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We are constantly improving the app. Be sure not to miss these new features in this update:

- Updated to assigning driver screens
- Payment method error message
- App crash when entering credit card expiration date on some devices mainly Huawei

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Glasgow Taxis App DESCRIPTION

Book a taxi in under 10 seconds and experience exclusive priority service from Glasgow Taxis
– Passwordless registration flow
– Login & book with your business account and automate expenses
– Know an average of how much your trip will cost with the price estimator
– See your driver’s and vehicle details and track their arrival on the map.
– Schedule future trips

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Location is not accurate. Also holds funds for trips, but doesn't book the trip.


It was not obvious how to enter some of the info required to book a cab.


I have never managed to book a taxi from this app. Taxi service is great but app needs work. When I put addresses in, it never finds them, it just gets stuck. I have the fastest internet connection. I tried entering full address, or just the postcode, tried all kinds of variations, nothing! I always end up phoning and talk to an operator which I must say is a great experience but sometimes it would be easier to use the app. Please fix it.


This app is so handy to have. It's very easy to set up and use. Also a very reliable service every time I've booked a taxi through the app. Great way to book a taxi if you don't have cash on you, saves having to take detours to find a cash machine!!


If I could give it zero I would. Never connects, crashes, and then drivers turn up because apparently they have been booked but you wouldn't know it from the app, and cancelling doesn't work. Might just go back to waiting on the street for a black cab when I can't cycle.


Don't use this app if you want to pre book a taxi. I used it twice, first time was 30 mins late and second time 1.5 hours late. No explanation or appplolgy


Absolutely shocking service. If I could give 0 stars I would. I pre-booked a taxi and 15 minutes after my booking time, I call to check the status and the taxi hasn't even been dispatched yet! What a pointless service. Terrible company.


Have to keep reinstalling every time I want to book a journey. When trying to type in new destination I just get a circle round and round and nothing else. Have to reinstall so I can choose a new destination. Very poor app.


Cannot add payment method. To add a card, you have to authenticate using bank app. When you go out of the Glasgow Taxis app to use the bank app, then go back to Glasgow Taxis app, it's automatically back at the start of the process, so it's basically impossible to install for me.


Terrible service, rubbish app, no customer services. Over priced and with a (possibley drunk) rantey driver that hit the curb twice in a ten minute journey while also searching in there bag for painkillers apparently and paying zero attention to the road. Would highly recommend steering well clear of this company.


The best thing with the app is the call function. It is possible to sometimes track the ride through the app and when it is coming to pick you up, however the app is flawed. It's not a native app and opens up a browser, addresses seem often weird and are usually not the same as on other maps, even though the address they show are technically correct. Very often errors popped up saying something was wrong when nothing seemed to act up. The back button did not work. No intuitive way to check trips


What is the point of pre booking a taxi, only to get a notification 5 minutes before you've booked it to get a message saying you're only just now assigning a driver, and that it's really busy so it might be a while... Useless.


Pointless service as I've been trying to book for over 2 hours. Plus it's more expensive to use the app than simply flag a cab down. Go to any other city (Edinburghs City Cabs as the closest example) and no issues.


Pointless. Tried to use twice. First time, not assigned to driver, no taxi arrived. Cancelled booking. Second time, told me that taxi would be 7 minutes but it had already arrived. No notifications or info. No point using it. Uninstalled.


The new fixed price feature is a great idea, as with the cost of living I think from a a budgeting point of view this is a really handy thing to know exactly how much the fare is going to be, problem is it never goes through as a fixed price still goes through as an estimated price and metered in the cab I also think for those who are perhaps a little more climate conscious there should be an option to select one of the hybrid vehicles and no option for wheelchair accessible vehicle.


App refuses to update my Home Address and sends Cab to neighbours. Over-rides destination address as well with default address'. App used to be very good now it's NOT good! Needs attention.


This service this app provides is horrible. There MUST be an explicit warning provided that the time of the booking will probably be not respected. At least put there a sentence so people stop missing their trains and flights. As user experience and care for customers is atrocious. The old app just stopped working one day. No warning there is a new one. Technically is much more glitchy than the old one.


Terrible app. Pre-booked a taxi, but wasn't assigned one until 20 mins after the time it was booked for. Later had to wait around 90 mins (for an estimated 10 min wait), before giving up and flagging a taxi. No updates or tracking. The volume app was infinitely better.


Just installed updated App. Not very user friendly. The App states if you need help/questions call the number in the App. However, this number is fully automated and it only allows you to book a cab. Also I have been charged for a cab when all I was doing was setting up my credit card.


Waited ages and drivers still not assigned. Phoned. Got useless "improved" automated service which wouldn't accept my booking time. Waited for operator. Taxi booked and arrived immediately. Forget the technology. People are better. Win win for the operators.