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Preptly: Digital SAT Prep is a test prep app contains exclusive digital SAT practice questions in both English and Math to help you get a high score on the new college entrance exam administered by CollegeBoard. Using the app increases your chances of getting admitted into your dream college.

Preptly not only gives you your own personalized SAT study plan, but also helps increase your test-taking confidence by practicing hundreds of new SAT math questions and SAT English questions that are just like those on the digital SAT BlueBook Exams app!

*** Increase your SAT score to Hit Your Goal ***
In Preptly, there is a large number of questions hand-selected and prepared by a seasoned test prep expert; the questions model the feel of a real Digital SAT.

The app is divided into two major categories, similar to the new Digital SAT:

To help you hit your goal on the test, our test prep expert has carefully analyzed and broken down the above subjects into specific subcategories:
-Craft & Structure (Words in Context, Function of a Sentence, Comparative Text 1/Text 2, & Overall Structure of the Text)
-Information & Ideas (Supports the Claim, Logically Completes the Text, Graph Questions, Main Idea of the Text)
-Expression of Ideas (Transitions & Note-Taking Questions)
-Standard English Conventions (Grammar Questions)

-Advanced Math
-Problem-Solving and Data Analysis
-Geometry and Trigonometry

*** Key Features ***
-Over 650 practice digital SAT questions with detailed and simple-to-understand answer explanations
-A skills assessment quiz upon first usage of the app to assess your skills and provide an individualized study plan just for you
-Questions separated into categories to streamline prepping efforts and master each type of Digital SAT question, one category at a time
-Timed quizzes to assess pacing and get a feel for time management on the real digital SAT
-Personalized Metrics to Keep Track of Progress
-Your Own AI SAT Tutor, WhizBee, who can answer your questions and quiz you on SAT subject matter!
-A Leaderboard to compete against other users in the app

The most important part of scoring high on the SAT is to keep practicing and build your confidence. You will find that each time you practice in Preptly, your knowledge of the test increases, thus increasing your certainty of success.
Set aside a certain amount of time each day to practice some questions and follow Preptly’s SAT study plan provided to you. This app will surely help you develop good study habits and give you an excellent SAT Study guide to work off of.

### Purchase, Subscriptions, and Terms ###
You will need to purchase a subscription to unlock access to all features, content areas, and questions. Once purchased, the cost will be deducted directly from your Apple account. Subscriptions will automatically renew and be charged based on the rate and term selected for the subscription plan. If you need to cancel your subscription, please do so no later than 24 hours before the end of the current term or your account will automatically be charged for renewal.
You can manage your subscription by turning off auto-renewal in your account settings in Apple after purchase. If a free trial period is offered, any unused portion will be forfeited at the time you purchase your subscription (if applicable).

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Preptly: Digital SAT Prep will help you practice and improve your score
Preptly: Digital SAT Prep is a test prep app contains exclusive digital SAT practice questions in both English and Math to help you get a high score on the new college entrance exam administered by CollegeBoard. Using the app increases your chances of getting admitted into your dream college.Preptly not only gives you your own personalized SAT study plan, but also helps increase your test-taking confidence by practicing hundreds of new SAT math questions and SAT English questions that are just like those on the digital SAT BlueBook Exams app!Increase your SAT score to Hit Your GoalIn Preptly, there is a large number of questions hand-selected and prepared by a seasoned test prep expert; the questions model the feel of a real Digital SAT.The app is divided into two major categories, similar to the new Digital SAT:-English-MathTo help you hit your goal on the test, our test prep expert has carefully analyzed and broken down the above subjects into specific subcategories:English:-Craft & Structure (Words in Context, Function of a Sentence, Comparative Text 1/Text 2, & Overall Structure of the Text)-Information..

Preptly App DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



Please how can I manage my subscription
Hi! Thank you for your review. If you are having trouble managing your subscription, please email us at and we will assist you! Please consider modifying your 1-star review if you are happy with how we assist you! Thank you for using Preptly!


Can i give this application a zero rating? It can't perform its basic function of running for more than 5 seconds.
Thank you for your feedback and we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. Can you check now please? It should work perfectly. We have released a new update with new features and bug fixes! We would love it if you tested this out and then updated your review. If you still have issues, please email


When registering a number, nothing happens: I enter the phone number, press the button and nothing happens. How to fix?
We are glad to inform you that the issue with registration has been sorted out. You should be able to register seamlessly with a variety of options, including registering by email. If you have any other trouble, please contact us on and include your mobile number.


well the explanations are not really clear. when deriving some certain figures it not explained to the fullest
Dear User, we are sorry to hear that there were features that were not working for you. We have a group of test prep experts who craft the answer explanations and review them by hand. Please share the exact issues you had at and we will do our best to rectify those at the earliest. Thanks.


You can find like that information for free, additionally it is uncomfortable in phone, furthermore, server is very bad and so much lagging


It would be great if i could try the app for free for some time or at least some part of it to get the idea wether if i should pay for "premium" or not. Most of the times apps sort of steal the same questions from one another, or just take it from bluebook, khan academy etc, which i can already get for free, so i wonder if thats the case in this app. In conclusion i would really like you to let us experience the app for free some time and then let us decide if we should pay or not. 3⭐ for now.
Hi Aslan - We hear your concerns. All of our questions are unique. If you are having technical issues, please email so we can help you with it!


Terrible questions and answers, even worse UI/UX. Seems like they just wanted to rush an app out. Don't even bother.
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry you are not happy with the format. We are continuously updating UI for a better user experience and are releasing a new version soon. Our questions are similar to the questions in BlueBook, so we believe our questions are quality. For specific question issues, please email us at!


How do I cancel my subscription on an android device?? The app doesn't have any means to do so. The app overall is great. The questions are worth it!
Hello, did your problem get resolved? If not, we are here to help you! Please do let us know at Thank you for using our app - we are glad you enjoyed it!


Its a good app. Since theee are not much prep material, preptlt app has material that match the patter on Digital SAT. Loved it!
Thank you so much for your review and for your business! We are so happy to provide such a robust database of questions to help you to prep for the Digital SAT!


Amazing app! I highly recommend those who wanna take an exam in that May and pretty viable and instructive to every SAT test-taker me inclusively.
Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!


The app is great! It provides a lot of support and gives new questions. I can compete with other people which makes me always want to do better. Honestly great app, should 100% download if you want to improve your sat score (digital)
We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at! Have a wonderful day!


This app is such a nice guide in acing the digital SAT since there aren't many material out there.
Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on making it better and better! Please note that we are adding in "Tutor Tips" in the answer explanations so that you can get some strategies in the simple answer explanations we provide!


Shortly after I scored 1340 in March Digital SAT, I found Preptly and it has been a game changer.I have scored 1400+ consistently in the practice tests, 1450 being my highest. They have these drills which helps you specifically on a certain topic.Supposedly, you have a problem in Geometry, you simply go to the drill and practice it anytime, anywhere you want.😃😃
That is such an awesome score improvement, Taqi! Keep up the good work! So glad you are a happy user of our app :)


thank god I found this app, otherwise I wouldn't know where to start. although it won't let me edit my profile or see my coin balance (it's in the constant state of loading in the profile section), it still saves my progress which is more important in my eyes.
Hi Amir - we just fixed that issue and are releasing a new version shortly. Thank you for using Preptly! So glad you find the app useful and are enjoying it!


Finding new and good quality questions for new digital sat is hard, and also there are only two resources to prepare except this app which I personally think the best way to be able to solve more question. The app is so simple to use and gives you a chanse to see your progress. In the app you also can see every topic on sat and can practice all of them privately. Finally, I want to thank all of you who built this app and worked to release it at time.
Thank you so much for you 5-star review, Mani! Keep an eye out for new questions to be added in regularly and new features are coming with future updates!


This app is really good for SAT prep and lots of practices are available here, for me it is a great deal.
Thank you so much, Sifat! We hope that you land your goal score and get into the school of your dreams!


I use the app in the car, at the bus station or if your just bored waiting for someone.It really is the most convenient prep app there is to use and prep.
Nick - we notice you are on the leaderboard this week. You are doing such a great job in the app. Keep up the good work!


For just being released the app is great and has a lot of potential. The initial diagnostic exam is good and the app covers all the topics on the digital sat. Readability on some problems could improve but I believe that'll come with time.
Thanks so much, M Mora! We noticed you only have version 3 - please make sure to update and you will notice the improvements :)


I thought the app was free of cost but it's not.I was excited for this app to launch. But I'm disappointed.It was just a waste of time.
Thanks for your feedback. Our team stands behind the value of this app. With little practice questions available for the DSAT, the questions in Preptly are extremely valuable right now. Kaplan is coming out with a DSAT prep book in June with the same amount of questions and charging $37! Start with the free 3-day trial to try it out!


I don't want to leave 1 star since the app is still in development. But: 1) It says that there is 3 day free trial in a monthly subscription, but there is no actual 3 day free trial. 2) In the skill assessment test pictures are not visible. Some answers are similar.
Thank you so much for providing our team with solid feedback! Our developers are currently working on making the images larger. This should be fixed in a day or so. Unfortunately, the free 3-day trial is for the weekly subscription, not the monthly (as mentioned on the checkout page). Sorry for any misunderstanding with that!