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Call of Duty® Game DESCRIPTION

● The new SMG TEC-9 is suitable for close-to-medium range combat.
● New Cheshire Park Map, a park full of enchanting charm. Rest your mind and relax amidst the bullets.
● Patrol mode added to limited-time ranked matches. Patrol your way to victory with your team!

An old secret is being traced. And the Alliance has been formed in Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 3: Vintage Vigilance! Find clues in the new MP map Cheshire Park with Sliver – Deadly Elegance and the new SMG TEC-9 – The Classic, or jump into battle with the Sims – Mafioso with the Dingo – Deco Ornate gun in the Premium Battle Pass Season 3. Raise the gang. enemy Use the newest Operator skill, Havoc, and attack from the shadows!

Call of Duty: Mobile | Season 3: Vintage Vigilance includes the following new content:
● Added a new SMG gun, TEC-9, suitable for close-medium range combat.
● Patrol mode added to limited-time ranked matches. Scout to victory with your team!

Enter the game and enjoy the new content after the update!

[ Updated ranked matches ]
Patrol mode added to the list of limited-time ranked modes. In this mode, there is a circular target area that moves along a specified path. Players from both teams must compete for this target area to gain points and win. Teamwork is key in Patrol mode, as it greatly increases your chances of winning.

[ New Map: Cheshire Park ]
Prepare to open a new battlefield in Cheshire Park, a historic location. A garden full of enchanting charm It reflects the glory of the Victorian era from every angle. Brave soldiers can rest their minds and relax. Experience complete tranquility here. Learn to enjoy the pleasant moments. Amidst a beautiful field of bullets flying back and forth.

[ New Weapon: TEC-9 (SMG) ]
Semi-automatic submachine gun Improves accuracy and reduces recoil. Deals high damage at a medium range.

[ New Operator Skill: Havoc ]
Creates electric waves to destroy objects. that are launched from enemy equipment. Interfere with enemy minimap information. and some score streaks.

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Season 3: Vintage Vigilance
● The new SMG TEC-9 is suitable for close-to-medium range combat.● New Cheshire Park Map, a park full of enchanting charm. Rest your mind and relax amidst the bullets.● Patrol mode added to limited-time ranked matches. Patrol your way to victory with your team!An old secret is being traced. And the Alliance has been formed in Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 3: Vintage Vigilance! Find clues in the new MP map Cheshire Park with SliverDeadly Elegance and the new SMG TEC-9The Classic, or jump into battle with the SimsMafioso with the DingoDeco Ornate gun in the Premium Battle Pass Season 3. Raise the gang. enemy Use the newest Operator skill, Havoc, and attack from the shadows!Call of Duty: Mobile | Season 3: Vintage Vigilance includes the following new content:● Added a new SMG gun, TEC-9, suitable for close-medium range combat.● Patrol mode added to limited-time ranked matches. Scout to victory with your team!Enter the game and enjoy the new content after the update![ Updated ranked matches ]Patrol mode added to the list of limited-time ranked modes. In this mode, there..

Call of Duty® Game DOWNLOAD

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I can't get enough with one bug in the featured "Ground war Breached" everytime i choose a class and play, the game just keeps getting me back to loudouts where you choose a class, sometimes it occurs randomly and sometimes not. but when it happens the bug just would not let you out of the loudouts and would keep restarting the the 10 second timer and i keep losing because of this bug and it's super annoying..


Search and Destroy(SND) and Domination are lag, that's why I only play Hardpoint and Frontline. In Battle Royale airdrops triggers a lag, specially every time the game says "Airdrop incoming" and "Airdrop has been delivered". It is not a coincidence that I always lag every time there's an airdrop. I hope the game developers notice this and do something about it.


Game is good, but the modes are not great, ranked matches are skillbased matchmaking, some guns works on one day and the next day it doesnt and it also has skillbased bullet registering system which sucks, a very serious problem in desync it has been years and havent got a fix for it. Not a very good gaming experience, if u win like 3 matches in a row u will lose twice as much after that. For now, i would stop playing until these issues are fixed.


Base on my experience about this game is good but the only thing that I want to.. is the improvement of a graphics that is why I will give you 3 stars and one for a game update every month another one for the game not keep crashing and another one star for the game is not mild laggy and I hope some changes it will be.. like graphics it is because other local chipset is support a high frame rate and high graphics and I hope you additional of it to all devices which can... Thank you...


Call of Duty is an absolute thrill ride! From its intense action-packed gameplay to its stunning graphics and immersive sound effects, every moment feels like you're right in the heart of the action. The variety of maps, weapons, and game modes ensures that every match is a new adventure, keeping players coming back for more. Plus, the constant updates and expansions mean there's always something fresh and exciting to explore. Overall, Call of Duty delivers an adrenaline-pumping gaming experienc


The update was great and so on and so for but my complain about the game is the microphone sometimes really work well but sometimes doesn't, idk if this is a bug or a glitch but when we play with an open mic we can hear each other but in a brief moment you can't hear your friends anymore sometimes we can only hear one people or sometimes I can't really hear my friends. I can hear them but they can't hear me or vice versa this was present in the other seasons too so pls fix it


A good mobile FPS. There are a few problems that need to be ironed out however, like how you can spawn in the enemy's score streak and die repeatedly, join a lobby in progress, lag and die because an enemy you can't see killed you while you are waiting for all players including yourself to render in. The lag is not that big of a problem but I have seen the strangest movement by the enemy because of lag or they are hacking, I choose to believe it's because of the lag.


I love it, I really do. But it keeps on updating and half of my storage is from COD. Plus one thing I hate the most is the Tournament. Whenever I play, it keeps of lagging to the point that after recovering, I died again. It sucks. Additionally, whenever I play rank, it lags and it lags and it lags and it keeps on lagging!!!! Instead of reaching Legendary, I was stuck in Grandmaster V it's so frustrating. I uninstalled it, gonna switch to PUBG for a while.


Certainly! Call of Duty is a popular first-person shooter video game franchise developed by various studios, primarily Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games. It's known for its intense and immersive gameplay, featuring a mix of single-player campaigns, multiplayer modes, and cooperative play. The franchise covers a wide range of settings, including historical conflicts, modern warfare, and futuristic scenarios. Each installment typically offers a new storyline, characters, and gameplay


really love the game, been playing it for a long time. but, i have this one problem. i changed my graphics quality a few weeks ago to Low and the frame quality because why not? now i want to change it back to medium but i can’t do that anymore because the only options i have are, Low for the Graphics quality, and Low and Medium for the Graphics frame rate


Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) has an amazing community, diverse game modes, and top-notch graphics and sound. The community is welcoming and supportive, making every match enjoyable. With a wide range of game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale, there's something for every player. The graphics are stunning, and the sound design is immersive, adding to the overall experience. CODM is a must-play for mobile gamers looking for excitement and camaraderie. Thanks CODM! ❤️


This game is great. The quality of the screen is also good, but sometimes it's a bit lacked.. but I don't mind about it. But there's one thing that I dislike, which is I need to download it again after around like two weeks I didn't open the app which is soo annoying. It took so much space of memory everytime this app is update. Overall this is game is just fine..


The game itself is fun, tournaments that gives an unbelievably good rewards , some new guns and free skins every season and much more....the whole concept of the game is just perfect......but on why did i rate only a 3 star in it? Well ive got some reasonable answers for it.....the first is the device that the player is the Overwhelmingly op guns...and the last and most important one which is the resetting password system that mostly doesnt work most of the time. Overall , its good


I Highly recommend codm!! Everything is good, the graphics, the guns and the skins is just perfect. The only downside is the community, which some people are very toxic when they lose or get killed. On the other hand everything is just perfect, i experience little to no lag because of frame rates dropping... Overall everything is perfect especially the graphics and the events!


This game is cool, you can play rank or multiplayer with friends. It's pretty fun to play with, but I'll give it a 3 stars, i just hate when my rank always get low whenever i delete my cod for more space, everytime i deleted it and install it again, i always go back to "Elite." I spent my whole day leveling up and ranking up until i reach legendary, but it always go back into a lower one. This just happend last month, last year, and Now. It just happened many times.


I've been playing CoDM ever since it was released. I have never experienced lag so bad that it makes me want to quit the game other than this season 6. Don't get me wrong the game with the new update improved in a lot of ways that I was looking forward to. Although the price of that improvements are the stability and optimization of the game itself. Lots of bugs especially in the HUD, controls, and BR. As well as the performance lag every game. I'll change my ratings once the problem is fixed.


It's a great game but I always experience this kind of bug, usually or most of the time I play with 4 fingers and this bug whenever I put my third finger on the screen, my screen just stops. No it is not lag or hang, it just stop. Then if I remove my other fingers and use only 2, it works normally as it should be. So the things is, please try looking for that bug and fix it. It would be much appreciated, Thank you. Edit: There is also that bug where the game just randomly crashed mid match.


The game is pretty fun. I like the characters, the guns, and the classic maps. The gunplay feels nice and the game runs pretty smoothly even on a mid-end device. The graphics are not bad. Though, i wish they reduced the game's storage usage because right now, it's using more than 5 GB's of storage.


The game is fun and very enjoyable, but if we can play offline mode against bots, this game would be more better, if you don't have internet or data. And the app crashes from time to time, like I was playing and it crashes mid Match, I don't know if it's my device, or the app. Though, I love the game very much! I really hope this would get an offline mode soon! Update: I downloaded the game a few weeks ago and I'm very surprised that the app doesn't crash anymore and doesn't lag that much!


This the best shooting games I have ever played. I'll give good point and bad points. Good points:It has amazing graphics, the skins are pretty affordable, the skins are good graphics. Bad points:Lag even if I have more storage, good Wi-Fi, good device. To the point I get kicked out for no reason. It also takes a large storage. Please if it's like updating or loading if your new, just download the maps automatically. But overrall it's by far the best shooting game I have ever played. Pls see