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Garena Liên Quân Mobile Game DESCRIPTION

What’s new?
● Ming – Otherworldly magician debuted.
● Stuart – Blood-eyed maniac – remade champion.
● Change maps and champion strengths.
● Change the appearance and power of the tyrant Caesar.
● Caesar’s new power pioneered.

Join your alliance in the all-new & FREE 5v5 arena!

Assert yourself, stand by your teammates and challenge millions of other players through countless great 5v5 battles on Garena Lien Quan Mobile’s legendary MOBA Esports 5v5 arena – victory or defeat depends on skill!
Join Clan Alliances in the game now to fight together and become a legend in the world-famous MOBA Esports PC game.

Choose a real nickname now, join the legendary world of MOBA Esports 5v5 of Garena Lien Quan Mobile and make the whole world know your name!


1. Diverse game modes, enjoy fighting
Besides the 5v5 map, players can freely experience other customized maps with friends such as random 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, and special, cool & FREE game modes that are constantly updated super fast. such as Garena Lien Quan Chess/ Lien Quan Chess belonging to the auto chess game series has been released

2. Continuous fighting, comparing skills
Victory is based on three and only three key factors that ensure absolute fairness, true to MOBA Esports: skills, teammates, and tactics. Let’s choose an Alliance in the game and quickly fight. Let’s become legends by your skill!

3. Play anytime, anywhere & completely FREE
Download games super fast. Find a match and fight in the blink of an eye. You can choose the 5v5 battlefield or the extremely attractive auto chess mode. Only 10 minutes per match, feel free to play Garena Lien Quan Mobile anywhere, anytime, special super-fast Lien Quan battles are completely FREE!

4. Simple operation, easy to get used to
The sophisticated minimalist control system includes only 2 virtual keypads. Players will only need to use 2 fingers, and less than 5 seconds of experience to be ready to challenge every battle! Super fast speed, easy to control.

5. Convenient voice chat, easy communication
The system integrates real-time voice chat, and a flexible quick chat suite to customize as desired. The faster the game progresses, the faster and more convenient the communication speed will be. Remember to use voice chat to communicate with your Clan Alliance.

6. Compete in rankings, challenge the top
Bang bang… Just a few shots at the end of the round can determine victory or defeat. Join the fierce MOBA Esports competition, show your bravery on the legendary Rankings of Garena Lien Quan Mobile. Find super-fast class matches, super-fast Lien Quan battles.

7. Unique brand collaboration champions and costumes are only available at Garena Lien Quan Mobile
A series of quality champions and costumes from famous partners: Harley Quinn, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker,… from DC Comic, Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online, Ultraman costumes, Murad MTP school idol… and promises to be even more in the future!

• Garena Lien Quan Mobile VN, also known as Garena Arena of Valor, AOV or ROV is a FREE multiplayer game in Vietnam and famous around the world. In Vietnam, gamers often call it Lien Quan, LQ or Lien Quan mobi.
• Garena Lien Quan Mobile VN continuously updates diverse new modes: Pinnacle Duel brings ranking to new heights, Duplicate Duel on the ultra-light Low poly map, Lien Quan Chess (aka Dignity Chess), belongs to The auto chess mobile series uses the original champions in the game, very easy to play and get used to.

Garena Lien Quan Mobile – Let’s become legends

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What's new?● MingOtherworldly magician debuted.● StuartBlood-eyed maniacremade champion.● Change maps and champion strengths.● Change the appearance and power of the tyrant Caesar.● Caesar's new power pioneered.LEGENDARY ARENA – WIN AND DEFEAT AT SKILLS!Join your alliance in the all-new & FREE 5v5 arena!INTRODUCEAssert yourself, stand by your teammates and challenge millions of other players through countless great 5v5 battles on Garena Lien Quan Mobile's legendary MOBA Esports 5v5 arenavictory or defeat depends on skill!Join Clan Alliances in the game now to fight together and become a legend in the world-famous MOBA Esports PC game.Choose a real nickname now, join the legendary world of MOBA Esports 5v5 of Garena Lien Quan Mobile and make the whole world know your name!FEATURE1. Diverse game modes, enjoy fightingBesides the 5v5 map, players can freely experience other customized maps with friends such as random 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, and special, cool & FREE game modes that are constantly updated super fast. such as Garena Lien Quan Chess/ Lien Quan Chess belonging to the auto chess game series has been released2. Continuous fighting, comparing skillsVictory is based on..
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Garena Liên Quân Mobile Game DOWNLOAD

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The most important for this 1-star review is the incomplete English translation. I'm very willing to give a better rating if this problem is improved, but it's seems like they will never get it..


Not recommended. The player community is toxic and trash. The gameplay is simple but the experience is 100% frustrating. Swearing, lag, afks and overpriced items or skins r what I can ever describe abt this game. If only there is a way to get rid of the not-so-well-mannered players in this game.


Can't log in. It keeps saying the game needs to be updated but there's no update option on Google Play.


bóp lag, hút máu người chơi, bảo mật kém, đội ngũ không hỗ trợ tốt i think this game is trying to make the match more laggy that we can win easily. Moreover, AOV is only make the costume more and more expensive so that the player take a large amount of money to purchase it, but they don't focus on the security, that's why a lot of people are not only lose their accounts but also lose their money. And the support team is really bad in executing this problem. In my opinion, 1-star vote is right


I revised my review from 4 stars to 1 after playing for over 3 years. Here are the reasons: - Login errors after updates - Same old boring lootbox with low-quality PNG trash from events - No more tweaks for old heroes or other game mechanics. So how do they fix this: Add more broken new heroes - But worst of all: Lags, Sudden Disconnection, and Bugs! Play at your own risks


Unbalanced matching algorithm. It just makes you play more in order to get to higher ranks


The English translation used to be good. Then it was okay. Now Garena has given up completely? When you switch the language to English: - New content is not translated - Abilities, meta tweaks and UI are missing half their translations. - The season hasn't even been updated yet! It's still the default background of Errol DJing, not Bijan, and the events are out-of-date/ broken. You just don't care now? Edit; July now and nothing has changed. Disgusting. I'm sick of DJ Errol.


Don't go get me wrong, after 2y of playing, i still think AOV is a simple and fun game to play. However, it suffers from some fatal drawbacks. Players hack, cheat, afk, swear alot and the system does nothing about it it's so frustrating. The language system sucks, you can't update if you play in English and the translation is like half-done. Third is heros balancing, the meta stays pretty much the same after years and some heros just forever stay at the bottom and never get any tweak.


The game does nothing about AFK players. At least 9 out of 10 games will have one or two. It's so frustrating as you can't play well and are just defending from the first minute. They are more worried if you say bad words than players who ruin the experience for everyone. I wouldn't even mind spending money if the game didn't have this problem.


A great game to play with friend,not stressful at all even thought its a MOBA.The only 2 things i dont like is the GUI/shop/events -these are terrible designed,really need a improvement.Next is the graphic,it looks outdated and need to be changed.


General balance must say is boring. Generals whose skills cannot be selected are mercilessly nefted and then put Tulen on top. Garana cooperates with the brands and then throws it away, and the less-played champions throw them all into the chicken coop. Done, the team placement mechanism is paired with stupid and afk teams, many times when playing rank, it is extremely annoying to break, hack, and cheat. It's fine to play, but the game is too good, so I give it 3 stars


Id rate it a 4 because its pretty good but there are 3 problems. The first one are gamebreakers, they just continue feeding the enemy kills. The second problem is too op characters, like really op. Third is the hacking system, it is very hard to catch actual hackers if they are map hacking.


The credits score is such a mess. People go afk a lots in rank. It might be explained that when you got a bug and crash, you cannot go back to the match, instead you lost that match and some point. Some banned words are hard to understand, while many bad words can be types just because they add more vowels in it. Not to mention the rate of skin gacha. Got a bad time with Onmyoji, identity V and now AoV. The graphics and stories are good. But customers service, characters balance are bad.


I have been playing this game for 3 years now and i have good times with the game. But lately there are so many players that used hack even on the upper ranks. I didn't give you review sooner is my fault but your fault at not being able to control those dirty players is the reason i give up on the game. So thank for the past but not in the future. And i guess this game won't last long in the near future.


In my opinion, I think you need to tweak the system to be smoother, limit ads and events that appear too much because it slows down the device, optimizing the application's capacity.


Lags a lot and the errors have not been fixed from the last update. I'm using V smart Live. After updating the new version I keep getting the annoying voice chat all / team Error- I couldn't speak to my friend in the game. The game play seems more laggy and not as smooth as previous versions. Hope the developers quickly improves the features to optimize the game. Because I started to lose interest of the game lately.


Update sucks ??? !!!!! Everytime updates are introduced, they all come with a promise to reduce lag and fix bugs, but NO. After every update, the latest one is not an exception, there are always massive lag clusters and game faults . For Eg. Unable to join matches, frozen download queues, and even unable to log in !!!


The report system is totally garbage and the bad attitude players keep showing up continuously. Honestly, i won't believe that some players with the awful skills could win the regular match eventually let alone a rank, but it's what going in this game. For the optimization, after recently updates, the game itself keeps unresponsive to my control. The game sometimes becomes very lag even though there's not any combat. Nevertheless, i can't blame my snapdragons 855 systems and my stable network


Last version was stucked at 79% at loading screen. New version is stucked at 91%. I have to wait 15 minutes to get into the game. Furthermore, in battle the game is not stable at all even I play on medium setting on galaxy note 9. I think that instead of adding useless functions or add-ons, game developer need to care about user experience in the game. Very bad for a game like this.


Best game, well the point is you gotta put some knock out, because when people attacking you, you can't dodge, which is unfair for most of the speed of each heroes character, so best you need to add dodge system, more option may be useful, the controls are not too bad, easy and simple to use, but it's kinda hard and confused about the skills that most of heroes character have, you better make the description of the skills easier to understand, well, that's all, 5 stars for you, and thank you! :)