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Guess the skin CS: GO offers over 300 levels, try them all and prove that you are the best in the game and get into the top leaderboards.
Check how well you are at the cult game!
If you can go through all the levels of the game, you are clearly global, and if you are stuck on the first, then rush b.

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Misliš da si popio svu pamet svijeta? Ajde se dokaži.Pravila su jednostavna:• Odgovori što brže na svih 15 pitanja.• Imaš 15 sekundi po pitanju.• Imaš 3 života• Što brže odgovoriš to više bodova dobiješ.Izuzetno zabavan kviz koji će te zabavljati satima!Sva pitanja su na hrvatskom .Prigodno za sve uzraste.Preko 5000 pitanja iz 20 kategorija , s dodatnim pitanjima i kategorijama u bližoj budućnosti .Genijalac ti nudi:✓ preko 5000 pitanja iz 20 kategorija✓ Online rang listu✓ Super grafiku✓ Malo zauzeće memorije✓ Potpuno besplatno✓ Offline i Online način✓ Sva pitanja na Hrvatskom
Try to pass all the levels if you can) 300+
Guess the skin CS: GO offers over 300 levels, try them all and prove that you are the best in the game and get into the top leaderboards.Check how well you are at the cult game!If you can go through all the levels of the game, you are clearly global, and if you are stuck on the first, then rush b.
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