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Color Roll 3D Game DESCRIPTION

Experience one of the most addictive, color-filled puzzle game — Color Roll 3D! Ready to challenge your brain with this brain teaser? Then this color game is just for you! It’s all about color, creativity, and some serious agility!

In Color Roll 3D, you’ll need to copy the exact image you’re shown, down to the last detail! How? Just by unrolling and arranging the vibrantly colored rolls the relaxing game give you for each level. Sounds easy, right? But wait, there’s a catch! You’ve got to ensure the colors overlap in just the right way to perfectly match the image.

Got the image in your head? Great! Now get to work and let those colorful rolls fly! Just tap each roll and watch as it smoothly moves across your screen, bringing the image to life. But remember, in this mind game it’s all about getting those colors to line up just right!

As you climb higher and conquer more levels, things start to get tricky. Figuring out the right direction to unroll those rolls? That’s where the real fun begins. But don’t worry, if you hit a roadblock, we’ve got your back with helpful hints to keep you rolling in this color matching game!

Color Roll 3D isn’t just a puzzle games for adults—it’s an color adventure packed with levels to test your skill, patience, and creativity. Keep track of the position of each layer and push your boundaries to replicate the exact model given.

So, are you up for the color puzzle challenge? Are you ready to roll your way to victory with this brain exercise? Download one of the most exciting color puzzles for free now and start your vibrant adventure today! It’s time to get rolling, and let the colors take control. It’s time to play Color Roll 3D!

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Color Roll 3D Game DOWNLOAD

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The amount of ads in this game is disgusting! There's an ad almost every time I touch the screen. You people are crooks.


Got this game on Sunday, and it's Tuesday, I'm at the 167th level, and after the hundredth level, the game just makes you basically replay all the levels that you already did, wouldn't get game unless you want this for 1 day The hard levels aren't even hard, wouldn't watch the add. DON'T BUY


I paid for no ads and did ALL the puzzles that are included in less than an hour. I want my money back! I'm not watching ads for harder puzzles! It should have harder puzzles automatically!


This game is completely wonderful coz it keeps braim active but the most worst problem is the adds. I mean ik there maybe something called as subscription for the game so that you won't be able to get disturbed when you play the game but I think there should not be subscription for removing the ads otherwise it will be not as good to play because I think that the main problem is that they advertise arrives after every one step you are done and it is quite a lot of irritating.


Nice idea but the adverts last longer than the levels. So far I've completed 6 levels, each taking less than 10 seconds and seen 3 adverts lasting at least 20 seconds each, and requiring at least 2 taps to exit.


This game is a lie it gives you the same puzzles repeatedly yet saying you're on a different level


Pretty fun game. Only problem is after level 100 or so it literally repeats every puzzle you played before. I've been playing repeated puzzles for quite some time now and at this point I'm fed up and deleting this game.


I would have given it 5 stars if there weren't so many ads and it didn't freeze up. The game seems very laggy. The amount of Ads is RIDICULOUS! If there were a trophy given to each game for the amount of Ads and the frequency of Ads this game would surly qualify.


I like the game, but there are so many ads that it isn't worth it to play. For every 2 puzzles, there is an ad that lasts longer than it would take to play 4 puzzles.


I would love to love this game, but there's too much ads. There are ads before each of level and in the middle of each level. It would be nice if there were ads after five or more levels. That would be better then an ad before or during each level.


I'm rescinding my previous "functional but average" review after revisiting it. You'll spend more time watching ads than playing this game, which is embarrassingly easy. Even when it's not inexplicably repeating levels, they're stupidly easy. And I do mean it repeats. I'd say in 120 levels, maybe half of them were unique. Anyone interested in playing this "puzzle" game should make use of airplane mode to avoid the barrage of ads.


Waaaaaaaaaay too many ads. There's ads after every 2 puzzles, even double ads. You also have to watch an ad before and after the hard levels. And none of the puzzles are even remotely challenging.


Too Repetitive, the game is just rolling paper, nothing else. There are only like 100 levels, so it gets boring within the first hour of play. The levels are also way too easy, and doesn't get harder the further you go.


I like this game. But the issue why I rated 3 stars is: 1. It always have an ad after like one or two levels. Well at first I use the back button and go back to the game, but then it didn't work anymore. When I unlock special levels, I always have to watch a whole ad before playing the special level. I know you need money but, let people skip ads. Also let an ad appear every five or more levels, because its very annoying.😡 2. Its too easy, I passed every level in 30 seconds max. Please fix


This game has a ton of potential BUT: 1. I'm 28 puzzles in and have already gotten a duplicate. 2. There are ads between every single level. 3. The levels are super easy and only take a few seconds to solve (and don't seem to be getting any harder) so that means one or sometimes 2 ads every 15 seconds or so. 4. The button to purchase the removal of ads doesn't even work. Definitely not worth keeping installed, though I wanted to like it.


Oh my God, the ADS! I have loads of games on my phone & have tried many over the years but I have never experienced one with SO many! The game itself is OK, easy playing stuff to kill some spare time whilst waiting for appointments, etc. but I've had to delete it. I quickly got to the stage where it was an ad after EVERY level & that wouldn't be so bad if the game itself took longer than 30 seconds but you spend more time watching ads than playing. The 'No Ads' button doesn't work either...🤦🏻


Nice app. Very hungry app tho. An ad after every puzzle. If you don't want ads turn off the WiFi.Which is good to know. It kind of remind me of factory balls,but way easy. Not much of a challenge here. I don't like the repeat of playing the same puzzle. Need levels so you can't do the same puzzle over again. Thats why I'm uninstalling. Gets boring doing the same thing over and over again. Delete.


Neat idea but executed a bit underwhelmingly. I suggest adding a difficulty setting. Having to start with the absolute most basic puzzles and unable to skip is a big turn off from wanting to continue playing the game. I stopped after the paper airplane. The easy puzzles felt more like a chore. Also, beware, there is an ad between each and every puzzle even early on in the ultra easy ones. Again this really turned me off from the game. The swiping isn't very forgiving either.


Game has way to many ads. Guaranteed add every 2 completed levels (so roughly every 30 seconds), an add before every "special level" that might randomly pop up, not to mention half the ads are 2 or even 3 parts so what seems like a 15 second clip (that you can't skip most of the time) is actually a 15 second video, a 15 second forced game play and another 10 second still image of the logo. All that for levels that can usually be solved in 10 seconds with 5 or less clicks on the screen...


The ads last longer than it takes to complete a level. From my experience I got an ad every 2-3 levels, most of which took less than 10s to complete. After the first 15 levels I got bored as most of the levels only had 1 overlapping piece. The level of ads wouldn't be to bad if they actually took a few minutes to solve. Personally I wouldn't bother with this game. Great concept, poor implementation. Ways to improve the game would be to make the ads less frequent and increase difficulty.