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* Organize your library into shelves
* Filter search results by price, price drops, reading language, age range, special reading features, and more
* Download new books to an SD card
* Track your reading progress in ebooks
* Bug fixes, enhancements, and performance improvements


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Google Play Books is the one app you need to buy and enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, comics, and manga.

Choose from millions of best selling ebooks, comics, manga, textbooks, and audiobooks. Download your book to read or listen on the go. When you’re finished, find your next favorite from recommendations personalized just for you. Buy audiobooks and ebooks as you go – with no subscription required.

Choose from millions of popular ebooks, audiobooks, and comics
* Buy ebooks and audiobooks as you go – no subscription required.
* Preview samples before you buy.
* Get extra discounts on select bundles.
* Receive emails or notifications about new releases from your favorite authors and when your wishlisted books go on sale.
* Earn Google Play Points with every purchase, then exchange them for Google Play credit.
* Receive notifications or emails for price drops in your samples and new releases from your favorite authors and series.
* Discover new releases, best sellers, and personalized recommendations across genres like romance, science fiction, mystery & thrillers, self-help, religion, nonfiction, and more.

Best in class reading and listening experience.
* Read or listen on Android, iOS, or your web browser, even when you’re offline.
* Pick up where you left off on any device.
* Customize your reading experience. Adjust the text size, font type, margins, text alignment, brightness, and background colors.
* Track your reading progress. See what percent you’ve read and how many pages you have left.
* Organize your library into shelves. Use the new shelves tab to curate your library by theme or genre. View your shelves across Android, iOS, and the web.
* Save to SD card. Choose to save your books to the device or an SD card, so you never run out of space.
* Use reading tools in children’s books to get kid-friendly word definitions, listen to specific words, or hear the book read aloud.
* Use Bubble Zoom for easier comic reading on a mobile device. Tap the page and watch your favorite comic or manga come to life.
* Take notes that sync with your Google Drive and share them with a group for easy collaboration.
* Look up definitions, get translations, save highlights, and bookmark your favorite pages while you read.
* Turn on Night Light to automatically adjust the background color and brightness or set the app to use the OS brightness.




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Agree with Tim jackson, the latest updates have been terrible for this app. I don't want to see the page status at the bottom. That's fine if you make it an option but I don't want it on by default. They've also removed the night time reading function. Do not like having to rely on my phone's night time function. I only want it in the app. Edit: 5 months later they have added in night time function again, thank you. The text to speech still seems wrong compared to my old phone i don't update
Hi there, thanks for the feedback on night time reading lighting. To turn off the reading progress bar, you can tap the area under the last line of a page twice to hide your stats. Ryan from Google Play Books


I love Google books, I love that I can tell my Google home to read my book to me. Lately though my audiobooks keep stopping for no reason mid sentence and I have to keep opening the app to restart it. It drives me crazy, I want to set it to play and do my work or drive. This used to be the best app, please fix it!
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We're aware of this issue and believe we have fixed it! Please update your app to the latest version. Contact us if the issue persists.


I loved this app until my last audiobook is missing SO MANY chapters! And I've tried everything to fix it and nothing has helped. I reached out to a live agent and he was no help at all. And said he couldn't escalate it bc its an audiobook so he couldn't get screenshots of the issue. I will update my review IF I can ever get help fixing this.


There is a yellow tint to the screen that stays on whenever even though night light and blue light filter are turned off. When I use the overview button the screen takes around a half a second to make everything back to normal. This only happens in app and ruins the colors of all the comics I have. This issue has been there for years and has not been fixed, even after contacting Google support.
We are really sorry for the trouble. Turn off yellow tint by tapping the middle of the screen and then press Aa; tone; viewing theme and choose color, and/or toggle the Reading Night Light on/off. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please contact us and add NL8821 if the issue persists.


Normally I loved thos app as I could find so many wonderful books to read and listen to when I'm at work. However over the last year I have been having issues with my auduobooks stopping randomly for no reason and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. The sad thing is I can't seem to find a solution at all. If this was fixed then I'd be happier and would greatly recommend this app again with 4-5 stars.


Gbooks worked really well for me ever since I got it. I like the UI and the amount of customization. But the Read aloud feature suddenly broke, with a severe stutter when the screen is off. No amount of uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing cache, adjusting battery etc has fixed it. Read aloud works fine when the screen is on, but that's not a great long term soln. Hoping for a fix but we all know this is low priority on the developer queue which is a shame. It's a nice app otherwise


It works just well for my needs, but it's not perfect. I use it mostly to read PDFs, so if the double-touch zoom feature could remove only the borders of the document and fit the text to the device's screen area instead of applying 200% zoom like it does now, it would be awesome. Similar to what happens with some web pages when we double-touch the screen (it fits the text to the screen area of the device).


The app has had significant library syncing / connectivity issues recently (and yes, my internet is great). new library additions don't show up in library, and since I tried deleting data and reloading it, now nothing shows up in my library. I can still read books I've bought by searching for them, but after reading app doesn't remember them. Also, it's super frustrating that search only really includes the store rather than being able to search my library purchases + uploads.


This app is useful, but it could easily be a lot better. What I love is that it saves my notes and highlights to Drive and syncs them across devices. Some things I hate about this app: (1) You can't adjust play speed in the app. (2) No pause, play, or skip buttons on the main screen. You have to use the pull-down menu. (3) You can't highlight something that starts and ends on separate pages. You have to make two separate highlights. (4) It won't read PDF books aloud.


You cannot change the rest aloud voice for this app even if you change it system wide. The voice that they give, even with the web upgrade selected, is so robotic and unnatural it's cringe. Not being able to listen to books with this app means it's useless. This has been a known problem for years, it's crazy they haven't fixed it yet.


I used it for more than fourteen years and it worked great. My high-speed internet works perfectly, was well. Lately, reading books allowed started taking frequent breaks, mainly if 'more natural voice' is toggled. They are quite annoying as I'm not used to them. I should get what I bought. Put a refresh button or fix it one way or another, I'm sick of downloading several times each book I'm reading...


I used this for a research report on a biography I was reading and it kept misplacing, deleting, and not syncing my annotations. It was very infuriating to know I highlighted an important passage only for me to check back the next day and not see anything. Very glitchy, ate my phone's battery and all in all a headache. If you're doing anything beyond casual reading I would not recommend.


Okay app if you can tolerate reading on your phone. Wouldn't recommend if you prefer listening to your books instead. I would use it but the text to speech voice is so unnatural it's hard to listen to. Listening to books is much easier for me. I have so many books in my library but I don't use the app bc I can't listen to my books. If the voice options are ever changed I'd use the app but until then I won't really be using it.


Audiobooks pause and cut in and cut out. Even downloaded audiobooks pause and cut in and cut out. Have to close up and we start it to get start working again. Works maybe 5-10 minutes before it starts to cut in and cut out again. My phone is up to date the app is up today I don't know what is causing it but it is very frustrating.


Decent app but very basic. Frankly I expected more from Google. I like that highlights and notes are stored in Google drive so they don't need to be exported but I've found the highlighting feature to be very buggy. Half the time when I'm highlighting a sentence the app will continue the highlight onto the first word of the next sentence. Once a highlight is placed it can't be adjusted without deleting it, including any notes attached to it. Can't extend a highlight across multiple pages.


After trying out a few other apps, I ended up giving Google Books a chance. After all, how good could a free app really be?! I was very surprised how much better this app was for epub files than some of the for-purchase/subscription apps. The two pages view is flawless. I was specifically looking for that feature for children's picture books. Other apps struggled with that feature. I am very happy now.


It's a sutible app that serves its purpose well. However there's a glitch in the "Read aloud" when I close my phone and let the bot speak it sometime goes like " Grif ith and s am journ eyed on wit h". Basically it stutters. I've tried closing the app, the book, switching books, page color, etc. It eventually fixes itself but super irritating. Please fix this. When I turn on my phone the bot reads normally. But the moment I turn off the screen that happens.


This is horrible! I spent 15 bucks on an audiobook and it continually stops playing. Just abruptly stops. Unlock the screen and it plays again. Put phone in pocket, book plays for a minute or so, then stops, open phone it plays automatically, lock screen, put in pocket, a moment later it stops again and again and again and again. No answers from support .


One of the best apps I have. I've downloaded dozens of books over the years. An amazing access to copies of rare books from the 1800s and earlier and most are FREE. Recent changes to allow downloading to a SD card has saved me several gigabytes on my hard drive. I collect old books and this app allows me to review many of them before I decide to purchase.


Really, really, REALLY feature-poor. Google just keeps putting out official apps that are worse than the worst free alternative. Can't change font, colors, can't change from pages to continuous scrolling. It's almost impressive that they've managed to make ebooks just as inconvenient and uncustomizable as physical print.