- The Share tab is renamed “Nearby Share” (rollout to complete over the next few weeks)
- Bug fixes and minor improvements

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Files by Google App DESCRIPTION

✨ Free up space on your device with cleaning recommendations
🔍 Find files faster with search and simple browsing
↔️ Quickly share files offline with Nearby Share
☁️ Back up files to the cloud to save space on your device
🔒 Secure your files with a non-device lock

Free up space and boost device performance
Easily see how much space is left on your device, SD card and USB drive. Free up space and boost device performance by finding old photos from chat apps, duplicate files, clearing cache, and more.

Find files faster
Save time looking for photos, videos, and documents on your phone. Search quickly or browse your GIFs or share that video you downloaded recently. Sort files by size to understand what’s taking up space.

Fast & secure file sharing
Share photos, videos, apps, and more to Android and Chromebook devices around you with Nearby Share. Files transfer quickly, with speeds up to 480 Mbps, even without an internet connection. Transfers are private and secured with end-to-end encryption.

Secure your files
Keep your sensitive files safe with a PIN or pattern that can be different from your device lock.

Play offline media
Listen to your music or watch your videos with advanced controls like playback speed, shuffle, and more.

Back up files
Move your files to Google Drive or an SD card to save space on your device. You can also share to other cloud storage apps on your device.

Get smart recommendations
Get helpful suggestions to save space, protect your device, and more. Your recommendations get smarter the more you use the app.

It’s efficient and effective
The Files by Google app uses less than 20 MB of storage on your device, it’s easy to use, and has no ads.


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I have a pixel 6. I listen to audiobooks using the "files" app because it's easy to navigate to the files. Multiple times a day, it stops playing the current track, and when I hit play it will skip back a track. I'm really unimpressed the default file system can't reliably play audio. It's pretty disappointing that I have to download another app to listen to some mp3's. Mp3 has been around for 20 years. Googles flagship can't reliably play an MP3 without additional software. Lazy corporation
Hi Jordan! We are sorry to hear about your experience. We're always looking for ways to make the app more useful and your feedback is super helpful. Appreciate your patience!


So many bugs regarding to deletion process. Some files are unable to delete at all. Even after deleting some files they keep showing in the folders. Favorites option to be considered more useful and easy to use. Due to bugs I have to clear the app data frequently, while doing so all the items in favorites are also gone, if anything done to this option and these bugs (deleting items) it would be great.
Hi there! Please provide more information about the issue such as steps to replicate, screenshot of the error etc through this form for us to investigate further. Appreciate your patience!


To be honest, there's nothing to say about this app. It's default system app for storing downloaded files or APKs, apps, games, media, photos, etc., and it wouldn't be ideal if you were to own a phone without this app. Literally nothing would be on the phone, because where would the bytes go? Not cloud, for those with no SIM card or SD card. Of course I'm rating this 5/5 stars because "Every phone needs it :|" -Someone that didn't know you could review a system application :P


One suggestion. I know you people won't take it. When you delete pictures or videos opening it. Next item comes and a pop up blocks the bottom options. So deleting fast is so impossible. Can you move the pop up to non used area. Thank you. No rating removed because this is still good app. Audio file playing comes back to first song if phone goes for screen off and on.


First time I used it, the app worked like a champ, made me feel like a regular "I.T. geek". I'm impressed with how easy it is to use. I have tried several different cleaners and ended up having problems every time. Some of these "cleaners," brought so much spam WITH THEM that I had to do a factory reset after trying them. With this Google cleaner I was able to look at every item recommended for deletion, and the app was good at finding duplicates. A 5+!


I deducted 2 marks because it is a horrible music player and sometimes hides files in the phone, apart from that, it sometimes takes longer than expected to browse files. I can play music and try to chill, it suddenly stops playing music. From there it's hard sharing files nowadays with this app, please work on the stated issues. Otherwise this is a very good app thank you ❤️🤭🥰🤝I may rate it 8/10 stars
Hi Limpho! We are sorry to hear about your experience. We're always looking for ways to make the app more useful and your feedback is super helpful. Appreciate your patience!


Good app that does it's job well, but a recent patch has created an inconvenience. At the top of the app it shows what you recently downloaded in which folder. Before, all you had to do was tap on the folder you wanted to go to and it would go there, but now it only takes you to the "all" section and I have to swipe left a lot just to get to the folder I want, which is extra annoying because I have a lot of folders with stuff in them. If you could fix that I would be grateful and give it 5 stars


Its a good way to delete junk, temporary files etc. easy to use and navigate. Can also browse your files, and apps. Neat and productive app to have on your phone. It also acts as a file manager much like windows on a PC. Where you can locate every folder/file on device. Thank you, for allowing us to use your wonderful app.


Awesome app. The only bug that I've noticed is sometimes the audio file playback will reset back to time 00:00 if you connect to Android Auto and then try to pick up at the same spot afterwards. I have hour-long lectures I listen to sometimes, so it can be a bit frustrating to try and find my place again. If they fix this, I'd give it a perfect 5 stars though! The cleanup feature is awesome.


Useful app for grouping, organizing, and storing files. A more detailed description of eachfile would be a great addition, and adjustable filters and settings would help reduce the amount of garbage that appears without explanation, or invitation. Unnecessary clutter can build up quickly if left unsupervised for too long. Another Google app that could be improved easily with a few simple updates, rather than a drastic overhaul or complete replacement.
Hi Graham! Please let us know if there's any specific feedback you'd like to share to help us improve through this form . Thanks!


I wanted to transfer hundreds of photos to another phone. To do this, according to the plan of the developers, you need to manually click on each photo out of 1000 to select for transfer. I tried to click everywhere, but there is no such function anywhere. What is this, type of protection against fast data transfer? I downloaded a third-party app, in a second I selected everything, because those developers mistakenly added a "select all" button. It just strange to find such fail of Google.
Hi there! Open Files by Google app - Tap on Browse - Tap on a category or one of the storage devices - Files in that category will be shown - Press and hold one or more files to select. To select all the files at once - Tap 3 dot menu on top right - Tap on Select all. Hope this helps. Thanks for using Files by Google.


It is has a simple, dark mode interface. And can view/play basic basic media files without another app. But can't open pdf files. So far it is one of the best I've downloaded I haven't seen any ads. Main reason not to give 5 stars is that the access to internal storage is at the bottom, you have to scroll past recents and categories and collections (which takes up a whole page) to get to it. I want internal storage access at the top. If there was customization of the layout this would be solved.


Pretty good app, that is pretty stable but missing a pretty critical feature: folder backup. We can update a file or multiple files but we are not given the option to backup a folder to Google Drive. I feel that in order to implement this feature, there should be various options, for example: including sub directories, file types (within sub directories), as well as including files that contain keywords in the file name, as well as frequency of backup.
Hi Sean! Appreciate you taking out time to send your valuable feedback our way. We're always looking for ways to make the app more useful and your feedback is super helpful. Thanks for using Files by Google.


Google, I think this app is good, but I think it should have an improvement for productivity. Say, for example if you choose to move or copy a file, there is a prompt asking which drive you want to use if you have multiple connected. I think you should add a "This Directory" button there so you can move and copy files faster if the destination is close to the source file. I would also KILL for a Folder Pinning Feature! Last of all, Please Multiple Windows option, It would be so useful!


Great experience using it, highly intuitive, feels like what something that should have been on the device from the start. Main problem is how it handles playing music, can't switch away or turn off my screen without a high risk of something going wrong with playing music I've downloaded onto it. It's a real shame and the only real problem with it, but it's enough to drop it from 5 to 3 stars for me.
Hi there! We are sorry to hear about your experience. We're always looking for ways to make the app more useful and your feedback is super helpful. Appreciate your patience!


Very complicated cluttered UI. Seems like Google trying to make it intuitive and smart, but it feels disorganized and not user friendly. I cannot hide the "recent files" at the main screen. It combines together the internal storage and micro SD card in the "Downloads" tab which is annoying. I don't need a storage cleaner. The memes notifications are unnecessary. Worst of all, when I select an APK file, it immediately begins installing it without user confirmation. Plus, too much data collection.


I have to admit I'm a little new to using this app, but it seems straightforward and easy to use! I really like how it lets you completely delete files, such as photos, videos, docs, ... really any file on your device. I prefer using this app b/c it doesn't force you to put files in the "Trash"(4 later deletion) but instead frees up space immediately. *10/12/22 UPDATE: After using the app for yrs, It's great and efficient as ever. It still seems a little unwieldy, but that's my ineptitude prob


Great app. It's easy to delete files that are duplicated, and can easily help clean up your phone for more space and better operating speeds. The only thing I dislike that must have come out in an update within the last few days is when you tap on one of the file categories in the recents section, you get taken to the "All" category. It's super simple, but kind of annoying. I click on "Screenshots", but then get taken to "All", and then have to search again for the section I initially wanted.


This app is great I've been using it for years. The only issue is when you try to view certain files it won't allow you to view them for some reason it just gives you a prompt saying "can't view this file type" which doesn't make very much sense seeing as it's the whole purpose of the app to make organizing your files easier I mean the app is called "Files by Google" so 4 stars I would recommend it.


Great app with tons of features. Very convenient and easy to use. Helps clean file and photos like most files systems but with a few more features. I would not recommend it or Google, though. They are a horrible company and suppress information on all of their platforms. If you can, wait a few years and buy from a company with values. Until then, yeah, they're about all we have. Sorry