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Fullscreen Immersive App DESCRIPTION

By hiding the top and bottom bars it provides more screen real estate and a better user experience, especially for reading books, watching videos, and playing games.

Key Features:
– Enjoy the apps/games/browsing in full screen without Android Bars
– Settings for automatic or per application

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The app hides the Navigation and Status Bar either systemwide or per application
By hiding the top and bottom bars it provides more screen real estate and a better user experience, especially for reading books, watching videos, and playing games. Key Features:- Enjoy the apps/games/browsing in full screen without Android Bars- Settings for automatic or per application

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Thank you for your thoughtfulness and great diligence, though games like FC Mobile do hang or pause when opening while using the app so I often force stop the app to able to play it. I believe you will work on that soon. But nevertheless this app is great, it works like magic. I love it. I will surely buy it as soon as I restore my debit card. Thanks a million.
The total number of ads per user per hour are limited by advertising service. The alternative is the purchase. Regards


I'm giving 5* on the basis that Ultra runs perfect when i try it out soon . Pro is only good for watching videos, playing games etc . Trying to type comes with issues that the in-app advice does not help to fix it . Only way I can find to help , is to change immersive modes in the Apps notification panel , then switch it back again when the keyboard isn't needed .


"Ad dialed to load, retry" which prevents me from going into the app and use it, lol. Tbh. While I understand you need and deserve money, it seems a bit too intrusive.


I want to use keyboard and back navigation gestures while hiding my navigation bar and the gesture pill which works perfectly. Great concept! It will save you from screen burn in while using apps like Instagram or YouTube shorts


Had potential. Way too buggy, keyboard sometimes refuses to send keystrokes, or to even appear at all. App support is not doing it a favour. This should be natively handled by Android, but thanks to Google's obsession with taking control away from its users, that's not happening anytime soon on stock ROMs.


Please don't buy this app. I've just been defrauded twice and it keeps asking me to buy pro version over and over again. Asking me if I was using another account is out of question. Minutes after the purchase pop up came on the same account asking me to buy or watch ads. I have bought several apps and will not be able to buy again because buy option disappears immediately. But this app makes a provision to buy again with a pop up one cannot exit except you choose to watch ads or buy again.
Hello, are you sure you were using the same account when did the purchases? Regards RE: there is no way to purchase the same product twice. As we discussed the second purchase was automatically cancelled by Google system.


Dunno if it works. Pop-up dims UI and asks me to pay or watch an ad. I click "watch ad", watch the ad, but when I come back everything is still dimmed. Any click shows the same pop-up, there's no way to actually use the app. The ads I'm required to watch aren't registering as such.
Hello, there is a limit of how many ads you can watch a day. Limit is set by ad publishing company. Regards


Disappointing - A13 Pixel 7 - nothing works, despite "Compatibility with Android 13" mentioned under "What's new". This is at odds with message which I discovered after purchase that Ultra mode doesn't work after Android 11. This has been broken for ages. Unsuitable really for any phone 3 years old or younger. Edit - suddenly started to work but in Pro mode only. Ultra mode breaks everything on Pixel 7 A13. Behaviour is definitely hit and miss, but full screen is working, most of the time now.


It hides the navigation and notification bars. But it totally messes with my keyboard and back button. My Back button doesn't work unless I bring up the Navigation bar first. Even though i have the back button as a swipe on the side of my screen. And the keyboard won't come up if i don't bring up the Nav bar as well. Good app in concept. But it needs so major bug fixes.


Doesn't work with Plex when playing video. Try to click on the support button and they just make you watch ads. Doesn't seem to work for anything I need it for.


One of those great apps that does exactly what it says on the tin, nothing more, nothing less. Have you used across multiple phones for a bit more immersion, and works great, every time!


App sort of works, but the keyboard doesn't work. Bottom of the app says to get the Pro version to fix the keyboard. Bought the pro version and keyboard still doesn't work. Emailed the developer, got a somewhat rude reply and then no further communication when I emailed asking for help. Uninstalled.
The app works as described. Thank you.


I was hoping there would be a setting to always display the top status bar and bottom navigation buttons. I dont want them turning off on random apps, l prefer they are always on, havent found a way to do that yet.


App is nice but I want to be able to set the amount of time for when things are hidden in fullscreen mode. Or instead of it being on a timer just let me swipe it down to hide it manually. Then it would be exactly what i am looking for. 100%would pay for that


If I'd known they wouldn't let you change a setting until you watched an ad wouldn't have downloaded I was at work and needed to see something and couldn't because I enabled Fullscreen and needed to watch a whole ad. Thing froze too and I couldn't uninstall the thing because I couldn't type it into playstore Horrible experience Also it says no data is shared but it uses ads. Thanks to Google's new bad policy on this it's up to app reporting it themselves. They are in fact lying


I like the way it hides the nav bar but there are some issues with using the keyboard and copying and pasting. Gestures can be improved also. A little buggy and the ADB for Chrome isn't working anymore so you can't use Ultra mode.
For ultra mode upgrade your device to Android 13


this is the only working fullscreen app for me (op7t pro). doesn't work with every app, some of them just replace the navigation bar with a black bar and keyboard is a workaround but being able to use the screen fully with brave browser is more than enough for me.


It asks me to watch an ad or buy full version every time I open the app, but it never loads the ads so I can use it... as I said and the developers ignored: I can't use the app because the ads always fall to load, down l doesn't matter to me if it shows an ad when I open, not the ad does not load, so the app does not open
Buy us a coffee ☕️ to get rid of ADs. It's that cheap


UPDATE: Heard back from customer service. Apparently the developer behind the app changed, so I had to uninstall and reinstall. After reinstalling my account was restored and I no longer had to watch the ads! Changing from one star back to four stars. ------------------------ Similar issue as Jen Peterson below. Purchased the app, some minor update happened and now I'm back to the ad version. Not a fair customer experience. Deleting


Works, sort of. When going into settings it locks up and cannot go back. Have to force close the app. Needs to run as a service on the background.