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Gamet Live is the social video entertainment platform for connecting, interacting and broadcasting!

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Calculating the date of Easter!
Calculating the date of Easter as the Orthodox and Western Christian Сhurches, using the Gauss algorithm (OrthodoxJulian calendar) and Spencer Jones (WesternGregorian calendar).
Connect with your favorite celebrities and receive their personalized videos.
Now you can be close to your favorite artists and influencers!Famous allows you to contact them in an easy way and hire them to record personalized messages, for you or to give them to someone else.You can use the videos as a gift for happy birthday, anniversary, messages of encouragement, love, motivation, or whatever comes to mind.Celebrities will be ready to send you a video with that special message.* Explore hundreds of famous Hispanics, from more than 15 different countries!* Find actors, singers, comedians, TV presenters, influencers and many more categories.* Find your favorite celebrities and request personalized messages from them. You tell them what the message should contain and they will do the magic.* You can comment on the videos, share them on your social networks or download them on your cell phone.* Have fun discovering the hottest celebrity videos and trends.* Get inspired and get ready to surprise your friends and family with a truly original gift or live a unique experience receiving a message from your favorite celebrity.
Bingo Live is social Live Streaming & Online video chat app
Introducing Bingo Live, the ultimate live streaming and social networking app that brings you all the excitement and features you love without compromising on quality or innovation. With Bingo Live, you can connect with a global community, express yourself, and experience thrilling live entertainment like never before. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of creativity, connection, and fun!🔥 Join the Live Streaming Revolution:Bingo Live lets you unleash your talent, showcase your skills, and captivate audiences in real-time. Go live, share your passions, and engage with viewers from all around the world. Whether you're a talented performer, a gifted artist, or a charismatic storyteller, Bingo Live provides a platform for you to shine.🌍 Connect with a Vibrant Community:Immerse yourself in a diverse and lively community that spans continents. Meet fascinating people, make new friends, and form meaningful connections. Interact with streamers and viewers through live chat, gifts, and virtual currencies. With Bingo Live, you'll never feel alone as you explore a world full of possibilities.💃 Enjoy Captivating Live Shows:Experience a cornucopia of live entertainment! From exciting dance performances and..
Evertime: posting scheduling tool for your Social Network.
Everything was created to be simple, easy and to work 100% on your cell phone.Scroll down to find out why Evertime is the right app for you 😉Ready to schedule 1 full month of publication on your instagram in 1 hour?Schedule your content for instagram at the date and time you want and just wait for Evertime to post for you. Download Evertime now and get 7 days free.Leverage your digital presence on Instagram with Evertime :)► Why Evertime?In times of crisis like the one we are going through, time becomes one of our greatest assets.Evertime is not just the simple and easy way to schedule Instagram posts.In addition, it gives you more time to devote to other important functions of your business and project.DONE BY THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND:We manage our own instagram accounts quite successfully in several segments, such as:Digital Marketing: @efeitoviral45 thousand followersWedding: @vireinoiva616k followersTools: @instaeasybrail69,800 followersIn addition to more than 100,000 customers who have already used one of our Instagram solutions.► What does Evertime have to offer?📱Schedule Content for your Feed📱Schedule Content for Stories📲Send Photos and Videos🤳Take..
Riau's Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service Mobile Application
Mobile Licensing Riau 2019, is a smartphone-based application that was built to provide easy access to information for the public and business people in the process of licensing and non-licensing services that are under the authority of the Integrated Investment and Services (DPMPTSP) Riau Province.Through the motto of Fast, Efficient, Responsive, Integrity and Accountable service abbreviated as CERIA, Riau Province DPMPTSP is ready to present a variety of service innovations, one of which is through the use of applications that can be obtained (free) for anyone.The Riau Licensing Mobile Application 2019 version 2.0 has excellent features, including:-Tracking the application, to find out the status of the application in realtime.- Detailed information on licensing and non-licensing requirements.-General procedure information based on SOP.- Information on licensing and non-licensing mechanisms including the flow of the process of approval of online single submission (OSS) commitment.-Complaints on obstacles faced and can be input directly by the Applicant with a form that is easy and fast.-e-Queue which is an electronic queue registration to get priority services based on the time chosen by the Applicant.-Features of management..
阿塗設計,17 個古早味神獸卡 + 3個漫畫神獸 WhatsApp 貼圖。 同朋友似熟賣熟,增進友誼,瘋狂派卡俾佢哋啦!
阿塗設計,17 個古早味神獸卡3個漫畫神獸 WhatsApp 貼圖。同朋友似熟賣熟,增進友誼,瘋狂派卡俾佢哋啦!【 使用方法 】1. Update / Download 最新版本嘅 WhatsApp 2. 開啟「神獸卡WhatsApp 貼圖」App3. 按一下【踢班神獸入WhatsApp】4. 開啟 WhatsApp,在輸入訊息的位置按下表情符號標誌,下方 GIF 標誌旁邊就會顯示多一個 Stickers 圖案5. 按下 Stickers 圖案4. 選取神獸卡貼圖,發送,搞掂!
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Is Tidaburogu post applications. I can, such as management of comments posted Tidaburogu article, edit, draft, or delete.
Comments to leave on social media photos , write something nice ! ❤️
Have you ever got stuck writing nice comment on someone's photo or reply someone's comment. Worry no more ! CommentPlus app helps you to write best comments on social media photos. It consists of all sorts of comments ranging from cute, funny, sarcastic, love and other categories. So, the idea is simple. You just select a comment from wide rage of categories and use it or tweak it if you want.
BareLive, the live broadcasting app.
BareLive is a live streaming app with the best online network. There are friends to talk to 24 hours a day. There are many live content in a variety of formats that will provide happiness, fun, relaxation to users. Chat with your new friends in a friendly, friendly way. Watch live now at BareLive. Premium live content of famous net idols Hot Boy Hot Girl Hot Lgbtq+Live ChatVideo Call Watch anywhere Call anytimeConnect and chat in real time with cute, handsome, pretty, Creator.Find fun on social media. Attracts you to a new worldBareLive: Express yourself and network with friends. Go live anytime, anywhere. Sing, dance, entertain, talk to users. Or sit and play activities at the live room Tell viewers about your exciting live content.CHAT, LIVE VIDEO CALL, LIVE Voice : Connect and chat with people in your audience. through premium live content live audio content that shows their own identity Make free voice and video calls with any viewer, anywhere. Staying in touch has never been easier!CONNECT WITH YOUR COMMUNITY : Follow your influencers, friends and likes. to stay..
Now you can report from wherever you are, without going to the police station
La Procuración General de la Provincia de Salta, junto al Ministerio de Seguridad de la Provincia, definieron la implementación del proyecto de Denuncias Web Salta, a través del cual los ciudadanos de la Provincia podrán registrar denuncias web de Robos y de Drogas. Este proyecto constituye una nueva herramienta para que todos los ciudadanos de nuestra provincia, puedan registrar denuncias de estas temáticas, al menos en esta etapa, a través de una herramienta informática sin tener que ir a una dependencia policial.Las denuncias web se podrán registrar desde cualquier computadora con acceso a internet, o desde cualquier celular.Los ciudadanos podrán registrar denuncias, en forma anónima o no, además de adjuntar imágenes, describir los hechos, indicar qué objetos fueron robados.
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Gamet Live is the social video entertainment platform for connecting, interacting and broadcasting!

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Kata adminnya hostnya ga berkualitas, benerin dulu tuh management baru kita bicara kualitas host, apk baru aja blagu, kalau ga punya modal ga usah buat apk, bikin rugi banyak orang aja, aturan bs diubah seenaknya ditengah bulan, lu kira para host ga pake waktu, tenaga buat online?full of s**t


Ga jelas kebijakannya.. berubah² seenaknya sndiri


Apk bucuk


Apk burik. kalau mau rubah rules, harusnya setelah 1 bulan dan mmbayar host yg telah bekerja bukan tgh tgh bulan yg sdg berjalan kesannya cari host gratisan.


a lot of BUG! and so bad apps ever in the world , in one month we work a lot of time at this apps and they just changes the police , stupid managemen!!!!!! u dont need work with this dump apps and management.


A fraudulent livestream broadcast application without having any official legality from country authorities & no tax official registration owned by this app. Don't install to this app! There's a lot of scammer & victim.


bad experirnce. nothing inside this app.