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Speeding Up, Jumping,performing various tricks in the air and landing safety. The game “BMX Boy” is so easy but super fun.

You only need to accelerate or jump over the obstacles on the road and get the scores as possible as you can.

The way to play is very easy.
Tap the two bottoms on the screen (The right one is accelerating and the other one is jumping).Show some cool tricks in the air can get extra points.

-Clear and simple pictures
-3 different terrains
-90 cool and addictive levels.
-Various cool tricks.
-More levels are coming soon.



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This is the best game ever I love I love it so much but updated but they haven't updated it yet I remember when I was 10 I played this games and I want all the level up to now there are no still upgrading it please you need to change the background and everything so it can be updated and it can be more fun than before


1 day this game was my favorite.1 small symphony mobile. when this my game. i completed all level. when my old 6 years.this game is so amazing for me.


The level 8 is so hard whenever you jump a bird will hit your and you will die and if your survive the bird a bull will hit you now it's just so annoying 🙄


A very fun & no BS game. I used to play this in school in 2014 on my first android device. Over the years I've downloaded it on almost every device I bought. Downloading it on my Galaxy Z flip 3 now. :)


I did everything in my power to get over level 1 and I couldn't. There's this hedge that you need to jump over. Everything I tried,(not only the buttons) I fail. What a waste of time!


One of the best childhood game I tried when I was little it was fun. Iiterally thanks to the developers to make our childhood a golden ERA!


I like this game so much . which is volume of star collection by this game bay this sound is very cute for me. This game is Unforgottable....


This is a great game, I never stop playing, I remember playing it since I was 3 to 9 but now I am 11 right now, good game boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


This game is legend.. most of the game we used to play in our childhood are kinda different now,, but nothing changed about this one.. I can play this game with old phones also because it requires very little storage.. And there is no annoying advertisment.. Just love it❤️❤️


Bro this game just to be a lot of fun and good in it's prime when I was a kid and filled lots of memories just wanted to revisit for old sakes but looks like the controls are simpls and the graphics are horrible with playing on new phones but you know i don't blame anything bad about this game since it's been awhile I'm glad that the game is still around to be played and to revisited thank you developers for the amazing experience and i just wish the developers the best where they are right now


I am going to tell you I am playing this game from three years this is my favourite game. I will complete all the levels and I will delete it and then after months I will again take the game again and complete every single level. I've been doing this from three years. me and my cousin always play this game and we never get bored ☺️☺️


When I was only 6-7 I used to play this game with my siblings and fun time-pass game it's really fun, but one thing is so frustrating that if we lose then we have to start all from starting ya it have cheakpoints but then also and I forgotten all controls so 😝(thanks for giving us a lovely game).


Good implementation of peddling and jumping in the game, getting all 5 cups seems to be easier than getting all stars and being unslam, I advice to decrease the level of hardness in the game, so that players may enjoy while playing. Skater boy seems to be slightly less harder than this one.


I used to love this app along with Skater Boy, It can be very frustrating if you're aim is to complete every level in their entirety but it's a great little bit of fun too, Simple controls it's the timing that counts, A very easy 5* for this old classic mobile app.


I love the game it's pretty cool . But the only problem which I don't like is there are so many adds which make me bore sometimes. If there were no adds then for sure I would rate 5 stars to these game.


BMX Boy is the best adventures game by simple graphics and it is just 11 MB and you can play this at ur lonely times but there are some bugs and certain difficult levels u can't solve anymore but this game carries 3 stages and each stage contain 30 level so this game make u to addict and with its simple controlling system..... #BMXBOYADDICTED I recommend this game to download.... Its just awesome😘


this game is awesome.... I've really enjoyed it more than I thought. It even helps free up your mind... It's all fun. Maybe to some it might not look enjoyable but trust me this game is alot more fun than just watching TV all day... Congrats to the game store. I really loved it... Played it more than a thousand times and you know what I never get bored when playing it... It's like getting new experiences every other time.. Your supeerb.. Thank you anyway. Wish you continue with the same spirit.


the game is fun. has been for a while now.but when are u gonna update it. because it has been years and no change. I remember when this game was by far the coolest now it's just same old game. please update it add different stages and also upgrade the graphics to something better like it looks like 3d or something and also add like bike stunt race game mode .


It's a very nice and challenging game. It's adventurous and too addictive but and also many times there are hard situation and we cannot face them. But it is a lovable game and liked by everyone in my house from small to big. But sometimes it is critical too.


I had this game as a kid and lived it and when i got a new phone i couldn't find the game anymore and now I found it I am so happy. I used to play this during snow days when there was no school and i am playing it again the same way on a snow day from school *even though I am a few months away from finishing school and going off to college this game still fills me with joy. Keep up the good work i love this app*