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Google Play services App DESCRIPTION

Google Play services is used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play.
This component provides core functionality like authentication to your Google services, synchronized contacts, access to all the latest user privacy settings, and higher quality, lower-powered location based services.
Google Play services also enhances your app experience. It speeds up offline searches, provides more immersive maps, and improves gaming experiences.
Apps may not work if you uninstall Google Play services.

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I'm writing this because as a customer who's using Google platforms, I find it interesting how the updates don't work. What I mean by that at the moment receiving and sending text messages to certain people seem to not go through as it's not the matter of them having an iPhone or a specific model of the phone. I've already verified that neither party is blocked on both ends, calling the carrier and not resolving the issue of the text status.


this apps is not working and its pop up keeps appearing nonstop!!!!! its making my device cant even open any apps, when i opened ANY apps suddenly it closes by itself and then the pop up came out but only for 0,0001 sec!!!! i cant even click anything it just appear and disappear.


I was losing storage space for no apparent reason, until I found that this app was getting bloated more and more each day. Google needs to find some way of keeping its size under control. In the meantime uninstalling and then reinstalling updates about once a week reduces its size temporarily.


Listen to Josh, he knows what he's talking about. I'm an IT professional, but don't take my word for it. Disable this app and you will have trouble. I have no idea why you would want to disable it. It controls your security settings, phone lock/unlock, and controls how apps access your system resources (among other things). Disabling this would be like trying to disable the "explorer.exe" process on Windows. You will have big problems.


Irritating that it cant obey my direction and has far too many self opening allowances through all the ridiculous updates. Just far too much activity. But the fact that it affects all the other basic functions with its tendrils in everything works, annoying. Finally, far too big to run in memory and storage. I have to keep juggling apps to make anything even cast The Wiggles only due to thankful persitence and 3 AV assitance. But thank you anyway Google 🐇


My phone keeps getting hacked since the last update. Before update My phone went from performing perfectly 100% of the time to after the update it runs like a used $30 burner phone. It's garbage now. I hate Apple products, always have but I think I have just talked myself into taking my already stretched paycheck down to Walmart and buying the d@#* iPhone. Thank you... **rant over!**


Too many ads, too often the same add over and over. While playing a game ads appear, other windows open with no option to close. Forced to close everything. Often close and reboot. Frustrating.


Android8.1.0- i dont like that the option to rollback an app update has disappeared. No we only can delete the app. Which makes no sense since some updates mess with functionality!!!


2/1/23 Good app, work fine for me... For the load of people who keep trying to stop this app from running, why??! Stop being dumb! It's a system app, it's supposed to run in the background, that's the whole point of this app, it's a system service, one your phone needs to work correctly. Don't Kill it, Only Update! This is also why it has access to everything. It's normal... Google play services manages things like your google account and Google apps and services and keeps your apps running corr


It is difficult to update play store and services in the play store app . My mobile version - Mi 6X . When I update play store from settings it shows a message download requires WLAN . I gave the permissions but it was the same then I downloaded it's package from Google and updated it .


First of all it's crashing, moreover It's crashing other apps too, what is this atrocity Google, this is why people hate Android in the first place. I need to transfer to iPhone at this point. Download Install latest version from Internet, on your phone to fix the crash problem, back up this version app from someone's phone, send it to you and then install it, that's it 👍


Funny enough everytime that I have to check if there's an update for this app I have to manually go on the App section in the settings, look for the app, scroll all the way down the page, tap, and there you are on the Play services page on PlayStore and find out that there is a new update, an update that keeps being ignored by scanning your apps on the PlayStore. It happens with all my Pixels and maybe also on other android devices. If there's no reason behind this oddness then please fix it.


I don't really know what this app is for. Is it necessary for all the other apps to work. It was already downloaded on my phone when I bought it. It's been doing some kind of update non-stop for two weeks now. I can't find anywhere what it's updating, it's separate from app updates done through Google store. I force shut down, do to it sucking up large amounts of data, and makes other apps too slow. But as soon as I click an app, it's uploading again. Would be nice to have control of it


So my Bluetooth has been disconnecting and reconnecting constantly. I thought it was my Bluetooth earbuds until I connected my Bluetooth speaker and it did the same thing. I discovered this morning after going into the Bluetooth advanced settings that Google play services turned off Bluetooth earlier this month and I can't find how to turn it back on. I'm very upset. I just read a bunch of reviews and don't like what I'm seeing!


Always on in the background. I have disabled it multiple times, and went back into settings to find it had re-enabled itself, multiple times. Used to be able to disable app. Now the button is greyed out. I tried to Deactivate it in the play store and a prompt saying "This is an administrator app and must be deactivated before uninstalling" (to the factory version, removing updates) and I clicked "Understood." Nothing happened and it is still active. They leave no other choice.


Nonsense App. I have no idea what this app really does other than send me an error message claiming it has stopped working ALL the time. There is no way to update it. Nothing tells me what it REALLY does. It comes preloaded and seems essential so I don't know if I can get rid of it. However, if it's NEVER working, I'll take my chances without it! DEACTIVATED!


The do not disturb function can not be disabled. I select all the options to disable/turn off and the function resets itself every time I start to drive. What good is it to have the ability to turn off functions if it ignores them. What gives Google the right to decide what should not b disturbed and when.


The app runs fine but about 2-3 years ago for about 2-3 months this thing kept on popping up saying "Google Play services has stopped" or something along the lines of that. It kept on popping up and made it hard to use other apps and stopped me from clicking something until I hit the close app button, the only other option was to send feedback. After the 2-3 months were over it stopped untill yesterday. Only today I found out how to stop the popups which it to update the app.


Why does the play store not have a queue of your currently downloading apps on the left side of the screen? This app is allegedly updating, but the wheel has been spinning endlessly through 2 restarts and its still not downloading. I have a queue of 20 apps downloading but that queue is not visible. I would like to move this to the top of that queue, and cancel some items on it, and see progress bars for the installation on those pending apps. Its 2023 google you can do better.


Apps on playstore are not being screened we enough to exclude malicious apps because I accidentally down loaded 2 from the Play Store but was only advised of this by another very good, vigilant app that picked it up. Also, lately, the number of hefty updating required for apps and their frequency has increased. Possibly due to apps not being carefully screened and thus, malicious apps getting inadvertently downloaded by users who have no way of knowing, until it's too late, after downloading it