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- Stability improvements


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Are you ready for an action-packed multiplayer shooter FPS game? Sniper 3D is an online PvP gun shooting game. Join millions of users and start fighting in a fun multiplayer shooter arena and guild war to become a sniper assassin in this multiplayer FPS gun shooting game. With online and offline game modes, you can have fun and play live anywhere, anytime, for free.

Play Sniper 3D to prove your metal and become an elite shooter in the sniper’s assassin arena.

– Sniper Story Campaign: Hunt and Eliminate Targets to complete shooting missions in 21 Cities to explore
– Compete in a fast-paced PvP multiplayer assassin gun shooting arena to become the world’s most dominant sniper
– Squad Wars: Join a squad and play live with your friends to defeat other assassin guilds
– Events: Play weekly events to earn rare weapons and gear to increase your power, keep fighting your enemies and win challenges.
– Zombie Nightmare: Earn valuable rewards and save the cities in a unique Zombie Mode
– Shooting Range Challenge: Take aim and master your shot in the Shooting Range to highlight your sniper skills

– Collect & Upgrade over 150 sniper rifles, guns and other FPS weapons for free
– Build the most advanced shooter weapons; unlock guns and fun upgrades for ammo and grip, and special abilities
– Ultra-realistic 3D graphics
– Intuitive game controls
– Play live with other sniper assassins from all around the world
– Invite your friends to play live in PvP mode
– Get tactical with fun missions in offline mode or go online for an all-out live PvP multiplayer war!
– Save hostages and become the army’s top sniper shooting assassin
– Keep fighting your enemies even while you are offline

Play this game for fun-to-master controls and countless exciting missions for free. Now you can play this free online sniper game. Sniper 3D is a fun action-packed multiplayer FPS game that offers players versatile play modes for endless hours of multiplayer fun, whether you are online or offline. Download the free Sniper 3D FPS assassin game to engage in online FPS multiplayer warfare.
Install Sniper 3D and Enjoy the ultimate fun shooter experience now with this free online gun shooting assassin game.

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Great game, but when it gets to the point your having to suffer through 3 minutes of advertising for 10 seconds of game play is it really worth it??? Way to many ad's and it seems like the more you play the more ad's you have to watch Plus you have 4 or5 pop up ads on top of the ad's Thanks but no thanks Great game to many ad's


Popups Galore! I like the game but what has gotten worse is the amount of popups for in game purchasing, you have to click 8 times after each mission and random ones as you navigate the game. You are taking the piss! It is really not needed, less is more. You are more likely to make me uninstall your game than to buy anything.


So starting out, everything is great. It's a nice mobile game and there aren't many issues with gameplay or anything. As time goes on though the ads actually become unbearable. I've made it to the third city and almost every time I finish a mission, I'm spammed with 3 in-game ads (multiple times over and over again) telling me to buy coins, diamonds, or one of the other currency types in the game. It's very annoying and I'm starting to lose interest because of it tbh.


I love this game! Back in my younger days I'd spend quarters at the arcade like nobody's business on Silent Scope, but this game is way better than it ever dreamed of being. Fantastic game play, awesome graphics, addictive collection of a ton of cool firearms, killer PvP mode, this is the best title I've ever played for a non-console game. I supposed you could play without spending money on upgrades, weapons, gear and what not, but I can't. Worst draw back is I'm spending too much on extras.


I'm tired of the constant,redundant ads. You can't move throughout any stage of the game without getting at least 2-4 thst you have to keep clicking out of. I like the game, but I'm deleting it. The ads are too much and too damn annoying. I get it, you want my money!


Really not bad at all for a free game, and you really can't be too picky about something that's free. The game is fun enough to keep you entertained, however there's a really bad drift when you zoom in on your target, so you have to hold and shoot. O plus it's REALLY NOT FREE TO PLAY, CONSTANTLY RUNNING OUT OF of ways to refill my energy WITHOUT spending money


Would've been a 4 star game for a time waster that is fun. HOWEVER, this is the most egregious use of ads I've EVER seen in a game. Literally can't play the game. When I first started playing, it was 1-2 ads before I start a match, 1 ad after the match, and then 1 ad randomly. NOW... Literally took 3 minutes of exiting ads to play. I'm talking every button I clicked I had to exit an Ad. 30 f'ing ads in a row. F off devs. It's okay to put ads in, but to spam people with BUY THIS NOW... F off.


I paid 7 bucks for weapons upgrades , figured might make it a lil interesting.... nope! waste of money! Now I haven't even played and I've seen 8 ads already!! and they keep popping up relentlessly! Screw this game... I'm uninstalling! The game is great, but the ads and the slimy business practices ruin it! The more reviews I read, I find the same complaints, and the company that makes the game knows full well and doesn't care one bit and won't change a thing!


The game is good, great for phones. The adpocalypse is annoying as hell. Press a button to start anything creates five screens to remove, two adds you don't want to watch, and these ads freezes the game. If you wanted to make more money then get rid of the ads. Charge a five dollar fee to remove ads and i would pay it. But the ads are driving me insane. I've played for a day and I'm deleting the app because of the two thousand ads I've been forced to watch


Good game, but it is freaking annoying. Normally there are games with lots of ads. This one is let's say normal in that aspect. However, every time one goes through the menus , it offers loads loads of in-game offers. It is really, really annoying man. Nothing but pop-ups and pop-us of in-game offers. You gotta close all of them before doing what you wanna do. Don't even know why the crazy amount of offers. You can enjoy the game without paying a cent.


The gameplay is reasonable, if not a little easy. The grind is manageable early on, but the adverts and the pop-ups to buy stuff is unbearable. PvP is pay to win. There doesn't seem to be a way to pay to turn off ads (something I'm usually willing to do). The prompts to buy things and the amount of advertising take away from a relatively fun experience. Don't bother downloading unless you're comfortable spending more time exiting adverts and pop ups, than playing the game.


The only reason I give four instead of five STARS is the energy system. I've uninstalled this game eight times because I cant ways afford to refill the energy. That drains much quicker than your able to earn it back without paying. It's not expensive. I just think you can do us better than that. You have a great game here. Only my opinion. Just an idea anyways. I do recommend this to anyone who likes this type of shooter. 👍


2 years, I download this app again and play it until well after I'm bored with it. It really hasn't changed in all of these years. The proportion of ads to game time is way higher than anything I've ever seen, and the game itself is quite lame. Lousy graphics and ridiculous scenarios. There was a pickpocket running down the street! Therefore, he must be assassinated in this busy street full of people. Absurd.


The game was fun at first but now I have lost interest. The issue is that if u purchase an elite gun u can't use it until u have reached a specific level. So then u have 2 spend all of your money on trying to build a gun that's required for that level but you can only shoot with that gun 2 or 3 times before you have 2 make additional purchases. They took money out of my account on more than a weekly basis. Not cool! Ads are relentless and ridiculous. 3D sniper do better. Wish I could write more.


To many ads, too many pop up offers. And the latest, when I buy upgrades and they force me to watch a video to "speed things up", they land up not giving me access and making me wait even longer to access them! Very frustrating. You're ruining a great game. Please stop, before I leave. Update: came back a 2nd time, gets even worse the further you get. More ads, more offers, sometimes up to 5! And I was literally having to watch 2 ads per game! Very annoying!!! Goodbye.


I love the game, it does wonders for my critical thinking, quick response time and judgement. After I have to watch an ad the sound disappears. It's fun, but I'm annoyed. I have to close the game, optimize my phone, clear memory, close out from all of my applications and reboot the app to get audio again.


I like the game but the amount of pop up ads and offers to sell you stuff make it almost unplayable. It's shame could have been a great game. Update. This game is almost unplayable with the barrage of pop up ads and gimmicks to take your money. You can only pay for a few minutes before the gun you are using becomes obsolete, and you have to upgrade. This costs you time and money.This company should nçot do free games. They are that greedy!.


Good day. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the previous zoom or shoot buttons, for what reason would you change something that's not broken? I've been playing this game for many years and now it's a struggle to aim and shoot. The shoot button is not even in the same position as previously. Kindly can this error be fixed? Thank you, Naas Schutte.


This game is fun, and game play is the same as it is shown in the ad. The issue I have is that this game is very much pay to play. Once you get to the 10th or 20th mission you cannot really advance without buying the upgrades. It starts to take 2 and sometimes 3 headshots to kill an enemy which is very unrealistic. I have no issues spending money on a game that is well made, but this issue is top much for me to continue playing this one.


Game is fun to play, however i'am growing tired of constantly being bombarded by ads. Seems like it takes forever to get to the actual gameplay because I'm being forced click past ads. Perhaps work on reducing the amount of ads in the game. Otherwise I will have to delete this game from my phone, because there's no way in hell I'm spending money on any in-game items.