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Gatsby’s wealth journey Game SCREENSHOT

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Gatsby’s wealth journey Game DESCRIPTION

You are Gatsby, a poor young man. You have to make money in order to win Daisy’s heart. You borrowed $ 2,000 from a stockbroker and came to New York to do business. You accidentally crossed through the wormhole into 2020. You only have 35 days, and then you will return to 1920. You want to find a chance to make a fortune in New York with only $ 2000. Can you do it?

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A text based money-making game.
You are Gatsby, a poor young man. You have to make money in order to win Daisy's heart. You borrowed $ 2,000 from a stockbroker and came to New York to do business. You accidentally crossed through the wormhole into 2020. You only have 35 days, and then you will return to 1920. You want to find a chance to make a fortune in New York with only $ 2000. Can you do it?

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