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Google Drive, part of Google Workspace, is a safe place to back up and access all your files from any device. Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

With Drive, you can:

• Safely store and access your files anywhere
• Quickly access recent and important files
• Search for files by name and content
• Share and set permissions for files and folders
• View your content on the go while offline
• Receive notifications about important activity on your files
• Use your device’s camera to scan paper documents

Google Workspace subscribers have access to additional Drive functionality, including:
• Easily managing users and file sharing to help meet data compliance needs
• Sharing files and folders directly with groups or teams within your organization
• Creating a shared drive to store all of your team’s content

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Google accounts get 15GB of storage, shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. For additional storage, you can upgrade to Google Workspace or Google One as an in-app purchase. Subscriptions start at $1.99/month for 100 GB in the US, and can vary by region.

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I love this app as it allows me to store, organize, share, and view documents, BUT as of late, I am having a hard time previewing any large sized documents over 400kB. It keeps saying it can't preview it even after multiple attempts. Please fix this! I've tried clearing the apps cache, the apps data, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and I've cleared my phone's entire cache. It's still not allowing me to view any documents over 400kB.
Hi, Nicole. Let's connect you with our Support Team for help. Follow the link to get some help: Keep us posted!


Having issues with a file that has hundreds of thousands of files like music, pictures ect, where it mysteriously disappears on my phone's My Files Drive section but remains intact in the Google Drive app shortcut thing, it's getting really annoying, first I can't delete some annoying files that I don't want to keep around or even move them to a folder because it keeps giving me the dreaded error banner for each one, it's giving me a headache just dealing with it.
Hi there. Let's try resetting the app data. More info here (see "Clear the app's cache" section): Hope this helps!


Google drive "could" be a useful app if it allowed users to download files to specific folders on your phone. But instead it forces users to go through complicated and obscure steps to download files to a download folder somewhere on the phone and then move them to the desired location. Google, please update the drive app to make it easier to find the links to download and allow users to download the files to the desired location instead of all of the complicated and hidden links currently used
Hi, David. Thanks for the suggestion, you can also send it here: Google Drive app > Menu > Help & feedback > Send feedback.


I have uninstalled, going back to old versions (that work better, but cause other issues), multiple times. Certainly does not fix anything. I send crash feedback half the time, probably 50 times already.. I'm not interested in Google feedback forums. No help there, look up the nest hello internal battery dying if you'd like to share my experience with that. It should be very simple. Audio played from drive, phone disconnected from BT and playback error. Every single time. Pixel 6xl.
Hi, James. Could you try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Drive app itself? If this doesn't help, please visit our Community Forum for any additional assistance:


Update: after doing what Google suggested, it helped. I see my files now. Hopefully, they stay there and don't disappear. Thanks for the suggestion. ------------ Doesn't show all my files. I took a lot of time on my new computer setting up Google drive, transferred a lot of files and they successfully uploaded. They're not on my Google drive app, yes, I checked computers. Google man, you guys need to work on your apps. They stink!!
Hi, Yasmin. Can you try restarting both devices and Drive apps on both? Make sure you are also signed in to same account on both. Hope this helps.


Google Drive is a good idea from a company that has given us plenty of innovation over the years. Their free cloud storage space can’t be touched by anyone else (Microsoft offers 5 GB, a third of the 15 GB, that Google offers). And yet, Google Drive has disappointed me more than I’d like to admit. My biggest issue involves doing backups from my Android smartphone. The Android app allows you to view and upload content to your Google Drive account. But one thing I dislike is that the app doesn’t allow you to upload an entire parent folder and all its child folders recursively. If you have a lot of content on your phone that’s organized hierarchically, in order to use the app, you have to create the folder structure in the app yourself, and then queue up the uploads for each folder, one at a time. This seems to be a limitation with the Android operating system, as what appears when you select Add >> Upload is a system-generated dialog where you can only choose files, not a folder. But since Google is in charge of both Drive and Android, this is an issue they are able to resolve. The other issue I’ve experienced with Google Drive is the performance. I have 5G service to my smartphone and sometimes am in cells where the service isn’t as strong. I have set the app to use mobile data explicitly (that is, not to wait for a wi-fi connection). Yet, on too many occasions I’ve seen the familiar rotating progress rings, spinning in place, with the message “Waiting For Network” under the file name, even if a network is available. Google Drive’s web service from a desktop or laptop browser is much better, and if you have the opportunity to use that, I’d recommend that instead. And if you only have occasional data to upload, the app is sufficient for quickie backups. But if you have anything hierarchical, or have a large number of files to upload, you’ll experience the same frustrations I have.
Hi, Austin. Thanks for the feedback! You can also send the feature request to upload folders here: Google Drive app > Menu > Help & Feedback. Appreciate it! Also, let's try resetting the app data to fix the upload issue. More info here (see "Clear the app's cache" section): Hope this helps!


It's good. It does what it's suppose to. 99% of the time. But lacks a lot of quality of life features. It has a upload bar, but doesn't tell you what's being uploaded at the moment. Just all files. It will desync, but doesn't tell you at what file. It doesn't question if you have uploaded the same file multiple times via file name. Google drive as a whole, needs to add a tag system for easy discovery.
Hi there. Thanks for the suggestion, you can also send it here: Google Drive app > Menu > Help & feedback > Send feedback.


I am not sure whether it is a new update that has the program being faulty, but it continuously has given error messages everytime I have tried to upload files. The program will not let me cancel the uploads. I have tried clearing the cache, unistalling/reinstalling, logging in/out, and connecting to new servers. The app is unbearable to use now.
Hi, Emily. Thanks for the feedback! You can also send it here: Google Drive app > Menu > Help & Feedback. Appreciate it!


Update: Previously had a problem with creating new docs in my owned folders. Not sure what fixed it (cleaeing my caches didn't seem to fix the problem) but almost forgot about this review by the time things fixed themselves. I wish I knew why Drive started working again, but I do feel it's only fair to mention that for the most part, everything works fine now. None of the problems I'm having get in the way of much, though occasional glitches still happen. Sorry for not updating for 2 yrs, lol.
Hi, Marie. Let's try resetting the app data. More info here (see "Clear the app's cache" section): Hope this helps!


Works great on my pc and cell phone, however when it comes to my android tablets the app crashes upon launching. It pops up an error that the version is too old with an option to upgrade, but when i click upgrade the app crashes and cycles back again with the same notice. Apparently the devices cannot be updated even though they are farely new.


Very not good app! For one, why can't I add shared items to my drive? you removed the Add to My Drive option. Why can't I have some system of organising files by keywords? iCloud Drive is so much simpler and easier to use. Stop using the same release notes across multiple updates. It's annoying and shows lasiness on the developers' part. sync issues with Google Drive are fixed and other android components that intergrate with it are better. Still, Apple should take over market
Hi, Xavier. Thanks for the feedback! You can also send it here: Google Drive app > Menu > Help & Feedback. Appreciate it!


Ok so i use one file in Google Docs as a template for my writing. When done, I use the "send a copy" function to save the finished product in a different folder. It used to work beautifully. But now, I get the "Upload Failed. Permission was not given to access file for upload" message in Google Drive when I try to send the copy. I've tried deleting the app data for both apps and that does work temporarily but the error persists after awhile. Need a more permanent solution.
Hi, Robert. Thanks for your review! In order to help you, could you kindly elaborate on your feedback? If problems persist, you can also visit our Help Center ( or visit our Community Forum ( We hope we helped.


They haven't fixed the issue of constant explicit spam emails from strangers that you still have to individually block one by one AFTER the message with file is received. If you're really unlucky, you'll get a pop-up with the NSFW image preview that comes along with it. Uninstalling and disabling this until some kind of fix for this major security issue happens.


This has become a cess pool of porn spam. It is so annoying, totally out of control, and worst of all, it is completely preventable. All Google has to do is implement a feature that only allows sharing from approved users or from people in your contact list, and automatically block all others without getting a notification and having to block it myself. As a paying customer, this is even more unacceptable.
Hi there. Thanks for the feedback! You can also send it here: Google Drive app > Menu > Help & Feedback. Appreciate it!


I'm still having issues where the app only loads about ~50 seconds of a song at a time. Once it hits that point, it stops playback and requires the user to press play again, before loading another 50 seconds. You have to do this over and over. I've tried deleting my cache. It happens on WiFi and mobile data, even songs that are made available offline. The only solution I've found is to delete and reinstall the app, then it starts happening again within a day or so
Hi, Ian. Let's connect you with our Support Team for help. Follow the link to get some help: Keep us posted!


Edit #2: As I'm using a Pixel 5a, I cannot uninstall the app, but I did disable the app, uninstall updates, and clear all storage/cache for Google Drive. I then re-enabled the app and allowed it to update through Play Store. The issue initially did not appear, and I was able to play WAV files without pauses. However, less than 24 hours after the above, the issue began occurring again. It should be noted that when the pausing occurs, the playback progress/seek bar (the slider that shows progress into the song, and lets you skip into it) only loads part way, and when the playback marker reaches where the gray "cache" bar is stuck, the play/pause button spins around as though it's loading, and then changes to a play button, with the audio being stopped. This occurs whether I'm on Wi-Fi (known-good connection) or cellular data (5G, LTE), and my phone was recently factory reset in February, and is up to date on the latest software. Edit: I use Drive primarily for collaborative audio work, and WAV files that previously played fine now pause/stop loading during playback. I have uploaded new WAV files (multiple), and also tried playing previously uploaded files that played fine. I believe it's due to the media player built into Drive not functioning correctly, as this is when I noticed the issue. Please read what I've typed below. Numerous others are having this issue, so it's not device specific. WAV files are pausing during playback as though Google Drive isn't allowed to cache enough. I've got my cache limit set to 250mb, but it occurs regardless, and seems to be limited to just WAV files (mp3s play fine). Before the media player revamp, playback of WAV files was perfect. Again this is happening to other users on different devices, and a quick Google search confirms this. It happens whether on WiFi or Cellular.
Hi there. Let's connect you with our Support Team for help. Follow the link to get some help: Keep us posted!


Regarding the last update, or at least one of the latest patches, I dislike how you've changed the temporary file loader (on audio files) not to load 100% of the audio or at least have a higher loading rate. I always find my music stopping all the time, because I can't afford to download it and using drive's music player solves my storage problem. Please fix this issue, maybe add an option stating it as a more space conservative file loading or something among the lines of that.


Thank u Google! U helped me find the duplicate files I had in my Drive. It was so easy. I could decide to delete, move or keep the duplicate files. The only app that's eating up my storage space now is Gmail, but that's pretty much my fault. I had about 10,000 emails & had to decide what to do with them. I didn't like the time it took organizing everything but it was all worth it when I saw all the extra storage I had now. I almost gave up on u, Google. (I'm glad I didn't cuz I love Drive)
Hi, Dyani. Check out this guide about how to delete files in Google Drive: Please visit the Help Center ( or the Community Forum for any additional assistance ( Hope this helps!


Audio player completely broken. Stops playing audio after a few seconds until you hit play. Even when you download for offline listening. I'm a music producer so this is what i use the app for most. A few other people have noticed this and have been responded to with a "here's our customer service" copy-paste message. It's not a customer service problem. Fix the app
Hi, Andrew. Could you try uninstalling and then reinstalling Drive app itself? Follow the steps here: If this doesn't help, please visit our Community Forum for any additional assistance:


This app is good and relatively user friendly except when it comes to explaining explaining the "extensions" add feature. I found it a little bit confusing which app extension works best in conjunction with my other apps and extensions, plus they tend to stay on or turn themselves on after being put on sleep. Over all tho a very good app. With lots of storage memory and option to purchase space.