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- Performance improvements and bug fixes

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VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow App DESCRIPTION

VN is an easy-to-use and free video editing app with no watermark. The intuitive interface makes video editing simple, with no prior knowledge needed. It offers all the features required to create professional and high-quality videos, satisfying both the needs of professional and amateur video editors.

Intuitive Multi-Track Video Editor
• Quick Rough Cut: The track edit design feature for PC versions is built in the VN app. This makes it easier for you to zoom in/out any materials and select keyframes as short as 0.05 seconds. You can make video editing as precise as you want.
• Delete & Reorder Easily: Swipe your finger up or down the screen to delete the selected video clips. Reorder your video materials simply by drag-and-drop.
• Multi-track Timeline: Easily add picture-in-picture videos, photos, stickers, and texts to your videos, and personalize them using the Keyframe animation feature.
• Save Drafts Anytime: Save a draft and undo/redo an action as many times as you want. The support for non-destructive editing allows you to make changes to an image without overwriting the original image data.

Easy-to-use Music Beats
• Music Beats: Add markers to edit video clips to the beat of the music and take your videos to the next level.
• Convenient Recording: Easily add high-quality voice-overs to make your videos more lively in minutes.

Trending Effects & Color Grading Filters
• Speed Curve: In addition to the regular speed change tool, Speed Curve helps to make your videos play out faster or slower. This feature is similar to Time Remapping in Adobe Premiere Pro. VN offers 6 preset curves for you to choose from.
• Transitions & Effects: Make your videos more lively by using the transitions and effects such as overlay and blur and setting their timing and speed.
• Rich Filters: Import LUT (.cube) files to make your videos more cinematic. Rich cinematic filters make it easy to create stunning visual effects.

Advanced Video Editor
• Keyframe Animation: Create awesome video effects using the 19 built-in keyframe animation effects to customize the products, you can also add other keyframes or curves to your footage to customize the results.
• Reverse & Zoom: Enjoy the novelty and fun to reverse your video clips, and use the zoom effects to make them more engaging.
• Freeze Frame: Create a time freeze effect simply by selecting and tapping a video frame to generate an image with 1.5 seconds duration.
• Creative Templates: Create music and video templates and share them with your friends and family.

Flexible Use of Materials
• Flexible Impor Method: Import music, sound effects, fonts, and stickers to VN via Wi-Fi, WhatsApp, or Telegram. You can also import files in bulk via Zip files. Using your materials for video editing is that simple.
• Material Library: Use the many stickers, fonts, and other materials available to add more fun to your videos.

Rich Text Templates
• Text Templates: Choose from the many text templates and fonts to match your video styles.
• Text Editing: Choose from various font styles and adjust the font color, size, spacing, and more in any way you like.

Create Effectively & Share Securely
• Seamless Collaboration: Transfer projects between mobile and desktop devices via Google Drive or OneDrive with ease. This allows for video editing anytime and anywhere.
• Protection Mode: Set expiration dates and passwords for your drafts and templates to secure your assets.
• Custom Export: Customize the video resolution, frame rate, and bit rate. 4K resolution, up to 60 FPS.

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Some annoying technical defects 1. When you want to delete a clip only it will delete added text, pip , music all together. You have to move those added things left or right in the timeline to free the clip. 2. You can not brows the import file from system gallery. No file name is shown in VN gallery. It becomes too tough to identify which clip are to add. It becomes irritating when you have lots of similar types video clips. 3. Music library should be more rich .
We truly appreciate your precious feedback. VN values each feedback from our customers. Your suggestions and ideas will be carefully considered and evaluated in our future updates and improvements. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Any other question please contact: Email:


Today I experienced increment in size of the app in hours of tweaking the project. It went from 1-2 GB to 28GB. Something buggy is happening while running the app, at the time of using the app network wasn't on at all. Such a pathetic experience.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try restarting your phone. If the issue still persists, please contact our customer service and we will help you resolve the problem.Discord: Instagram: @vnvideoeditor Youtube丨Telegram丨Facebook: @vnvideoeditorapp Email: Official website: VN Team


After the update it kinda sucks. Lags all the time. Smooth transitions when combining and edition videos together is gone. Importing music is really hard to use.


I had given 5 stars exactly 1 year back , but now I wish to give 1 star , Because VN application has proved the lines " Any great technology will atleast lack in any one of the basic need in the hurry to be advanced. Kindly note VN is the best option for video creators where as to search an audio is great task where we need to scroll whole list as it's always show songs in jumbled order and there is no option of manual searching 🔍 through typing few letters of song. I feel pity for myself.


"Personal data at risk" At first, my experience with the VN editor was positive. However, it quickly turned concerning as I realized it was using an excessive amount of storage, surpassing 5GB. This prompted me to investigate further. Shockingly, I discovered that all my private audio files were duplicated and stored in a folder called 'LEGACY_MUSIC_ALBUM' within the com.frontrow.vlog directory on my Android folder. This incident not only raised privacy concerns but also wasted storage space.


Seriously! Dear Sir May be, According to you ,I am only one person who is facing this problem which I am going to tell but seriously I am not able to edit any video . Explanation: if I am selecting any video for edit so there are showing process which is ok but after, this apps opening that interface from where I am selecting video for edit . And i selected again video for edit . But getting same problem yet now .


Still very much love this app,and have zero problems. althoug a small request for a search button to find the songs you want to use easier please as well as more transitions and maybe effects edit: thank you for listening to our requests. really excited to see what else is in store for the app


So many times glitches has been shown while editing and so much trouble to edit in this app. Lots of time we have start the video from the beginning which is too annoying. I will not recommended this app for professional editing it will irritate you so much
Sorry for the inconvenience, please go to VN Settings-Feedback, submit feedback, and describe clearly the problem you encountered, we will let VN customer service contact you, thank you Contact Us:


👍 great experience but, I would suggest you to add gradient in stroke & in fill also. Add more shapes options and new key animation effects. I am also finding error in vn codes can't download it fix it. Same update I saw last week


I am experiencing a problem unable to select music from my device by searching them, it is not alphabetical and there is no search bar. Kindly, please fix this issue. Otherwise, we have a awesome product in the world called VN.


Amazing app! Probably the best I've tried. Even away from the computer this app allows to edit things on the go hassle free. Sometimes I just need to trim a video or add files together and VN makes it possible. Other features are also great. Thank you very much. EDIT: I still love the app but removed 1 star because PRO features are only available with subscription, which I hate... I would prefer to pay a lifetime license, with eventual PRO+ future upgrades packages paid separately if desired


Honestly,this is the only app I use for editing but the problems I'm facing now is too irritating.....adding music part glitches that was still ok for me but right now I unable to open the app. I'm trying to open it for 2 days but it just keep loading. I have to so many editings,my all work is pending right now. Plz try to fix this problem asap.


HELLO VN, I'M USING VN a while, but recent times my rented videos shows " we can't play this video, audio format is unknown " But I'm using Rode wireless go Mike , it's works preety good, after putting my efforts and time my videos shows like this, i really hate this, i also surfed lot of YouTube videos and also through chrome, but i didn't find any solution, can you explain what kind of problem is this, what i should i do to overcome this problem !


Based on my own experience on using this app, I can surely say that this app is one of the most great editing app that I've used. It's easy to use and the instructions are easy to understand. Though, as you can see I only gave it a 4 because the sound effects for me is not enough. I hope you will update more of sounds effects. Aside from that, I don't see any problem in this app so it's I really recommend this to newbies in editing, it's beginner friendly. Must try


It was such a good app. But after the last update, in my VIVO V20, this app automatically (when I search for music in my storage) copies all the songs in this location ( /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.frontrow.vlog/files/.music/legacy_music_album ) until my internal storage becomes 0KB making my phone almost useless.
Sorry for the inconvenience, please go to VN Settings-Feedback, submit feedback, and describe clearly the problem you encountered, we will let VN customer service contact you, thank you Contact Us:


The app is pretty good, but is very hard to use. The song sometimes glitches (definitely more than sometimes), and the video glitches or pauses (You have to completely restart the project). The song goes back and forth. This app is definately not for voice overs. Wouldn't recommend.
Sorry for your inconvenience, we have received your feedback. Please send the screen record of this question to us, We will handle it for you as soon as possible. Contact Us:


Love the app cause it doesn't put watermark 2 things to work on a) it legs some time b) if you want to correct your text inbetween then you gotta go all the way back delete everything you've written before the corrections word. The typbar can't escape words to backwards. once you gone ahead typing Thanks


It's a wonderful app in the beginning, but there is a problem with synchronisation of audio, it was good until editing but after exporting it will be gone. Even the music beat play different while editing from which we set in the beats option . We love this app, please correct it asap
Sorry for the inconvenience, please go to VN Settings-Feedback, submit feedback, and describe clearly the problem you encountered, we will let VN customer service contact you, thank you Contact Us:


Good app. Iam facing one issue of stuck video and app randomly. Shapes are not too much good . Developed need to add some shapes and effect , music effect , effect sounds and any more sound. One major problem is it doesn't support *landscape* mode please release an update that support landscape mode . But overall app is good .


I have been using this application for a long time Like editing a video, the song goes back and forth. If we talk about the title, then at the time of editing, we have set it in such a range that after editing that title comes in half of the video, that means it gets reduced. Seriously, I like this application very much, but because of such bugs, I will probably delete it in the application.
Sorry for the inconvenience, please go to VN Settings-Feedback, submit feedback, and describe clearly the problem you encountered, we will let VN customer service contact you, thank you Contact Us: