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“Guard your smartphone or tablet with our powerful anti-theft alarm app. Secure your device against theft and unauthorized access. When someone tries to steal your device or enters the wrong password, our loud alarm will alert you and deter potential thieves. Features include:

Loud alarm and flashing lights
GPS tracking to find your device
Remote lock and wipe
Intruder photo capture
PIN and pattern lock options
Notification alerts
Download our anti-theft alarm app now and keep your device safe.”

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Guard your phone with a loud anti-theft alarm. Security alarm to protect phone.
"Guard your smartphone or tablet with our powerful anti-theft alarm app. Secure your device against theft and unauthorized access. When someone tries to steal your device or enters the wrong password, our loud alarm will alert you and deter potential thieves. Features include:Loud alarm and flashing lightsGPS tracking to find your deviceRemote lock and wipeIntruder photo capturePIN and pattern lock optionsNotification alertsDownload our anti-theft alarm app now and keep your device safe."

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It is very good if there is no option to switch off the phone.


How the hell you remove ads there's no pro version


Ok good app ilke


Not working, time loss


At last I found it, but has some lackings! 🌿It should be keeping fingerprint security system as the want of era. Else other options Specially security (it works in locked screen), alert tones satisfied me. A btter one... 👍🏻👍🏻


It s' a good app


It awesam


It was awesome, i really love it... Good job!!! 👍👊


Best App and good working. 👍 fully recommended




Very good


আমি চালু করতে পারিনা অনেক ভালো


This app is not good




Good 👍


Just awesome


It's more what I expected. Recommended!


Very helpful, good work developers


Great Apps for security. I love the sensor vibration feature


Anti theft alarm system app is so easy to use and very useful I really like it 👍