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Lamin Etam is the East Kalimantan food price information application based on the page
Information on food prices covers a variety of commodities, including:
– Rice
– Sugar
– Cooking oil
– Beef
– Chicken meat
– Eggs
– Wheat flour
– Soybeans
– Chili / Chili
– Red onion
– Garlic

In all districts / cities in East Kalimantan, with several features such as:

1. Chat for coordination
2. Information on daily food prices
3. Information on food prices in other districts / cities
4. Comparison of food prices between districts / cities in East Kalimantan
5. Graphical information on commodity price fluctuations, etc.

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East Kalimantan Commodity Economic Information Page
Lamin Etam is the East Kalimantan food price information application based on the page on food prices covers a variety of commodities, including:- Rice- Sugar- Cooking oil- Beef- Chicken meat- Eggs- Wheat flour- Soybeans- Chili / Chili- Red onion- GarlicIn all districts / cities in East Kalimantan, with several features such as:1. Chat for coordination2. Information on daily food prices3. Information on food prices in other districts / cities4. Comparison of food prices between districts / cities in East Kalimantan5. Graphical information on commodity price fluctuations, etc.

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