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Fun music for kids Piano games Game DESCRIPTION

Kids game “Music for kids” game, designed specifically for toddlers of 3-5 years old! This fun educational game features four cute and talented musicians – a monkey, a racoon, a frog, and a cat, who are all musicians! The game’s primary aim is to help children explore and develop their musical interests!

Be a real DJ in a studio! Conduct and play with a funny four-musicians band! Use guitars – bass and electric ones, feel the rhythm with a fully-equipped drum set, use vocals and backing vocals and also play the keyboard!

We made the gameplay of our game “Music for kids” straightforward and intuitive, perfect for young players.

How to play our musical kids game:
In our fun musical game kids can play on a piano, a bass guitar, a drum set, and microphones. The screen displays the four musicians animals playing their music instruments, creating a mini four-piece band!
Act as a conductor and enjoy fun music! Kids choose which instrument or musician will play at any given time. Kids can select the piano button to hear the frog playing the piano, or push the drum set button to hear the racoon drumming away!
In addition to instrument selection, kids can also choose a microphone button, allowing them to hear one animal singing while the other animals continue to play their instruments! What a super vocalize a cat makes – check it! We’ve implemented this feature to encourage children to explore their creative side and experiment with different sound combinations.
Add special effects too, just push the buttons with confetti and salute!

Parents Corner in our fun mucical game for kids. Visit the Parents’ Corner to manage the sound and language settings, ensuring that your child’s gaming process is enjoyable and safe. Additionally, you can choose a subscription plan to play with no ads and even without Internet.
Try out fun musical game the Music for kids – a great music game for kids! The game is a super option for little kids and preschoolers who like music and music instruments!
Educational and entertaining game designed to help young children develop their musical interests. With its cute animal characters, intuitive gameplay, and customizable settings, “Music for kids” is a perfect introduction to the world of music!

Your feedback about our fun kids game for kids. You can also contact us via [email protected]
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Let’s play music and enjoy fun game for musical kids.

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