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Your duty is to lead the battle and become the best shooter and sniper.
Download now for free one of best offline shooting games on mobiles

New mode: Sniper FPS Ops. You received the call for duty of defeat all enemies the time runs out. Racing against the time and shoot! Each target adds 3 seconds to survive

Try the free zombie event! Hit and don’t leave any zombies alive!! Are you a survival hero?

It’s time to take action in the battlefield. Call your best sniper and shooter and combat on the frontline. Shoot to kill in special ops and survive in this addictive sniper 3d shooting game!


– Play Offline. We recommend a wifi to download the game, but you don’t need wifi to play.

– New Shooting Game and challenging Story mode. Join the resistance and command this battle like a pro. Take your weapon, strike the enemy army with a hail of bullet, grenades, massive guns. Release the Fury of this War!

– Modern control that bring you a fun and addictive combat. Shoot to Kill and saving victims!

– HD Graphics with destructible environments. Everything interacts with you and your soldiers.

– Become a real veteran soldier in the online tournaments mode, put yourself in a fun adventure with non stop action against other assassins players. Don’t stop shooting in offline missions with the mobile

– Supply yourself with a huge real arsenal. You have never seen so realistic gun games: pistols, shotguns, snipers… feel like a real commando!

– Face the battlefield from different perspectives. Alternate among your mercenaries in realtime, find the ultimate combination to win the battle in the ultimate killing game.

– Set up your assassin squad with their unique skills: hacker, sniper, assault man… Unlock new epics snipers and shooters like the bazooka-man or the gunslinger! Have you ever seen an inflatable dinosaur on the battlefield?

-Take the control of the battle and become the best shooter in the most addictive sniper 3d shooting.

In Cover Fire you received the call for duty to be the shooter who lead a squad of veterans through sieged cities, deserts and fields taken by guerrillas, and defeat all kind of enemies in the war with the biggest graphic, greatest arsenal and the best offline gameplay on mobile.

The ultimate shooting battle experience. Take cover, aim, shoot and eliminate this hazard. Don’t let the terrorists own the world in the best military shooter game ever!

– Build your frontline strategy in the battlefield and kill your enemy from all sides. Face limitless ops action in the online tournaments game mode.Take your weapons from a killing arsenal and level up your soldiers with unique shooter skills.

– Challenging Story mode. Fight against Tetracorp and lead a mercenary riot on every mission. The best gameplay in the most engaging shooting game ever.

Limitless shooter action! Welcome to the Resistance. Welcome to Cover Fire.

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Cover Fire Game DOWNLOAD

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Good game. 1 problem is the ad that freezez when you watch rewards videos. I've seen a few other people complain about it also, so I know it's not just me. There's no way to exit out of the video and you literally have to close the game and reopen it. This particular ad shows up a lot also. Please fix this.


I💖this game very much,but One issue is that in night mode "Aiming vision is very low specially in "Zombies Under Ground".. It is suggested that in the next update a clear vision for aiming should be included in between ( + ) by "Red indicator Point" like * this or ° this.. I reached up to Episode 7,now it became very difficult to play. Please make it easy to be played by any one. Also make easy to collect weapon and give maximum Gold bar award by watching adds. Make the amendment now. Thanks.


Coverfire is a good games were you can't use any data to play beacuse the game coverfire it is offline games.and one things goods about coverfire you want to play to the next level you have to upgrade your guns or I'll say your self because you are the one who plays coverfire.coverfire it as enght or nine place were you can go in and fight and in those 8 or 9 place it as a level and it's level contain of 10 or 11 stage were you can go and fight .so if you play coverfire you must try to finish it


The game is almost as good but too many ads they Killin the vibe and I was hoping to join forces with other players but I've been playing by myself..can we simply play with friends as soon as we get the game.. missions are cool but I prefer real people around...make it an open world or something


it is the best shooting game I have ever played. It has different charachters like a chinese girl with sniper, a heavy guy with a bazoka and they all help one main character to kill the enemies and to free the slaves from the prison. It is an interesting and action game which gives me thrill. The there are a set of stages with a fantastic stories . And when we shoot the last bullet to the enemy there is an amazing animation of the machenism of the various amazing guns. It's a fantastic game.


Video not available. Video not available. Video not available. Fun but video loading errors disrupt the experience. Considering games like this rely on the player upgrading and accumulating consumables as they go, when a video fails to load the opportunity to maximise your loot is also lost. Very poor to not allow the player to go back to the reward screen and try again. If you can live with that then point and shoot gameplay is quite good.


I've played this for a few years, it has decent graphics and fun. You can play a campaign or other missions which is good. But the commercials, commercials will play not consistently for chests. One video plays, and that's it, you cant open other chests because now the screen is black, and all you can do is reload or start the game over. Then you are taken back to the home screen, of course. Now, the time taken off the chest resets as if you haven't watched a video. Please fix. Cool game.


Great, addictive fun. The fact that it's free is amazing. I went out of town and didn't want to bring a console. I also didn't want to invest in a mobile device like a Switch or a SteamDeck because I don't travel often enough to justify the expense. Downloading this free to play shooter on my Android smartphone got me through the trip and provided good fun. Big thanks to the devs. 5 stars. Download it and have a great time!


It's pretty fun but hard to upgrade weapons. Also, about 50% of the time the ads to get free stuff don't work and end up freezing the game. Some levels are ridiculous trying to get 3 stars with the available load out.


It's a good game with great graphics. However, it has no pause button. I also don't understand how one can play a shooting game with supplies like grenades and extra life coming only occasionally


This game is made up of realistic features and excellent game play in the campaign and zombies mode but the problem is why can't I move to different areas ( I should be able to run using a log ) not only shifting but generally it is an excellent game


Fun for waiting in Dr. Offices, and killing are a bit annoying, but they are not all bad and you can use them to open additional boxes...some of the ads have videos that won't play, so you have to reboot


No use at all. The function are not working properly. Lag of time. Its offline & of good graphics but the control bars won't wrk properly. Just the fireing bar wrks not the movable one. I tried many times but no use at all. I give this one star rating only for the graphics


has not improved from the last time I played this game, 2 many adverts shoved in your face , horrible unresponsive controls physically impossible to complete objectives without having perfect aimbot aim and reaction time, half the missions you can't aim correctly as it randomly pulls you in directions to lock on to a spot which a AI is but if you don't kill the ai in a undisclosed order it breaks. can't get certain rewards due to adverts failing to load and being unable to go back out of,


Gameplay is okay but much of the time when an ad is supposed to play you get "video not available" and the only way to resume is to exit the game completely and start over. I've even gotten this error after I've watched the ad but before the reward loads. Too frustrating so I'm deleting after only 5-6 battles.


Fun at start, then watching ads (or paying) must become necessary quickly for upgrades as the game gets harder. The issue is, ad video cannot load half the time. They should detect that and either skip it or retry instead of hanging. Uninstalled.


The game everyone want. All good except adds which distract me and limited access 😔 I didn't complete a mission 2 time then they show us that you need to insert gold into it then you can play and most important the zombie round I like that but it is disappear I want it back


Good game with good gameplay and graphics. My only gripe is when you try to clame your dailies and are forced to watch an add that does not lode and freezes the game forcing you to restart, which gives you a chance to NOT log back in again. When it plays then it is good.


This game is splendid but I'd have issues with the cover fire... While hiding on the gun shots, the bullet still penetrate to my hideout easily, please you need to do something and update that.. how can't I be covered seems this game is cover fire... perhaps the gameplay stories is nice and the graphics is 💯 due I'll rate It 4 star ⭐


This is quite a fun game. It is not open world, but there are stages and players have to clear them using one of the character classes. Some are like a walk in the park, while some others are downright nasty and stressful. There are microtransactions, but they influence offline game more than the PvP. Ads are not intrusive. It is enjoyable, good if you have spare time.