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Snow shovelers Game DESCRIPTION

Looks like it’s snowing!
Let’s plow it for everyone!
This is a simulation game.
It is a casual game, so everyone can play easily.
Operate the snowplow and collect the snow.
You can get money by putting the collected snow into the snow collection zone.
Level up your snowplow with the money you get.
The more you improve your snow plow, the more snow you can collect!

Let’s go to help people in the city!

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Way too many ads and no option to buy upgrades.


Below average game, you play for 30 seconds then they say you need a break so watch a ad for 30 seconds, sorry for me rating this game so high should be a tenth of a star


So many ads you have to close 3 times to get back to the game. Some just crash the game and you have to close out completely


too much ads I want to pay for removal of ads but the icon not there if you want us to keep playing your games get rid if the ads


the game is fantastic if it wasn't for all the advertisements and me not be able to spend the game currency to level up more. I should not have to pay to get rid of advertisements and get rid of a nuisance. other than that I like the game


Ads that time out randomly are annoying and I can no longer upgrade in game. So even though you can still go through levels I can't spend any in game money or advance. I do NOT recommend downloading as it will only last you a week if you don't delete the game due to the xonsistant barrage of ads. DELETE!


One of the worst games out there. Ads, and game freezes before I can even complete a level.


I came here from ad trailer while it got pop up while I was playing & this is an amazing app! Oh I forgot, when will you add the shop just like Hoarding And Cleaning so that I can purchase to remove ads, free cart & speed movement?


Far too many adverts, and cant play if you dont have internet connection, which is ridiculous. Deleted


Pretty mid compared to similar games. Very cumbersome to play without any real interesting game progression. It runs smoothly enough, but has much room for betterment.


Good game apart from the amount of ads, I can understand having to get things you need with ads, but why an advert every 2 mins, this spoils the game


It's a good game but there's too many ads seriously cut down on the ads ugh it's fustrationing 😡😡😡😡😡😡


to many ads. can't really play the game with the ads popping up every 15 seconds


I gave it 3 stars as it's a fun relaxing game but entirely too many ad's. If it didn't have so many ad's I would have given it 5 stars.


Cute game I love the snow. However there are too many ads I don't even have a chance to scoop up enough snow to go dump it and get coins for it to upgrade or anyting. I have bad eyesight and I am a woman of a small income so I'm not paying to get rid of ads I'm uninstalling no need to respond I will not put the game back on the matter what


Abused by obtrusive ads and banner ads. An ad for everything past day 1. We all know the excuses, (we need the ad revenue to pay for development of the game.) It's a lie. The revenue from the banner ads is enough to recoup the money spent purchasing the programs needed in a relatively short time. The other ads are just for profit. Unless your an idiot dev and payed a company to make the game for you. Btw there are programs for free that you can use with same results.


FUN!! It's a good game to unwind with. The only thing wrong with it basically, is the bombardment of ads. There's just too many ads to enjoy the game itself 🙄


I love it but to many ads .and it only goes to day 7 then starts over at day one. And i havent seen an ad free option


pretty fun. nothing special. same concept as all suction games. graphics are nice but the constant ad interpretations while playing is horrible. still a fun game worth 5 stars so far.


Game would be fun if they get rid of the break time... Play for 15 seconds and ad break ... Zero stars.. don't waste your time or space downloading this game...