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Get ready to have your mind folded, crumpled, and wonderfully twisted with Paper Fold the ultimate brain teaser that takes the art of paper folding to the next level! This logic game will have your brain firing on all cylinders as you dive into countless levels of pure folding fun.

In Paper Fold, each sheet of paper hides a secret shape waiting to be uncovered. Just like the traditional art of origami, but with an unexpected twist – you’re not just folding, you’re revealing hidden objects! Every fold brings you a step closer to solving the puzzle, and every “good job” will have you feeling a rush of satisfaction!

Turn your downtime into an exciting adventure with Paper Fold, one of the most captivating paper games out there. This isn’t just a puzzle game, it’s a relaxing game that allows you to unwind as you solve. With stunning 3D graphics, you’ll feel like you’re holding and folding real paper, teasing out shapes from a flat, blank canvas.

Remember, in this world of paper folding games, every fold matters. Get it wrong and you might obscure the object you’re trying to reveal. But don’t worry, it’s not about perfection on the first try, it’s about the journey of discovery and the joy of solving!

As far as relaxing games go, Paper Fold stands in a league of its own. It’s not just about folding paper, it’s about engaging your mind in a gentle, satisfying way. It’s a game that says ‘good job’ not just when you win, but when you learn and improve. With countless objects waiting to be revealed, you’ll never run out of surprises.

So what are you waiting for? Remember, it’s more than a game, it’s a tranquil journey that takes you from being an origami novice to a paper-folding maestro. Dive into the world of Paper Fold and unfold the fun! There’s no time to waste, those papers aren’t going to fold themselves! Happy folding, friends!

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Remember, you are not the only player in the arena! Your enemies will try to push you out of it! Beat them all to become a champion and do not fall!The rules have never been so simple: just jump on the platforms and don't fall. The one who falls is lost. The last survivor becomes the winner! Can you handle it? GAME FEATURES:- Simple & fun game - Interesting gameplay - Easy controls - Beautiful graphics - Realistic object physics - Intuitive interface Party Match: Do Not Fall is a very challenging game...

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this game is so good so relaxing and so interesting and mind blowing in a suggestion all the friends to play this game and aur support this game this game is very very easy and mind blowing give I have no words to say how much is cute and just wow
Hi! Thank you for the feedback, it's incredibly helpful! Feel free to let us know what you'd like to see in the game via [email protected] 😉


I loved this game but it really created Soo many problem's while downloading. It says can't install send feedback and so on. Not only this game but also I tried to download many more games of your software.
Hello! We understand how ads can be really annoying sometimes but we did our best to minimize them as much as possible for your comfort! Ads are what allows us to keep growing & improving the game so we thank you for patience and understanding!


Ron I think this game is so fun and so puzzling like I love puzzles so this is like a dream game for me


I give you 3 stars because you don't have cause you take away your ADS.It sucks you guys are making money still, but you guys don't have to still do.Add, that's just extra money when people are just doing it.So that's why I'm giving you 3 stars.Because you guys have too many apps.ADS, and it's just stupid, so take away your ADS.And maybe you'll get a lot of people to play your game once and I know a lot of people were planned games and then I know and then I'd just take away right , just take aw
Hello! We understand how ads can be really annoying sometimes but we did our best to minimize them as much as possible for your comfort! Ads are what allows us to keep growing & improving the game so we hope for your understanding!


It's fun it just needs to be more challenging


it's great for relaxing 😎😌 and you can always be calm y'know


Literally after one level. Ad. 2 levels ad. 2 more levels. Ad. This is so outrageous. Don't play this game because you spend more time with ads than actually playing.
Hello! We are glad you gave our game a chance. Thank you for reporting that bug to us, we'll fix it in the shortest time possible. Stay tuned!


It said that there'd be music on levels but I played for a while and there never was
We appreciate your feedback and we're sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the game. We're always looking for ways to improve and make our games more enjoyable for players.


the graphics are just too cute for words, and it wakes up the mind, by making you think just how the precise the folds have to be made.


Ads on the screen when you play so you'll accidentally tap them, ads play between each level but each level takes about five seconds to complete and the ads are longer than that. This app is basically just ads with the occasional puzzle break.
Hello! Sorry about that :( We'll try to figure out what the problem is as fast as possible. Stay tuned!


PLAY IN AIRPLANE MODE!!! by putting my phone in airplane mode, i got NO ads, smooth transitions between each level, and i did NOT experience that thing other people have where it asks "how is the game?" without giving no as an option. the folding is very relaxing and not too challenging. the cartoons on each level are beyond adorable!!! would give it 5 stars if i didn't have to put it in airplane mode to play.


Horrible. Absolutely trash game. First, it says, " do you like the game" just two levels after you start, and it doesn't even let you click no! It forces you to say yes! Second, the ads that say it has music on each level to help you are COMPLETE L I E S. It has False Advertising! This game has potential, but its potential can ONLY be unlocked when the creators FIX THE GAME!!


I have 2 problems with this game, 1 being that it's just so easy, advertised on YouTube, it doesn't look too easy, but I've been playing for a while and I've found that games are better when they're harder, this game. Well it didn't quite achieve that level. Problem 2. Ads, ads, ads and ads, after about level 4, every one or two rounds, it's just add after add, and it doesn't help that they're almost 40 seconds till you finnaly get back into the game. It had so much potential,but this ruined it.


Honestly it's a fun game, even if very simple in concept. The graphics are cute and colorful, and it's a good looking game. Unfortunately, it's plagued with some of the most intrusive ads I've seen. This was my experience: play two puzzles, get asked if I like the game. There is no "ask later" button, and the no button is nonfunctional. I only got 2 ads in the first 2 puzzles, but after that it got bad, and every puzzle had an ad after it. It's a shame, it's a cute game ruined by ads.


Found the pattern to solve every level in about 2-3 levels, ended up getting to level 20 in under 2 minutes. Had to mark every damn ad that showed up almost every stage as repetitive so I can skip them immediately. Too many ads. Too simple. Plus, you don't keep your awards without watching ads. I worked for my award, I don't want to watch an ad to get it. But eh, the devs are just gonna read this, do some generic response saying they're sorry, and thanks for the feedback without doing anything.


This game fared extremely well. The graphics were nice, it was satisfying to fold every picture, although they got repetitive, the hard and expert modes were fun for the challenge. And there was an ad every 3-5 levels, (the right way to use ads) unless I was slow. All in all, this game was a blast. And having unlocking all themes feels like 100%ing the game. It was short but sweet, but I can tell this game was definitely worth my time, and i happily would recommend this to anyone


The game is a really good way to pass the time. A lot of people might complain about the ads but you're wrong. The ads are barely 30 seconds because you can skip them around 5 seconds in. Also compared to other games the ads are not as repetitive and annoying and you don't get them constantly after every level! But in the ads it shows a sort of shadow figure on the folds where the pattern is and in the game you don't get them, still it's a really nice game for being on mobile.


I had no ads with my experience, don't know if it's random or a glitch but I'm not complaining! The game was fun, if a little easy, and the stickers are all super cute. Disappointingly, around level 216 some repeats started to leak in (possibly earlier). There were still some new levels mixed with the old, but still :< I wish we could save pictures of the stickers, I'd download so many of them


I was having lots of fun and really enjoying the cutesy art style, so I went ahead and paid to remove the ads. Played a bit more, closed the app, come back to it the next day and now I get an app every level for 15 seconds and can't skip it. Tried restoring my purchase or somehow doing something to fix it, but nothing worked and there was no tactile, audio, or visual feedback for trying to restore purchases. Threw a good $3+ down the drain, i suppose.


Super cute! Made it 300 levels without a single ad, which was really neat, but felt odd because of how many are usually put in these types of games! So far, the only downside it that, as I had said, I've made it 300 levels in and there is very little variation (if any at all) once you get past a certain point. Still really fun, hoping more variation comes with time!