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Farming Simulator 14 Game DESCRIPTION

Start your agricultural career in Farming Simulator 14 on mobile and tablet! Take control of your farm and its fields to fulfil your harvesting dreams.

As well as a refined look and feel, Farming Simulator 14 gives you double the number of farm machines to control, all authentically modelled on equipment from real agricultural manufacturers, including Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Kuhn, Amazone and Krone.


– New highly detailed 3D graphics and a slick user interface take your gameplay experience to the next level
– Play with a friend in a free roaming open world in the brand new local multiplayer mode for WiFi and Bluetooth
– Plant wheat, canola or corn and sell it in a dynamic market
– Mow grass, tedder and windrow it to create hay bales to feed to your cows, then sell their milk to the highest bidder
– Make money by selling grass or chaff at the Biogas Plant
– Hire computer-controlled assistants to help you with your work


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I was so excited to find the farming simulator games on mobile, I've played these since y'all released fs in general, but this game would destroy anyone's hopes of playing a fun game if this was the introduction to it. I know it's for 2014, but it doesn't format to phone screen size, (too large of picture, kinda like a broke HDMI) the entirety of driving is automated, the screen movement make me feel like I have 2 right joysticks and no left one, and I'm using my hands. Please fix or remove game


For some reason even though I've played this game before when I try and play it now it doesn't load my throttle or my speed indicator, but it loads everything else like the steering and the other tractors it just won't let me drive it. I've tried selling the tractors and buying them again or completely closing the game but nothing works.


I love this game. I have played this game many times and everytime i install it, I just get addicted to it. But there is a problem in this game that everytime i install it, it starts from the starting.Last time (in the same phone) , i have 5 tractor but next time i had just 1 . Please look after this problem. I could have given it 5 stars but i will give it 4.


This game is excellent n exceptional ❤️I like it so much that everyday when I come back home I play it all day...I like it especially at the beginning when everything is tough...... One thing I'm complaining ABT is there should be other farmers farming in the game..I need to see visual of people n different cars...please develope more to this game..


Used to play it for a long long time and I must have hundreds of hours under my belt but then got new job and forgot about it. Now I'm back and it feels great. Works perfectly as always did and I know there's several new ones and this one is old but I just like it better. Great mobile game and I look forward to hundreds of more hours. 🙃🙃


It's a good game. The only thing thing that when I close out and try to reopen it again later, the screen becomes about 1/4 the size of the screen and it freezes with a pop-up that says "there is a new version of this game available." Please fix this soon. It's super annoying and will be the reason I delete the game and give it a 1 star review


I have a Samsung Note 10 Plus and this won't work. The throttle control to move at all will not acknowledge that I'm trying to move or drive, and I can't get the autopilot button to work. I CAN turn the darn wheels but not go anywhere! When I try to shift to gear it just zooms in and out. I love it on my sons Amazon Kindle Tablet


Super fun!!! Really realistic and easy to play. So much machinery to use and choose from. It is really different from other farm games I have tried! One thing to add is breaks because when you back up to an implement you can't stop right away. Then that knocks into things and messes them up, but otherwise I really love the game!!!


So many glitches it's unplayable. The point of downloading it was to see if I would enjoy it before buying the newest version, which I would have done but so many glitches on the old version that had ample time for bugfixes that I just don't have the confidence to take part. I enjoy the type of game and even enjoyed playing when it still worked but it was a waste of my time. Luckily I didn't buy the newest version that would probably have wasted my cash.


Great but not great! I love the game! Actually addicted! Only reason I'm giving it 2 stars is because i purchased i think 10 of the unlock items and they stayed unlocked for the rest of the day. The next day when i went to play all my unlocks that i paid for were locked again. They did give me my money back but now I'm too scared to try the purchases again and have the same problem. The customer service even told me if the unlock doesn't work it wouldn't be good to try it again.


A fun game and worth a try for farming enthusiasts. However most recently, I don't know why, the cloud backup option no longer works. It was a very useful feature and I would appreciate if the development team could look in to that. Would certainly force me to upgrade my ratings. Over all love the exp


It's a fantastic game, and I'm very addicted to it. It's a great introduction to FS, and it's sold me on buying the sequels. But! This version is so old that there are a number of bugs that mean it's not suitable for new hardware. In the version I have, seeds and fuel never run out. Also, sometimes a section of your field turns a different colour and won't turn back. If GIANTS continue to offer this game for new devices on the app store, they need to clean it up and make it work correctly.


I like the farming simulator series, and decided to try it out on my phone. Terrible experience. I was not able to activate the harvester or access the shop. And as soon as I loaded the game, it requested bluetooth permissions to make my device visible to others for 300 seconds. I know for a FACT bluetooth permissions are not required to run a game.


This is a great app. Loads fast, almost no lag, and doesn't eat up the battery. Couple of little things I have noticed. When using the "helpers" they leave gaps and get stuck a lot. I know this is an older game so doubt they will have any updates to that. Would also like a way to know when crops are ready to harvest. Driving from one end of the map to the other is getting old. All in all, it is a fun game.


Over all a great game. Its very easy to earn money as well. I would have gave it a 5⭐ easy. But there is a lot of room for improvement. You could have a quick equipment select. So instead of hitting the tractor icon several times you could have it to where you hold it down & you can select what you want to use. You could space the icons apart a bit more.I have been turning my tractors & randomly switched vehicles. Maybe color coat the fields to show whats disced, planted, cut, baled, & mowed.


Great, but... Farming simulator 14 is a great game. All the gameplay features work great for me even though my phone crashes with most games. Great if you like this kind of game, but if you're like me the locked items can be annoying. If you want to even bother using money, you should use FS 16. I played back when all the vehicles were unlocked, so it came as a dissapointment to me. If you just want a simulator without paying, this is the one to get. But for most other reasons, I would not get.


Its a really nice game and I love it. Yes the graphics are really outdated. And yes it can glitch out (not badly in the only glitch I experienced I switched my phone off when the game was running and when I turned it back on a random car came in the farm and some of my tractors went haywire but it got fine in a second) My main grudge is about how many machines have to be paid to be used. I dont mind some things being paid but at least make the HORSCH MAESTRO free the other seeder is quite small.


Suggestions from daily player: PEOPLE (user profile, ability to do life tasks, seeing farmers in and out of the machinery and working the lands). --- AUTOMATIC (use the GPS to assign locations to a tractor/transporter so that they could drive automatically to a destination). --- TASKS (multiple variations of tasks that can be selected at will--tasks worth diff rewards, with multiple destinations, etc.,) --- Really cool game and would love to see additional upgrades!


I love this game, I owned the game on Xbox One, before I sold the console, but that's besides the point, you've done really well with this game, almost identical to the console version, with the necessary changes to UI/HUD. The only thing I find irksome is knowing ones location when travelling, there's no way to tell which direction you are travelling, if I may make a suggestion to rectify this, top right hand corner, add a small compass which indicates the direction of travel.


Here's what I love about this game, especially when compared to others: -Zero ads. -Great graphics. Feels very realistic. -Great controls. Simple and easy to maneuver all vehicles. -Great ratio between revenue and shop prices. There's more. Great game. Thanks.