Bug fixes, stability improvements, and new features, including:
• New options to format posts and suggest tags
• Follow tags to get the latest posts on topics of interest
• Keep up to date with important posts from leadership
• Discover posts in custom streams set up by your admins


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Currents by G Suite allows you to connect with your colleagues while you’re in the office or on the go.
• Exchange ideas and documents, and have meaningful discussions with your colleagues — all without flooding your inbox.
• Enjoy the most important content first, with the ability to order your home stream by relevance or time.
• Connect with like-minded colleagues and find communities that match your interests.
• Follow tags on topics. Learn more about what is happening in other departments and across the organization with trending tags.
• Highlighted posts from your leadership keep you up-to-date on what’s important across your organization.
• Use Google’s advanced search to find topics and conversations that matter to you.
Currents is available for G Suite customers only. Check with your G Suite IT Administrator to learn more.




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An app I never used nor needed and it's been uninstalling for 15 minutes IMHO is zero stars worthy.


Overall a funny game with good puzzles. I also played the original D&D, which was fun. Definitely recommend.


Please fix issue. Photo and videos can't be display via phone and PC.


Can no longer use this app. It keeps coming up with an error about Google + very frustrating as I need to use it for work. I looked where I could go to fix this error and after some back and forth with the operator @ Google I was told they'd put me through to an expert but it was going to cost me a fully refundable $2 I find that weird wasn't going to give my bank details to them


I keep trying to log into my account through currents, and some stupid page about Google Plus keeps coming up. I just created this account at the beginning of this year. I have no idea what Google Plus has to do with anything.


This app is officially dead. The opening page shows the message it is no longer available. I sure hope they decide to bring it back somehow. It's was a good platform while it lasted.


This app is considered a system app even though Google+ is no longer available for most people, Google should change the app settings so that it can be uninstalled. Right now it's just useless bloatware that has no purpose for most people


I can't get past the page that tells me Google+ is basically being phased out. I hit the "X" in the corner, click my email and it takes me right back to this page. And cycles like that. Idk what to do, either uninstall or figure out how do I bypass it. Any answers?


I think this sucks that I have an App that I can't use. It was put on my phone without my knowledge. I asked Google about it ( no response ). Even tried to uninstall the app, with no success. Did some digging and this is for people that work or have a business. I am a home user. I also found more apps that are not approved by me that showed up. This has cause problems on my phone and laptop. So your promise to us to keep us safe in your store and browser is not looking very good. Can you please look into this, I have sent you emails on this. Thank You.


It is awesome and I made new friends. That was only in Google plus, now that is no more and google currents have come. Now this update does not work at all. This is bad. I thought Google was good, turns out it's just getting bad.


I'd give a 0 star rating if I could. Every single time I went to claim rewardeds it said no internet or bad connection. Funny how that was NOT an issue any other time than when trying to claim rewards! PATHETIC! WASTE OF TIME!!! Uninstalled.


I'm extremely heartbroken that the app that I used to be on 24/7 for god knows how many years will be shutting down, wiping all of my data, convos with internet friends I'll never meet again:(. I never even got the chance to get their contacts. But I guess it's time to move on. I'll remember all the fun times and the amazing communities I've been in :). It's been years and I'm still sad lol


Terrible app. Comes up with error message saying that Google+ is no longer available... We all know that.... Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it won't connect.... Lots of others in my organisation have the same issue.


Even though my android phone is connected to the Internet, the app keeps telling me that there's no connection and there's an error receiving notifications. I can't even refresh the screen. Have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but then it basically tells me that Google+ doesn't work anymore and the app still doesn't work. Not impressed, especially when I need Currents for work.


This came in as a needed update for google+ which I thought was strange but since Google+ was discontinued but I don't know about these things I let it update, Now when I try to open my Photo Gallery it says I need to turn off the screen overlay in the settings menu. I have tried everything to do that but apparently I'm doing something wrong because nothing I do helps and I still can't get into NY Photo Gallery along with a few others. I also un-insalled the Currents App.


This app was the kiss of death to my S9. It just showed up in my apps after a Samsung update. I "uninstalled" it and not even 10 minutes later my screen went black and the phone was dead! When I say dead, I mean dead. I had to send it away to be repaired (thank God I had a protection plan) and just got word that it can't be fixed. I will be getting a replacement but lost EVERYTHING that was on the phone. 😡 Shame on Samsung! I have used only Samsung cell phones for 12+ years. Might be my last.


So I try to view my pictures on my phone, but I get a pop-up saying that I have to update Google+. Fine. I update the app, go back to look at my pictures, and... every single one is gone except for what's been stored in Google Photos and Google Drive. Multiple hundreds of photos... just gone. I have 24 pictures left on my phone now, of the 500-something I had before installing a POINTLESS update... If I could get some one-on-one help from someone at Google to rectify this, I'd be very grateful.


It's nice I just hardly use it & low on space so when get Wi-Fi may use icon tablet that is installed there as well. I just have too much going on & behind that lost days going out and sick, etc that not been able to catch up to. Maybe in the near future when I catch up and things slow down I will check it more. Got it for online friend. Bit idea. Some prompt on screen.


I'm not very educated when it comes to technology, so this app confuses me and frustrates me, but the more I use it and mess around with it, the easier it gets for me with certain parts. Trying to figure out how to delete certain documents/downloads took me over 2 hours LOL! They were different types of downloads and I assumed there was only one way of deleting them.....not the case! One document deleted easily and quickly, but the other wasn't so easy. Had to click on them a few times and wait for a different screen to show to be able to delete it. Very confusing and frustrating, but I got through it finally LOL !!


It insisted I update, and for the past few months the app wouldn't let me even view any photos until I did. (And it'd stick insistently on the 'Update thru Play Store" window, not even allowing one to backspace back to the 'AllFiles' page one was on, forcing one to close "All Files" and start fresh re-opening the folders all over again, and with the forever loading time that's a significant PITA). Now that I finally cleared my phone of excess stuff so that it now has enough memory for me to update the Google+ app, it's stuck on "Download Pending", ten minutes now,I have no idea why. This is a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, old but not archaic. If Google Plus has some sort of problem updating the Google+ app on a phone that isn't the latest model, shouldn't it just SAY so? Pain in the ass. Also, typing in this feedback window is (was) a PITA too, a minute ago every time I edited a typo the window would shift upward so you could no longer see the cursor, now it be behaving. OVERALL, A PAIN IN THE ASS. I hope it successfully updates soon so I don't continue to encounter the constant glitch of Google+ disallowing the opening/viewing of a pic and subsequently not allowing one to just go back to the folder one was in. Meh. Feh. Bleah.