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Random Hero Defense Game DESCRIPTION

“Strategic Puzzle Defense with the Simple Swipe! Combine Heroes to Power Up!

Draw, Merge, and Defend!

Heroes appearing on numbered blocks.

Merge identical numbered blocks to double their value! Also doubles the heroes’ attack power!

Grow your heroes to fend off enemies. Compete with other players in strategic battles!

❖ Hey there! Join me as my ally!

The Swordsman who slashes through all enemies in a straight line!
The Pioneer who breaks through limits in an instant!
The Captain who freezes all foes in their tracks!

Heroes with magnificent skills!
Choose the best heroes to embark on adventures with you.

❖ A tale from a distant future?

What’s that trace of meteor collisions on the map?!
Clear stages one by one and meet new heroes.
Discover the stories of heroes who appear as bosses in each stage.

❖ Which direction to merge? That’s the question!

Various strategies with a simple swipe action!

Heroes are merged according to the direction of screen swipes.
Whether to grow a hero or use a skill is solely in your fingertips.

❖ Puzzle Master vs. Defense Master

Be the first to reach Hero level 2048 or outlast your opponent to win.
Speedy puzzle-solving to reach 2048 vs. Surviving with optimized strategies.
What’s your choice of strategy?

This content is created with decency in mind so that fathers and sons, and everyone else, can enjoy together.

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