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Modern Combat 5 Game DESCRIPTION

Step onto the battlefield and answer the call in the classic title that raised the bar for first person shooter games with its great graphics, high-powered guns, and intense online multiplayer action.
Modern Combat is the original mobile FPS where you can choose from more than 10 classes. Jump online for a bit of instant warfare.

Fulfill your duty in the thrilling campaign as you shoot your way through one dire situation after another to save the world.


Regular new events. Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Push the Payload, Free for all Battle Royale, Thrilling single player campaign. Ranked PvP pub stomps (only if you’re pro enough).


Top the individual and team leaderboards – show everyone you’re the top shooting expert.
Pull off the craziest critical shots on the battlefield. Spectate the pros in action as they pub stomp the opposing army in online FPS warfare.
Master of the battlefield by planning your online multiplayer assault in the Global and Squad chat (voice also).
Win free rewards and cool prizes in weekly events.


They thought you were expendable, but they made a critical mistake. You’re the one-man army that brings the war to them.
Engage in fast-paced story missions where the call will take you from Tokyo to Venice for a variety of first person shooter challenges.
Great graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted for a first person shooter game.

Customize and level up more than 10 unique classes for top notch shooting.
Choose your modern combat style: Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter mode, Sapper mode, Kommander type, Marauder mode, Morph, or Tracker level.


Level up by playing pub matches or by completing campaign missions. Make critical decisions, complete your ops, and accomplish you duty.
Unlock higher-tier guns and expendable items as you master lower-tier guns.
Remember: The battlefield is a place for warfare, not mercy.


Train hard, fight hard. When you hear death’s call, answer with all the fury of war.
Get into the action now and dominate the pubs, or just enjoy a fun match with friends.

Modern Combat 5 requires an Internet connection.

See you on Discord!

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Modern Combat 5 Game DOWNLOAD

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When the game goes to the meet scene,the scope opens for you to spy but once your done listening to the meet,it says kill but you no longer can put a scope shot together because it want show the scope on the screen so you can focus your shots,there for your unable to kill with nonprofitable shots. You can't go on to a higher level.*


Game is very good but only thing i don't like is i can not change the control as i i play with four fingers on screen, but in this game i can only play with two fingers and I've tried everything to change this but not able please make this change in new update as soon as possible... it's a humble definitely effects gaming performance.


Fix your servers. Most of the time my game would crash and say "disconnected from server". Even though I have pretty good latency still my game crashes. Absolutely pathetic. Worst mobile game for multiplayer matches. And recently the game just freezes whenever I open it. It would load and all, the moment it displays the lobby it freezes. Horrible experience


Can't shoot my gun with either of my controllers. All the other controls seem to work fine but R2/RT will not register no matter what and they both work fine on other apps. Hit up the "contact us" tab in the pause menu and found nothing but incredibly unhelpful FAQs.


Great graphics for a mobile game, smooth , my biggest gripe is probably the controls. Had to customize the controls which did help a bit. Maybe adding a snap to cover system would greatly benefit.


Ok cool game but has a major issue every single time I go into a game I have to re-adjust all my control button placement even if I save the configuration the buttons don't stay where I want them please fix the issue of being able to save your customised button configuration but I will be uninstalling this game until this problem is fix still has potential


This is a good game having stunning graphics. Game modes are very good. But the pop-up ads ! I am sick of these ads. These ads are so irritating and consuming the data very much. Please help me to get rid of these pop-up ads. Please , help help help


I reinstalled the game and my previous data cannot be retrieved. Now I have to start over again. This game is totally frustrating. I spent so much money and time for this game and at the end all my progress data gets deleted. I tried so many times but was unable to recover the data. I request gameloft to bring back my progress or else pay back all the money I spent. I even contacted through the customer care but there was no reply with little or no responsibility. Disgusting game!!!


Multiplayer cheats esp. in VIP. Game freezes anytime I become VIP and gets back to normal when I'm killed. Camera is also not static. Character tends to aim somewhere else when I stop shooting for a while. In team battles, you only see your teammates indicated on the map when they're close to you but not that of your enemies. (It's gotten me killed several times esp. from behind 😬😬). Please fix it and perhaps there'll be a third star. TONS OF Ads(not a company like Gameloft should it)


Fantastic in every way regarding graphics except the shooting controls are absolutely shocking....sluggish .....needs auto aim assist but it doesn't have it so you have to try and aim precisely and firing SHOULD BE as you tap anywhere on the screen but you have to make sure that you hit right on the trigger otherwise it doesn't work!! .....totally unacceptable!!! Horrible experience


Very difficult to play on mobile. Aiming is very difficult. Fingers don't aim properly. Should give options to play with keyboard and mouse on mobile. You will be shot multiple times because of lack of aiming properly.


Has potential. Has controller support, needs to be upgraded. Movement is pretty slow. Move turn aim all slow. Graphics need an upgrade, and the constant ads have to stop. After that's done add some co-op boss dungeons and you'll beat most modern games so fast.


The game is great,,the graphics are just awesome,,one problem though is the ads,,boy are there too many ads,,I just finish a mission an ad pops out,,I go tho the inventory to select a character,,an ad pops,,two,,no radar,,some missions don't have a drown so you just get hit you die,,third,,the game at times freezes yet I'm in the middle of a mission,,I loose all my progress,,and lastly,,at times I'm playing and the game just quits itself and I have to reopen it again and start over,,, amendments


This game is good. The most part i love os about the challenge of clearing a single mission it give me a thrilling feeling to get more perfect,and I love the graphics. But i just dont understanding why there is too much Ad popping outhere and then, please do something about it. Then i might give it a full 5stars


Can't aim and fire with one thumb and move with the other thumb. Need three thumbs. Totally bizzare, looks like it could be good if it was usable. By time I've aim and fired, the target has already moved. I don't feel like I have any control and seems random and chaotic, unlike other games that work fine.


I am seriously having a major problem with the game since I Installed the new update some time ago and a big gripe that I have is when trying to play when the game loads it will not get past the initial screen and stops. And when I do get to play almost every time at the end of a multi player match it freezes and kicks me out of the game resulting in losing the match and points. I have been playing since 2015 and have never had a problem until now recently. Fix it or I will uninstall.


The Gyroscope at this game is thrash for a particular moment it works fine and well but after that it just gets inverted and you turn left it goes up u go down it goes right that's a big thrash bug and the moments are too slow in this game no jump option even quick scope doesn't even work properly it also has a bug If this keeps on then the game won't go too far It needs to be corrected THAT'S A REQUEST


Multiplayer is so unbalanced and unfair it's almost unplayable. For everything else in the game it's 5 stars from me but for multiplayer it's gonna be a 0/10 for me. Don't even try multiplayer once it puts you in your "division" it sets you against max level unkillable players that just tank all ur bullets and kill you quick. Multiplayer needs A LOT of work, because it's terrible. Campaign though, 10/10 good.


Well its a good game, nice graphics, runing smoothly how ever it still lack some qualities, like they should be options for shooting, either manual or automatic in the game settings, and it always request u to dowmload a map after completing a previous map, all location is suppose to be downloaded from initial launching of the game.. Dat is my observations for now... Good concept doe (game loft)


One thing is really not satisfying, the controls. It should be quick movement whether the character is moving forward or backward or in any directions and there is no jumping option, and camera movement is like i have to connect the mouse first to play in that kind of sensitivity, it was good but when the sensitivity is on full the screen rotation movement it should be fast. And one more thing is we can customise controls but can't make difference in size. Please make it better.