- New Special levels
- Gameplay improvements
- Enjoy the game!

Bird Sort 2 Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Bird Sort 2: Color Puzzle(截图1)【图】Bird Sort 2: Color Puzzle(截图2)【图】Bird Sort 2: Color Puzzle(截图3)

Bird Sort 2 Game DESCRIPTION

For all those who love Bird Sort puzzle game, big news is here with Bird Sort 2 – more challenging, more fun. With new rules and many more game modes to conquer, this isn’t Water Sort or Hoop Sort; this is Bird Sort 2. Try it and feel the difference.

Time is flying, and birds need to migrate to avoid winter. They need to come with their flocks. Sorting bird flocks and helping them fly away is a top emergency mission.

In Bird Sort 2, you can find levels with very simple tasks, such as sorting birds only, and many levels with higher tasks that ask you to release birds before sorting. The challenge lies in our new rules that make this game harder than ever. Try to overcome being stuck and help free the birds. The new sorting rule will keep you busy finding ways to solve the puzzles while helping you relax along the way.

• Tap the birds you want to move, then tap the branch you want to move them to. Only birds of the same kind can stand together.
• Once you’ve sorted a bird flock, they can take flight, and you’ll also lose a branch for the next sorting. This new rule make games harder than ever.
• Stay tuned because many tools can help you: the back button to go back step by step, an extra branch provides more space, shuffle to change all bird orders, break rule will allow placing 2 different kinds of birds next to each other, and freezing the time counter will give you more time during your rush.
• There’s no limit to the number of moves, but time and live limitation can double the challenge. Have fun!

• Easy to get started
• One-finger control
• Multiple unique levels
• Best graphic designs, cute birds
• Collect coins, ranking are available; shop, decorate home, team challenges, and events are updating!

Birds need to be with their flocks to fly around the world. Bird migration season is coming. Sort bird flocks and let them fly.

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Bird Sort 2 Game DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



Love the app especially the graphics and the Beautiful birds the bounces suck but all around good game


Really love the game, so much so that I played all levels. Got very excited about 'new special levels' only to find nothing to play when I opened it. There needs to be a way to replay old levels while waiting for new. Also, you repeatedly misspell coming with 2 m's. Just thought you should know. I will add stars if I ever do get more levels to play in the next update.


Bird Sort 2 is more interesting and fun


I have been playing this one for about a year now love it


It looks like my kind of game that I can sit back and really enjoy. Thank you


This is a fun and relaxing game


New to this game, so far I'm loving it! Very colorful birds and more challenging than other birdsort games. Will update later after getting to the higher levels.


Adorable and so much fun!


Great relaxing. Fun!! Cute Birds!!


Fun game. Great graphics.


Cute game. Fun, it gets a bit more difficult as you progress. I do wish it allowed us to replay a level if you only scored 2 stars instead of 3. I don't use music but do like the sounds the birds make when you move them from branch to branch. My cat kept looking out our window thinking birds were at our feeders. lol


I love this game, it's very addicting. The costumes on the birds are hilarious.


It's a really fun game and it's easy to play thank you


Love game it's fun and relaxing


Awesome, fantastic and vibrant birds! Incredibly relaxing, enjoyable game. Love it ❤️


Love the graphics


Good graphics. I like the birds.


I just love this game it fun and cute


That's cool didn't realize there was an 2nd bird sort I enjoy having fun sorting out the different birds it's fun!


Very very relaxing challenges your mind in a healthy way