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Real Football Game DESCRIPTION

Play in 3D stadiums where polished shadows, detailed textures, and spectators all come together to provide an exciting atmosphere.

Multiple camera views during cutscenes and set pieces for a richer broadcast and first-person sensation.

Improved opponents and positioning: Smarter players make for a much more realistic and challenging experience.

Build your dream team by recruiting star players through the lottery.
Enhance your players’ abilities by acquiring skill items through the lottery and matches.

Upgrade your team facilities including Stadiums, Hospitals, Physiotherapy Centers and a Youth Camp.
Challenge other players in asynchronous PvP World Arena mode and climb the leaderboards.


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Real Football Game DOWNLOAD

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I can't play the game after i have played my first training match.please game makers can you start the game without buying a player?.


Hello, this game already update rightnow? Really hope and wish this game should upgrade in realistic and online game soon.


It's graphics and mechanics are good for 30mb game .When the tutorial ends you need to buy starter pack and when you don't want to pay using real money you can watch ad, 40 TIMES! just for free coins which is makes the game really bad and the movement of the character is bad like when I'm running it suddenly stops. Please fix the ad and movement mechanic.


I'm giving you 5 stars for crashing and freezing games, you go home satisfied. I don't know how long this will go on and google seems satisfied


The first time I downloaded it, it was superb. But the recent download, it was a complete nightmare and a half. It kept freezing and losing data, which took me back to level 1 multiple times. The develpers seem to have lost interest in delivering👎🏿


This game is a package of buggs. Everything in it is made of problems. After playing some days it starts auto seasons expirying bugg. Some days later the game starts to not refilling the energy points or starts to game crashing whenever trying to get in wordl arena. Also if I uninstall the game and try to get my old data back itdoean't even get the old database. There're so many problems in this game from yeara. I hope you guys the owner of the game willdo something after seeing my reviewtofixit


It's a very good game , the only problem is that it lags sometimes . And in the game you have so many coins but no use of them . I had about 12 million coins but there was nothing to buy except realistic players pack . Overall good and if improved will be the best football game of play store


This game was really nice... I think it has bugs now.... I had not played for a long while and i re-downloaded it. The players and the ball fail to load...and the screen becomes one-sided on the phone screen


Totally disappointing game was Totally stop after tutorial. They forced me to purchase an advance pack with 1.2 bill gold but I hadn't so much gold so the game couldn't continue further. I played the game in 2018 but it was fine then .And for this issue I couldn't even play the game. Devlopers Kindly fix this🙏🙏


This game has been very good based on it size and the part that I love most are the online features ( leaders board and the likes) but then the app has suddenly lost all my records in two occasions which very frustrating ( after building up one's team) the second time I t happened to me is very frustrating. Please help us to fix these it is very frustrating.


This game has a good beginning , everything goes on smoothly when played first. But at a point it starts seizing and it controls start to seize too . And it's graphics needs to be improved with the playing techniques. I had good time playing but some problems need to be corrected.


I've played it and continue playing it. Finished all the 50 levels earlier and uninstalled it but later when I reinstalled it, one or two things are not right, first, the European tournaments I mean those of countries no longer give players as rewards but only give cash and coins. Secondly, sometimes the game freezes, I mean, if a player is moving with the ball, he won't stop until the ball is out or a foul is committed upon him. Otherwise, it's nice and I'm starting from level one again.


This game is very good for playing when you are bored, and very interesting. But, when I reached division 31, I closed the game. But when I again open it and click to the seasons mode, some graphical flickering occurs and a square of some rewards comes on the side of the screen. When I closes and open the game, it again occurs. When I clicked the square as stated above, it bought back to division 2! (Players were same) All the work to division 31 failed. Please, please fix these problems.


I used to like Real Football growing up. I played Real Football 2007 I think and RF2009 and the other ones after that. However the game has now officially become poor. It's not fullscreen on my Android 9.1 480 x 920 screen. The gain requires data connection to do some things, wants my location to give me "location specific" content. What I want is football. That has nothing to do with my location. There there's issues with the quick match; only spectators, no players in view and no controls


A very frustrating game. Taking the ball back is a difficult task while all the opponent has to do is get close. Most of the time I tackle, it's a foul while the opponent seems to get away with it every time. The match duration is too short, passing to others is a challenge, through shots are gambles and sprinting isn't advised unless you're willing to risk possession of the ball which more than half the time will end in the others control


When ever I go into the game now, it give me the tutorial again but with my team, and when I kick off, it goes through the other players legs and nothing happens until the first half finishes. Now in the second half, it just shows a black screen for like a solid 30 seconds and then it goes to the game where the timer is stuck on 45 min. and no controls are on the screen and this happens forever. Even when I exit the app and enter again, it still happens. Please fix and i'll change my rating.


aww too bad there are so many flaw to this game even though i honestly think this has the highest potential among all football manager games i've played. i'll try to list them and hope there would be improvements. 1. it continues to close forcefully when i try to play a match. 2. it keeps having problems with cloud saving. 3. now when i open the game it directly goes into a game but i can't play it?? 4. EVERYTHING is expensive. from buying player to facilities. 5. AI is stupid


A nice game with a few issues. I was in first place in the online leaderboard then suddenly I lost all my points and found myself with 0 points and in 200th position. Secondly, When I train players at 80 or 85 overall I'm usually told "the player's ability has maxed out", it's frustrating having a 20 year old player maxing out at 80 overall. Also try and make it easier to sign quality players, the player value when buying and selling are quite disproportionate. Many other issues to talk about...


This game was terrible. The controls were really hard and the game, it's just too much going on. The players loose the ball too easily and the tackles makes no sense at all, sometimes it's clean sometimes it's a foul. And how can the opposition shoots the ball from the halfway line and it ricochet like a bullet towards the goal? Not enjoying the gameplay. One of the worst football games ever.


For those who are saying the graphics are bad, this is a 20mb game so the graphics will not be great. Apart from the graphics the game to be honest is not that bad. The main problem i have with this game is that it's very touch responsive. For example when I'm trying to move the character right, he moves for a bit and then suddenly the player stops and it says that i've not moved him. So it gets really frustrating when I lose games like that but apart from that, the game is descent.