End Date can be set before the Start Date for the Timeframe filter
Red dot does not start to display next to the Timeframe
Journal entry pusher shows up during log press event creation
Disable changing a pusher when editing a Journal entry
Manual logging saving event doesn't send back to overview
Share on instagram clips long conversations
Content of the event does not change to the selected on the Log Details




Finally, an app to help you communicate and build a deeper bond with your dog or cat. The FluentPet App is an essential tool in button teaching, setting up you and your furry friend for success as you teach them to talk. By tracking every button press, you can not only improve your understanding of what they’re saying, but also be able to create a memory log of your conversations. Capture precious moments to revisit and share for years to come, whether that’s your learner saying “I love you!” or reminding you of their favorite activities…is it time to “play” yet?

With the FluentPet App, you can:

– Track their progress as they learn to talk with buttons
– Learn what techniques work best to grow their vocabulary
– Find patterns in the words that your learner is using
– Share progress with family, friends, and the community
– Contribute to the global research study on closing the interspecies communication gap!

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Teach your dog or cat to talk!
Finally, an app to help you communicate and build a deeper bond with your dog or cat. The FluentPet App is an essential tool in button teaching, setting up you and your furry friend for success as you teach them to talk. By tracking every button press, you can not only improve your understanding of what they're saying, but also be able to create a memory log of your conversations. Capture precious moments to revisit and share for years to come, whether that's your learner saying "I love you!" or reminding you of their favorite activitiesis it time to "play" yet?With the FluentPet App, you can:- Track their progress as they learn to talk with buttons- Learn what techniques work best to grow their vocabulary- Find patterns in the words that your learner is using- Share progress with family, friends, and the community- Contribute to the global research study on closing the interspecies communication gap!

FluentPet App DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



I have over $350-worth of equipment in my house that I can't use because I can't login to the app to connect the base and buttons to the Internet. The login page just keeps recycling without any error message. Edit: It took this negative review to get attention. Cust. Srvc. emailed and attempted to resolve the issue. I ended up changing my browser to have it work. The app opens a browser to confirm logins and then switches back to the app.


Cannot install the base. I have tried multiple different routers and network setups. Because the base installation does not go through, I've not been able to test the product at all. The buttons cannot be connected before the base is ready. Hopefully the buttons and the base are not depending that much on internet after the installation.


DEVICE IS SERVER-DEPENDENT, so make sure you don't get frustrated too quickly like I did. Emailed support and they emailed back pretty quickly to inform of a server error that was already resolved. I do suggest better troubleshooting info and adding that the base and app are dependent on FluentPet servers. Otherwise, so far so good with the app recording our progress!


Cannot log in using the same email and password as the site.
Hi Gabriel! Note that you can log into our website with your app login. You should have access to orders associated with that email. We're also here for you at [email protected] if any other issues arise, feel free to reach out!


works pretty poorly. Connect base can successfully connect to WiFi, but the next step fails. forces you to redo the entire setup process each time that fails.
Thanks for the feedback Lucas! If you were unable to get past the second step of onboarding, we'd be happy to assist - please reach out to [email protected] and we'll be happy to help out!


This app was pretty good, it was a bit clunky but effective for logging my dog's button use. The recent update won't allow me to log buttons (I am not using the new connect buttons). All the features are clearly geared towards the connect use and while I think the connect buttons are a really cool concept, I am not currently in the market for them. I do however love tracking button use! But I haven't been able to use the app for nearly two weeks now.
Hi Neaera! Manually logging should be 100% supported in the current builds. If you were not able to resolve this issue, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist!