Update 2.0 adds:
- new UI
- New obstacles
- Skin Shop
- Infinity in the game
- High score
- New currency
- Bug fixes
-New skins

Ball Shart Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Ball Shart(截图1)【图】Ball Shart(截图2)【图】Ball Shart(截图3)


Addicting game with which you will not be bored
– frequent updates
– Set your records
– compete with friends
– Skin shop

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this is the best game ever. for you and your family and friends.
this game is hyper casual game and its for your fun alsoand do you want to play so hit install and enjoy this game in your smartphone.and it has over 500+ levels in this game. play anywhere,anytime,anybody. and thank you for download.
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addicting game
Addicting game with which you will not be boredFeatures:- frequent updates - Set your records - compete with friends- Skin shop

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Absolutely amazing game, would recommend, brilliant!
Thank you, we're very happy you enjoyed it


Good game


We need more experiences like Ball Shart. DLC soon?
Thank you for your feedback, we are very pleased. Yes very soon we will be releasing a global update 2.0 with a lot of new content !


Ball shart/10
Thank you for your feedback 😀


I sharted and it burned


Ball shart 👍
Thank you for your feedback 😀