game DESCRIPTION

Play the original classic Hill Climb Racing! Race your way uphill in this physics based driving game, playable offline!

Meet Bill, the young aspiring uphill racer. He is about to embark on a journey that takes him to where no ride has ever been before. With little respect to the laws of physics, Bill will not rest until he has conquered the highest hills up on the moon!

Face challenges in unique hill climbing environments with a wide variety of cars to choose from. Earn points from daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and travel further distances. Watch out though – Bill’s neck is not what it used to be when he was a kid! And his good old gasoline crematorium will easily run out of fuel.


Fresh Content
We are still actively developing Hill Climb Racing and adding new vehicles, new stages and new content!

Unique Vehicles
Get behind the wheel of a wide variety of different vehicles. From the iconic Hill Climber to bikes, race cars, trucks and even some outlandish vehicles such as the creepy Carantula! Half car, half tarantula, do you dare drive it?

Play Offline
Race offline whenever and wherever you want! Hill Climb Racing is playable completely offline.Play it on a bus, plane or train! Play it anywhere!

Crazy Stages
Each stage in Hill Climb Racing is a unique challenge for you to overcome with vastly different terrains and styles. How far can you reach in each stage?

Unlock and Upgrade
Tune up and fix your dream vehicle with custom parts, skins and upgrades!

Simulated Physics
We worked hard on creating a one of a kind in-game physics system where your vehicles will react to the terrain in a unique manner, can you use this to your advantage and conquer the hills?

Daily challenges and events
Tackle the daily challenges and events to earn epic rewards!

Remember that we’re always reading your feedback and are hard at work creating new content and fixing any issues you may find. Please feel free to report what you like or dislike or any other issues you may have with the game to

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Quite a lot of adds but it's a great game and it's really easy and you can basically put a bottom waits adds for 15,000 coins to get infinity coins! And it's a really good game so yeah I like it :)


There is a bug in the Seasons stage. At around 4,440 m, there is a floating autumnal platform that instantly kills the player when they land on it. This has happened to me every single time I've gotten to it, using the Race Car.


I like this game very much. I was going to rate a 5 but lately have some problems. The cars are accelerating on their own. This is starting to happen more often. If this continues I will have to downgrade the rating and uninstall the game.


Really fun game, but there is a bug I have recently come across. Fully upgraded the super off-roader and now the physics change part way into the track where it starts behaving as if I'm on the moon. Makes it very difficult to make money now to buy a new vehicle or level but it is every level that it does this. Disappointing


I used to play this game a lot and came back to it and all my unlocks are reset, It seems a lot harder to earn unlocks now and so many ads its just like every other mobile game now. And as in all other mobile games it's about getting you to spend spend spend to get ahead, sad that such a great game has gone this way.


Well you've really ruined the game. Constant freezeups and not to mention wayyyy too many ads. Thanks a boatload. Update, ads are worse, they were better for awhile - but now they are freezing up and kicking me out of the game. Don't let this great game slip away instead of taking care of real issues.


Love playing the game but I usually listen to something else (music or a podcast) in the background and have the game sound off but sometimes when I watch an ad intentionally or it goes to the break time ad it stops my music or podcast app and sometimes even force closes the other app.


The game is absolute fun and great for spending time. The new maps are pretty good and the garage thingy is quite interesting. The only problem, is that there's only a single music track for like almost all the maps. And it just repeats and repeats. If possible, addition of music tracks or something would really make it more enjoyable.


For me the game is seriously lagging and it is like sometimes someone takes over the device I am playing on. Sometimes this problem goes away without any help but other times I have to sign out of the device and then go back in. This problem really needs to be fixed. The last time I installed the game it did the same problem. I thought that something was wrong with my device but I have a new one and it still has the same problem.


IMPORTANT: Make sure to sign in! I must not have and lost every vehicle I had. It also sounds like you'll lose your coins and diamonds when switching devices so make sure to spend those before changing your phone. You'll also be hit with ads even if you've paid to remove them in the past. Fun game though. Losing progress was (probably) on me, but it's definitely an oversight to not at least restore ad-free functionality and in-game currency when someone changes devices (even if I couldn't)


What every phone game should be. It's a good time waster you can get good at but don't have to be. The sequel is a cash grab lootbox fest. I tend to play Real games and not Mobile trash so having a simple distraction game is what I want, I don't need my game pretending it has depth when it's designed to scam toddlers out of their moms cash.


Great game. But lately it freezes up on ads. Have to exit game in order to restart. Then it freezes again on the next ad. Very irritating.


It's a good game, but there's a problem with the ads. There's no X appearing in the edge of the screen, so every 3 rounds I have to restart the game and my coins etc from the last round are gone. Not to mention there's way too much ads in general.


Too good. The game is fun, BUT. When I go in the air, I tip over and break my neck. So please make this like that one game called "left for dead 2" so that way I can rotate in the air. Also can you add customizable characters?


I've had this game for almost 10 years; long before there were ads I have to pay to remove or micro transactions. The only thing I paid for were extra gems to unlock areas, because that's the only microtransaction that existed. But now there is no way to restore my purchases!


Really fun game to play. You can play offline to have no ads and there are many different cars + stages. Pretty realistic physics, unless you count the fact that your wheels go through the car's body. Definetely recommended


I've come full circle on the way ads are implemented in these mobile games. I shouldn't be cursing the developer for punishing me for playing their game. I should be cursing myself, for wasting more time on my phone than I should. This game is 10 years old, a completely ad-centric sequel came out. This title should be as free use as a scrap of paper.


I've come back to this game time and time again admiring its physics-based gameplay. One thing I would highly recommend doing in this game is getting the "Mutant vehicle", you'll see what I mean when you do... For for a excellent coin grinding strategy, use the when fully upgraded tractor on the highway stage. It takes a bit, but one run lines your pockets.


I played this game years ago and it was a lot of fun. I had unlocked everything available to that point. I recently decided to download it again for some nostalgia. When I loaded my gaming profile to it none of my unlocked vehicles or levels were there, and I discovered they had added WAY more ads. When I watch the ads for the coin doubler at the end of a level I occasionally do not receive my reward. The ad rewards NEED to be fixed


Don't get me wrong, it's a staple of the phone gaming community, been around for years. But it's pretty rigged, the cars change from front to real wheel drive consistently. just enough to get you over the bumps, but automatic rear wheel when going up a hill. Nos tanks are too expensive, some of the vehicles are plain useless. Some maps are equally as useless. Ads and so on..but other than that it's good to see a game this old still going.