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Google Drive App DESCRIPTION

Google Drive, part of Google Workspace, is a safe place to back up and access all your files from any device. Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

With Drive, you can:

• Safely store and access your files anywhere
• Quickly access recent and important files
• Search for files by name and content
• Share and set permissions for files and folders
• View your content on the go while offline
• Receive notifications about important activity on your files
• Use your device’s camera to scan paper documents

Google Workspace subscribers have access to additional Drive functionality, including:
• Easily managing users and file sharing to help meet data compliance needs
• Sharing files and folders directly with groups or teams within your organization
• Creating a shared drive to store all of your team’s content

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Google accounts get 15GB of storage, shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. For additional storage, you can upgrade to Google Workspace or Google One as an in-app purchase. Subscriptions start at $1.99/month for 100 GB in the US, and can vary by region.

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Dear Google, please do something. The bugs and performance issues on this app is becoming unbearable. A file being uploaded would keep loading up for days unending. On the web version, it would indicate that the app has been successfully uploaded, but we can't see it so on the app itself. This and many more is really frustrating. Please do something about this
Hi, Israel. Let's try resetting the app data. More info here (see "Clear the app's cache" section): Hope this helps!


Drive is consuming too much data now. I uploaded 25 photos to it and my 1 GB data exhausted. I don't know why this problem is occurring. I am using Google Drive more than 2 years, but it has never used as much data as now. Even after I am making some files available offline, those are automatically getting unavailable after sometime. These problems are still occurring even after reinstalling the app. Kindly fix this.
Hi there. Thank you so much for the feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time to give us your opinion and feedback on the app. We take all feedback very seriously, and if you'd like to send feedback in the app, please send it to Meet > Settings Menu (top left) > Send feedback.


I have set "Transfer files only over Wi-fi" off. Still when I try to upload the files when connected to mobile network, there's text "Waiting for Wi-fi" under the file names. If I turn that transfer setting on and then off, now it says "Waiting for network". And don't upload files, until the phone is connected to wifi. Uninstalling and reinstalling app did not help, or clearing cache. In my older phone clicking the arrow up symbol after file name uploaded file when in mobile data, not anymore.
Hi, Janne. Let's connect you with our Support Team for help. Follow the link to get some help: Keep us posted!


I tried to switch to this app instead of using OneDrive but I found out very quickly that when you upload to drive it will duplicate your files repeatedly. If I drive filled up even though I had to terabyte of space my drive filled up on duplicates. OneDrive does not do this. I'm canceling my Google one because now I have to sit through hundreds of duplicate files. Also is far more difficult to retrieve your files than it is with any other cloud service. It wants to zip files to download them.


I've been getting a lot of unsolicited people sharing files with me to my Drive. Nearby share is turned off and it keeps happening. I can't find in the App settings the ability to not allow people to share files to your Drive... This makes no sense. Irritated. I continually block them but it doesn't keep new ones from showing up. Permission to share with my Drive should be a required access question, in order for me to deny them permission to share. This is a daily issue. No help at all.
Hi, Toni. If you don't want to get file shares from someone in Google Drive, you can block them. If you use Google Drive for work or school, you can’t block someone in your domain. Learn more here: Hope this helps!


On PC (WIN11) the system is refusing to name everything in order a-z, only doing z-a. WTH!!! The system refuses to have any other format for filing except Z-A. It opens as it but as soon as you leave the first page it then goes automatically to Z-A even if you click to change it it goes right back. Microsoft Edge, Drive App. Doesn't matter which it does it on all.
Hi, Ryan. Clearing your browser's cache and cookies first may help: Can you also check if it'll work on Incognito mode? Let us know if that helps!


This app used to work really fine, not it's loaded with bugs and is starting to disrupt my work flow. Whenever I upload files, it'll keep saying "Waiting for Wifi" even though I have Wifi connected, and it's the same with mobile data. Many times I can't find the download button, even to the files I uploaded. It's just become a pain working with it. Google, please if you see this, don't tell me I have to clear the cache or visit your community group, those aren't the issues. Thank you.
Hi, Daniel. Could you try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Drive app itself? Follow the steps here: If this doesn't help, please visit our Community Forum for any additional assistance:


Uploads stop, uploads never finish, after uploading you realize files are missing... Still the same problems over many years, different phones, different connections. The most fundamental functionality of the app is buggy and has been forever. Ugh. EDIT: Tried that many times, delete cache, delete app data, reinstall. Problems remain. It's good that you are trying to be helpful, but why not make a working app instead?
Hi, Stefan. Let's connect you with our Support Team for help. Follow the link to get some help: Keep us posted!


This app is terrible. As mentioned by others, it keeps hanging on the "Waiting to upload" status. And when it's like that, it can't be canceled from the app; instead I have to do so via the notification pop up. If network disconnects during multiple files uploads, I can't reuplaod failed attempts. Worse than a lot of alternatives. The only good thing about it is the convenience of being incorporated within the Google ecosystem. Contemplating dropping it 💯
Hi, Mbofhano. Let's try resetting the app data. More info here (see "Clear the app's cache" section): Hope this helps!


Used to work great. Now suddenly having issues in a time crunch and it is very frustrating. I suspect it has something to do with latest "fix" a couple weeks ago. I've uploaded a video that needs to be shared twice and it keeps giving me a message say "We're processing this video. Please check back later." Really!?? Video is too large for email and all videos are blurred when sent over text, so now I don't know what to do to get thos done on time, but I'm frustrated enough to write this review.
Hi, Violet. Could you try to access Google Drive in an incognito mode or a different browser? If it doesn't work, you may try using a different network. For more details, you can check on this guide: Hope this helps!


For the past few months uploading files isn't working any more. Doesn't matter how much I clean up the cache, swithing to wi-fi doesn't help either. What I found to work is: restart, then switch on the wi-fi. Feels like a trip back in time, when I was using Windows XP and I had to restart the PC for every thing that I installed.
Hi, Tiberiu. You can choose to use your mobile data or only use Wi-Fi to transfer files. See “Turn mobile data usage on or off” in this article:


I usually save files in Gdrive on my computer then download them on my phone via the app. But recently, I can't download the files from the app. The '1 item will be downloaded, see notification for details' pop-up appears but I get no notifications on my phone and the file is not downloaded. I've tried reinstalling the app, updating the app, and turning the WiFi off then on again. I have enough storage space and stable Internet connection, but it still doesn't let me download. Please fix it !
Hi there. Let's try resetting the app data. More info here (see "Clear the app's cache" section): Hope this helps!


It used to work well, but the past few months it has been so difficult and sometimes impossible to do basic things. When I try to upload any file, it says "waiting for network" whether I am using WiFi or mobile data. It doesn't stop "waiting for network" or react when I tap the x or upload button on the file. The internet works fine, and I have the app set to allow me to upload over mobile data, so neither of those are the issue. It has also crashed a few times. I hope this bug can be fixed soon
Hi, Dylann. Could you try uninstalling and then reinstalling Drive app itself? Follow the steps here: If this doesn't help, please visit our Community Forum for any additional assistance:


What's the point of this app if it doesn't upload? It fails everytime beyond 10 file uploads. What a joke. Reply to developer. Yes, I've tried from multiple locations on different networks around the world! Phone to cloud doesn't work. Sort it out, or I'll be forced to transfer my subscription to a company that provides the intended service.
Hi there. Have you tried to upload the file to Google Drive using a different network? Hope this helps!


Like many others, I am unable to upload more than a few pictures or files at a time. The app simply removes most of them and I then have to try work out what's uploaded and what hasn't, or painstakingly upload one at a time. I have deleted the app and reinstalled several times, cleared data and storage, restarted my phone, tried different networks, every solution that has been suggested, I have tried. Google, please sort this out, this is an issue for far too many people.


Trying to cancel an upload but nothing happens. I keep pressing the Cancel button at the notification but it doesn't stop the upload. Speaking of which, where the hell is the file being uploaded? I can't find it anywhere in the app. For example, if I upload a file on OneDrive, I see the file along with its progress bar inside Onedrive. There's nothing like that in Google Drive
Hi, Pajo. Check out this handy guide for tips to advance search for the files (See 'More on how to find the files' section): You may also try resetting the app data. More info here (see "Clear the app's cache" section): Hope this helps!


A bit hokey, difficult to tell who you are signed on as, diffucult to sign out from within the app. I have it on my phone, but no icon. Like all Google apps. They can't be moved to external memory. Ridicules. I de-insralled the app and re-installed it, so the icon is back. Ease of use, moving into external memory still persist. A good explanation of how file sync works and how to control it would help too.
Hi, William. Clearing your browser's cache and cookies first may help: Let us know if that helps!


It works. But the interface has little annoying issues. For example, I really wish it had better thumbnails for browsing pictures. The current thumb crops the pictures to fit the thumb ratio and I can't really see the content... Making the gallery view kinda useless. Also, it's a kind of basic feature but I feel like a chronological draggable scroll bar would be super helpful when the folder has lots of files.
Hi, Cari. Thanks for the feedback! You can also send it here: Google Drive app > Menu > Help & Feedback. Appreciate it!


It would be nice if the app is password /code/ or biometric protected. Not just an easy click and it's open straight into saved files and what not. But it should have an option to require password. Fingerprint of something when trying to open it. Even better if you can sent a different password for it. So that if someone has access to your phone or you decided to give your phone to someone to use. They can't just acces your files. Other files saving apps should be protected or have the option to
Hi there. Thanks for the feedback! You can also send it here: Google Drive app > Menu > Help & Feedback. Appreciate it!


Edited: App was updated last night (11 Dec) and it's working fine now. TQ! The app keeps crashing. Cannot access my files on the drive. Have tried all the methods like clearing cache and app data as mentioned under the many reviews but nothing works. Unistalled and reinstalled again too. It's very frustrating as I need to access my docs in drive on the go and now I'm left hanging not knowing how unless I change to a non-android phone? It's ridiculous. Pls fix this issue quickly.
Hi, Janice. Can you try to check if you are signed in using the correct account? Learn more here: Keep us posted.