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Are you a true gold miner? Become a mine factory tycoon, build an empire, earn money, build a business, level up, make more money and get rich in this idle tycoon simulator game where you can make a living by investing!

Expand your millionaire mining and increase productivity with gold miner who will automate the workflow of your factory! Discover the manager strategy to invest in and earn as much cash as possible in this idle tycoon simulator offline tap game – Live as an idle hero millionaire tycoon! Be a gold digger and start digging for gold now! Are you ready to become an idle hero in this epic adventure to become a gold miner?

Do you like idle clicker tycoon games and earning money simulators? Want to be a gold digger? Idle Miner Tycoon game is an offline simulation clicker game that mixes mining management and earning tons of money to become a rich capitalist millionaire. Unlike other tap simulator and clicker tycoon games, the aim of this epic miner adventure tap game is to build gold resources and level up to gain as many idle benefits as possible: with the income that you make from the mine, you will have to hire and pay managers, upgrade your factory as well as optimise your miners. It differs from the other idle money tap games because you can become a mine manager capitalist, build a millionaire factory, and earn money by optimizing the workflow with gold in this money game like in a clicker simulator offline games. Make more in this idle simulator money clicker game until you become a rich idle hero capitalist! Enjoy this epic offline miner tycoon adventure with no adcap, try this gold tap game and become a gold miner.

★ Automate your gold mine to make more idle cash income: No need to tap like in an online clicker simulator! Enjoy this addicting tycoon simulation game and level up!
★ Get idle money and earn money & gold: Stay in business when you’re offline!
★ Profit from investments and get rich! Taps to riches to become an epic idle hero millionaire among this offline simulator game with no adcap!
★ Hire a manager to increase your miners’ motivation for gold digging! The clicker mining simulator among tap games.
★ Build up your idle billionaire empire simulation without the endless clicking you experience in other clicker money games and offline adventure simulation games!
★ Manage and upgrade more than 20 mines like a boss: Become a gold mining tycoon by managing this gold miner cash simulator! Taps to riches for becoming an epic idle hero and upgrade your mine!
★ Become a true gold miner! Manage more than 15 resources: coal, gold, and jade, making this different than all other idle tycoon games.
★ Collect coal, gold and money in this mine factory simulator like a gold digger! It’s not like other clicker money games with no adcap!
★ Increase your money and gold and taps to riches in this offline adventure simulator Tap game!
★ Make more gold & cash and upgrade your mine, level up and become the richest factory manager tycoon in this idle miner simulation clicker game!

Unlike other tap simulator games, you get the chance to become a miner billionaire by automating the mine workflow simulation of your magnate business. Get rich, purchase new mines and buildings, invest gold and taps to riches to become the greatest miner ever in this gold mining and digging simulator! Try the money games and manager simulation games, unlike other idle tycoon games with adcap! Increase money by selling resources in this miner tap game manager simulator. Dig out the gold and get rich! Taps to riches and become a capitalist millionaire tycoon! Enjoy this Idle Miner Tycoon Simulation game!

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It's lacks something to keep me interested and involved. Maybe more tasks or something. But the graphics are nice and smooth. The game play is smooth, simple, easy, just somewhat boring to me personally. But hey, maybe some ppl like mindless games that will play themselves.
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So, I remember playing this game on an old device and it worked perfectly fine, yet I try on this device (a new device), and it always freezes on the loading screen. For example, it mostly freezes at 56% or 94% and it is really infuriating. Sorry for the low rating but it just has to be done.


The game itself is good but it seems like the dev team focuses on the "special" offers waaaay more than the actual game. I would like it if they added more miners because as it is there are 2 legendary miners for each class. And the music is soooooo repetitive! If they added more music for the islands that would make me change this to a 5 star. I don't mind the ads.
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ADS NOT OK FOR KIDS. This is a fun game and all, but the ads for Puzzles And Survival are completely inappropriate. I was playing this game with my 5-year-old and clicked the ad boost, next thing there's a demonic clown on my screen about to eat a little boy and my kid's hysterical! Thanks for the nightmares, guys! Screen your ads better, they cost you two stars in this review. The game is fine, nothing exceptional, but a good timekiller. The ads need immediate attention.
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I got this game to get diamonds on My Dear Cat thinking I would completely hate it, planning to delete after I get my reward, but I actually enjoyed it. It's only 4/5 stars because of the ads. Thats about my only complaint, but y'all do need to fix that for sure. It would be a much better game. Also the prices for no ads, that isn't as much as an issue though as the amount of ads.
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Sorry but this honestly is the corniest of games.... extremely boring , graphics etc are that of early beginning of games that came out. Gameplay is just about pushing of buttons getting this miners to move fast and rack up the trillions my opinion can't do it fast enough for me to get to the game level I need to in order to be able to uninstall as soon as I've made my required point rewards on app I tried it through.


It's a good game, but there is an exploit to the game, if you change your date and time into the future in settings, the game registers that as time passed and gives you a whole lot of money, good but I really wish they can fix this because it's not fun knowing you are playing the game for nothing when you can just get free coins if you change the date in settings.
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Highly addictive game and a great time killer. The one thing that really pisses me off is how there are male and female collection cards to upgrade workers. I spend money on chests to uncover two card collections with the EXACT same stats when they could have made the appearance of each worker independently customizable in ONE card series. That is a huge cash grab if you ask me; and it doubles the amount of time it takes to collect the cards you need to upgrade because each gender is seperate.
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Great game honestly, been playing a few months now and it passes time during my breaks at work, my review was a 5 star but I'm taking it to a 4 I'm sorry. My reason for this is I've noticed everytime I open the game lately it's just a bombardment of pop ups for game things, like the lucky wheel, Stella's elevator, all the daily packages... there are too many to list and you have to close them all one by one every time. I'm just tired of spending half my time closing these while I'm playing
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Other than the game lagging out, freezing up, and basically makes me reboot my phone everytime I try to use the app, hopefully a solution can be updated to the game, otherwise it's slowing down my phone, a significantly ridiculous amount, an it's a brand new phone, so I hope some update patches can come out, otherwise I don't believe lll be keeping the app on my phone much longer. Much love, just trying to give constructive criticism to help fine tune the game, for greater downloadables, charact


Overall an enjoyable game. However latest update has slowed it to an unplayable level. Loading is long and I can't navigate to the bottom of the mines. I can't even get into the settings menu to get support. As mentioned previously the volume of overlay buttons is irritating having someway to mute these after viewing would be good.


The game is great, and I only have one problem so far... the ads! I know, I know, people say that about so many games & the developers need their money, but I have to put my phone on airplane mode to play. Often times the ads are optional, but you also get random ads. I don't like to spend my money on games, so I'm not going to get the "no ads" pass thing, so it's kind of is my fault that there are ads, but it just ruins the experience when I get a random ad.
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Definitely a game worth keeping your original device/account for. Restarting is still fun, but it just takes forever to get back to where you were if you don't have the save file for device or the account with save data uploaded. However, despite that I've managed to play this game for several years even if I've had to restart due to lost account info. It's still absolutely worth it.


I've only played the game about 30 minutes total (in my spare time) in 2 days. The more tunnels you have, the more money you make in the game. I haven't tried cashing out yet because I doubt I have enough points for anything. The game keeps you fairly active with the boosters for the tunnels which makes time fly. I enjoy it, just give it a try!


I'm completely addicted to this game. I paid for ad-free because there are just way too many ads (thats why there are 4 stars instead of 5), although they're optional. My phone decided to factory reset itself and I lost my purchase and much of my progress. I contacted support and after a few days Irene was able to restore everything!
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If you've played the demo in the ads, the game is the same just slower to earn the gold. If you have played any tycoon game, this is one to check out with the managers having unique boosts, even if you do end up praying for executives. The only reason for one star less is that some of the ads will freeze the game and not register your rewards.
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Overall good game, if you like grinding for stats then this is for you. Would give five stars if it wasn't for the issue of my data being randomly wiped. Long story short, I loaded up the game one day and everything was gone, as if I had never played. Also, sometimes it will not load, it will go to the loading screen, stay at zero percent, and then the game closes.


This is my favorite game. The weekly events and the fact that the levels are always increasing keep it fun. The ads are entirely optional and you are Never interrupted for an ad to disrupt your life. I have been playing dailly for more than two years, and it is still toms of fun. Thank for the continuous improvements and the constantly increasing level caps: this is my go to game for my personal time.. Thank you game developers!


The game is fun so far. I haven't been playing long. I like the option to watch ads to boost things and that the ads aren't too long. So far this isn't one of those annoying games where ads pop all every 1 minute. I do wish it didn't cost $14.99 to go ad free though. That seems a bit much. Another thing is the constant direction to the play store after every ad when I click on the X to exit out of the ad. That definitely needs to stop.
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Good game, 3 major complaints: there are 10+ micro transactions on the main screen, and tons of pop-ups for more. Plus they are stupid expensive $25 for 1 super manager, and there's 20+ of them. Then there has become a point where I almost can't process without spending real money to boost mines. If it weren't for these things I'd give it 5 stars.
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