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Police Car x Kids Racing Games Game DESCRIPTION

Police cars for kids is a fun educational game for preschoolers specially designed for kids 2-6 years old. With the help of this game, kids will get acquainted with a variety of equipment and vehicles that mankind has invented and uses for various purposes. Police cars for kids features games for babys to experience as a driver or mechanic, fix cars and chase criminals. This baby game is perfect for kids who love playing with cars and looking for new adventures. Police car for kids is an educational game for toddlers, perfect for boys who love cars.

A thrilling and entertaining kids game for boys and girls where they drive a police car with a sound horn and a light bar, enjoy their race and chase ruffians and troublemakers!

The kids race game starts right on the road, toddlers just drive the police car and tap on zigzag lightning icons to boost the speed!
Children will see some troublemakers on their way, they are crushing things and causing disorder. Kids task is to chase and a quick elastic hand catches bad guys and puts them into the car!

The road in the kids racing game is sometimes bad and the troublemakers can create obstacles while running away and make kids police car broken.
Push a ‘Fix icon’ with a screw key picture and you’ll fix your car right on the move and gain speed in the kids game.
Also use trampolines to fly and reach the little ruffians faster! What a breathtaking car race toddlers are in!
After kids chase all the troublemakers as a real policeman they should bring them to the police station – kids mission is complete!

Helpful things for kids’ development:

the baby game mechanics helps in training fine motor skills and coordination, alertness and attentiveness of kids, because children should notice the right time to boost the speed and catch the hooligans;
multilingual voice acting helps the kids to quickly master the words of their own and foreign languages, choose the appropriate language in a parents’ corner;
a narrator’s comments and compliments cheer kids up and make the game easier to play;

You can always visit the parents’ corner to change the language of the game and to adjust sound and music. Also choose here a convenient subscription plan so that your baby can play the game at any convenient time and with no ads.

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Police Car Games for Kids offers a lot of fun car mini-games and supports a multi-language interface. All these features make the game an excellent choice for educational games for children aged 2 to 6 years old.

Police Car Games for Kids is a fun and exciting game for toddlers aged 2-6. The kids game develops fine motor skills, imagination and logic. The kids police car game is the perfect choice for parents who want to educate their children aged 2 to 6 through fun and educational games. Enjoy playing with your kids and help them grow and develop!


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