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Application for BHC franchisees
Launched BHC PRM


Order through the DJ's Acai app!
You can now place an order for your smartphone or tablet.Choose from our variety of products on our menu.For almost a decade on the market, the Acai DJ is a reference for working exclusively with açaí.Utilizing all its trajectory to improve itself every day, it offers to the friends and clients açaí artisanal, natural, without addition of chemical products, preserving the true flavor of the açaí.From the traditional açaí with banana to the new açaí with Creme de Ninho and Nutella, to your taste, your way.If you are also a lover of this passionate fruit, then you are in the right place.Address: Rua Carmópolis, 20 Ribeiro de AbreuBelo Horizonte / MGGrades:- Merely illustrative images. The values on the menu may change without prior notice.- This application was developed by WABizSmart Business that holds the rights to use the brand for this purpose.
Zero-waste online shopping delivery, anti-waste at home + relay
La Fourche est le premier magasin en ligne à proposer plus de 4000 produits bio et zéro-déchets à petits prix, accessibles directement depuis votre smartphone. Gagnez du temps et faites des économies en vous faisant livrer vos courses à prix réduits chez vous ou en point-relais. Grâce à des prix entre 20% et 50% moins chers qu'en magasin bio en moyenne, notre mission est de rendre le bio accessible à tous. Notre modèle n'est pérenne que grâce au système d'adhésion : grâce à votre fidélité, nous vous proposons des produits à prix fortement réduits. Et pour toute adhésion achetée, nous offrons une adhésion à des foyers à faibles revenus, des personnes en situation de handicap ou encore aux étudiants boursiers. Plus de 55 000 membres nous font déjà confiance et bénéficient des avantages de notre service : LA LIVRAISON DE COURSES A DOMICILE ET EN POINT-RELAIS - Livraison offerte en point-relais à partir de 49€ d'achats, en France métropolitaine, en Belgique ou au Luxembourg- Livraison à domicile en France métropolitaine pour 2,49€ seulement, 3,49€ pour la Belgique- Livraison zéro déchet..
simply order food at Pizza Mona Lisa in Freiburg via App!
With the new app from Pizza Mona Lisa in Freiburg you can easily order your favorite pizza, pasta, stir-fries, meat dishes, Russian specialties, salads and much more in just a few steps quickly and easily.To begin, select your delivery area or if you want to pick up in the store itself, you just select the food and ingredients and possibly enter your contact details and the payment method at the end, so we know where to send.Just a few seconds after sending the order is this before in the store and is prepared immediately.Enjoy your meal!
This is Yoshiharu Doi. We have created an app that delivers recipes and menus using seasonal ingredients in videos. I hope you enjoy it like a cooking class where you can learn delicious home cooking.
こんにちは!土井善晴です。知ってはりますか?   「土井善晴の和食」というアプリがあるんです。今まで、テレビや雑誌で、家庭料理を伝えてきましたが、加えて、スマホアプリというデバイスで、皆さんに直接繋がることができればと思って、始めたことです。アプリの良いところは、時間やページに制限がないということで、微妙なニュアンスを伝えるにはうってつけのツールなんです。まあ、論より可視化、見てもらえればわかります。私が好きなことを好きなだけ話していますから、お料理以外の話も時々出てきます。それは家庭料理の周辺には、家族がいて、友人がいて、そして何より自分がいるでしょ。周辺にある人や物や暮らし、自然と繋がっているから仕方ないんですね。アプリのいいところは、季節の気分に合わせて、暑くなってきたらから、さっぱりしたものがおいしい時期だとか、涼しくなってきたから、こくのある料理が恋しくなるころだとか、タイムリーお伝えできることです。いやいやまだまだ、可能性があると思います。どうぞ長い目で見てください。日本の家庭料理は、季節とか、自然が一番大切です。このアプリを通じて、私がおもう、いまの私たちの生きていくための大切なこと、少しでも伝えられたらいいなあと思っています。土井善晴<アプリの内容と特徴>●週替り旬のレシピ:毎週一度、その季節の『旬』を感じられる土井善晴のオリジナルレシピを、動画を含め約10ほどお届けします。●土井通信:旬の素材をつかって料理を作ることを軸に、素材、調理法、料理の背景など、土井善晴の話が満載の動画通信です。TVやラジオ番組とは違い、手作り感覚ではありますが、土井善晴が自由に存分に語ります。●和の心:日本の家庭料理は、すばらしい!そのすばらしさを、レシピだけの形でお伝えするのはもったいないという思いで、基本の調理法や、伝統料理の背景など読み物スタイルでお届けします。●和の基本:今すぐ役立つ、土井流の「和食献立」のヒントを紹介します。●食材・目的別にひける検索機能もそろえています。旬の食材や調理法、季節やカテゴリーから検索できます。●レシピには栄養、カロリー、塩分表示などの栄養実用情報付。●オリジナルフォトフレーム:土井善晴の直筆フォトフレームで料理を飾れます。カメラで撮ってすぐにSNS(Instagram、Twitter、Facebook等)にシェアできます。季節限定のフォトフレームも。<プッシュ通知>新着情報をプッシュ通知でお知らせします。アプリの初回起動時にプッシュ通知を「ON」に設定するようお願いします(なお、オン・オフの設定は後から変更もできます)。【個人情報保護方針】•個人情報保護方針:•利用規約:本アプリにおけるプレゼントは本アプリの運営元が独自で行うものであり、Google Inc.と関係はありません。特典の発行元、メーカーなどは、特段の記載がない限り本サービスのスポンサーではなく、本サービスとは一切関係がありません。
Korea's No. 1 delivery app, the nation of delivery
Korea’s No. 1 delivery app, Baedal Minjok!From delicious food to delivery of daily necessitiesTry the most popular delivery app now#Completely new, home screen!Restaurant delivery, Baemin Store, gift giving, etc.View and choose from a variety of services at a glance#Quick delivery to just one house!It comes right to my location and the delivery time is fast.When you need quick delivery, try ordering for home delivery.#Delivery tips are coming down! Economical deliveryWith Baedal Minjok’s unique AI dispatching technology, we deliver on the optimal route.If you want to save money, order with economical delivery.#Shopping with Baemin, Baemin B Mart!No need to go to the supermarket in person, no need to wait until tomorrowWe deliver everything from food ingredients to daily necessities right away.#Shopping is also possible with Baemin, Baemin Store!Beauty, home appliances, books, flowers, and even groceries are part of our daily lives.We deliver a variety of products. Now, don’t ship, just deliver.#The more you buy, the cheaper it is, bulk special price!From bottled water to ramen shampoogreat to stock up onFind more products, cheaper#Time to spend a warm meal, give as a..
The faster, cheaper way to plan meals and shop groceries
*Plan meals & shop them instantly*When it comes to midweek meals, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Lollipop is here to inspire you with new, personalised recipes that you can shop in just one click. Say goodbye to dull dinners in three easy steps: Plan Select four Lollipop recipes that excite you, whether that’s for 15-minute Chicken & Halloumi Burgers or a Baked Gnocchi. Shop Lollipop adds all the ingredients you’ll need to your Sainsbury’s shopping basket with one click. There are no mark-ups or added fees — just usual Sainsbury’s prices and offers. This means you don’t have to spend a penny more than usual to embark on new food adventures. Cook Once your ingredients have been delivered, Lollipop helps you cook with confidence with step-by-step instructions in the app. Download Lollipop now and discover the joy of cooking again! Here are some of things you’ll love about Lollipop: Try new foodThere are recipes to try on Lollipop from a variety of cuisines, developed by our expert chefs and BBC Good Food. Seen a recipe elsewhere that..
All recipes with step by step photos
Cook with love!In this application, you will have:- 162 tasty recipes with photosContents:* Delicious cuisine( 133 )* American cuisine( 5 )* Armenian cuisine( 3 )* English cuisine( 1 )* Greek cuisine( 1 )* Individual cuisine( 3 )* Italian cuisine( 15 )* Mexican cuisine( 2 )* Thai cuisine( 1 )We are ready to listen to your ideas and suggestions for further development of the application.You can contact us by [email protected] and we will respond to all your questions and comments.Bon appetit!
An app to taste and keep like a pro!
The application associated with BACCHUS_ONE, the dual-use connected object:- as a bracelet around a bottle, associated with this application you can observe the current temperature of the bottle and its ideal tasting temperature. Depending on the context to which you submit your bottle, the application will give you the time to reach this ideal temperature and will alert you when your bottle is ready to be tasted!- in conservation, it is enough to position it in its place of storage and it will indicate to you if all the indicators are ideal for the conservation (brightness, temperature, atmosphere…), and will alert if an indicator is bad.MAIN FEATURES• associate your connected objects: you can associate your MyBacchus connected objects with the application (connected bottle bracelet, connected cellar tablet, connected empty air cap, etc.).
Get the most out of your Vitamix® blender with the Perfect Blend app.
Get the most out of your Vitamix® blender with the Perfect Blend app. Whether you have a Bluetooth-connected blender or a classic model, the Perfect Blend app provides inspiring recipes, step-by-step instructions, and precise, repeatable results.Wirelessly connect your Ascent® or Venturist™️ Series blender to your mobile device, and gain access to 17 automatic blender programs, including smoothies, nut butter, hot soup, batter, and baby food.Don’t have a Vitamix Ascent or Venturist Series blender? This app also connects to the Perfect Scale, which helps reduce mess since ingredients are measured right in the blender container. Get precise, repeatable recipe results that can be automatically adjusted by volume, number of servings, and even calorie count – in any Vitamix blender.Use the Perfect Blend app to its fullest potential by combining a Venturist or Ascent Series blender with the Perfect Scale. It’s the perfect mix of versatility, consistency and flavor.App features include:• Simple Bluetooth connectivity from mobile device to blender• Wirelessly connects to the Smart Scale for enhanced recipe assistance, includingautomatic scaling of volume, number of servings, and calorie count• Dynamic nutrition information..
Pakistani Recipes free app has all the cooking recipes, English and Urdu
Pakistani recipes free app has all the cooking recipes, recipes in Urdu and English you will need. Pakistani recipes bring your collection of best-Urdu recipes of Pakistani recipes that were chosen for your dishes from this free recipe app are so yummy and delicious. This app for free will guides you step by step to cook delicious food. This free Pakistani Recipes app providing 500+ best recipes in Urdu, Pakistani recipes in English all recipes in one free recipes app you can add your best recipes into your list as well as you can share your favorite recipes with your family, friends at social media, Best recipes app fit for you to use.Pakistani recipes free app providing offline recipes that you look at any time, you can use it without internet connection (Recipes Offline free app). All food recipes are described in two section.• Ingredients• Method• Cooking time
Application for BHC franchisees
Application for BHC franchiseesLaunched BHC PRM


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