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Games are more fun with the Google Play Games app. We’ll help you find your next favorite game – from action to puzzles. And with “Instant play,” many games require no installation. Really. Save your progress and track your achievements as you level up. Plus, you can pick up where you left off from any device.

• Instant play: There’s no installation needed – look for the “Instant play” button to instantly play full games.
• Built-in Google games: Play Solitaire, Minesweeper, Snake, PAC-MAN, Cricket, and Whirlybird – even when you’re offline.
• Save your progress: Your progress is automatically saved to the cloud when you see “Progress saved by Play Games.”
• Gamer profile: Create a custom gamer ID, unlock achievements, earn XP, and level up.
• Gameplay recording: Easily record and share your best gameplay moments.


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Got a new device, logged into my play games account... achievements and all game progress is just stuck on loading and even my profiles picture itself is gone and when I click any of the issues I've just named, it just says "something went wrong try again later". I'm beyond frustrated with this app right now. I've put a lot of time into certain games and now I cannot access anything ive worked YEARS to acquire. Fix the issue plz. EDIT: Problem solved. 4/5 stars. Thanks customer service.
Sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with the Play Games app, Michael. First, try to clear it’s cache using the following steps in your phone’s settings: Apps / Google Play Games / Storage / Clear cache. If this doesn't solve the issue, see this article for additional steps:


I absolutely love this app! It's so easy to use and helps me keep track of my progress in all of my favorite games. The achievements and leaderboards are a great motivator and it's fun to compare my scores with my friends. Plus, the game recommendations are spot on! 5 stars!


Been playing at least 3-4 years and still lots of fun. Recently everyones photo images disappeared and it took a while to restore these back. Sometimes the wind direction indicator is way out. Good laughs with other players makes it a fun game. Its neat when you get a hole in one, so cool.


Want an app that slows down all your games, and is required to play them? Here you go. This app does have features, but if you don't want to use them and just want to play games then this bloatware is still there to pause your games, even offline games, to load this app before you play. I just wish this was optional but many games won't load or install without it. Sucks.


The ONLY reason I have this app is to earn and view achievements, and they don't even work properly. At this point, it is really just a waste of space on my phone. It used to be where I could click on an achievement and view it, but that doesn't work. I thought maybe they updated it, but going to the achievement tab, I only learn that I have achieved the reload button. I contacted support and no response as of yet, but looking at other reviews, I am not hopeful.


App has been slow to open lately. When I click on the app, all I see is a blank screen with a circle going around and around like its buffering or something. How would you update Google Play when you can't even get on it? 🤨


The minesweeper game, while fun, does not consistently place the Flag/Shovel button. Sometimes flag is on the left, sometimes it's on the right. This leads to pushing the wrong button because it isn't where you expect it to be. This is quite frustrating, and detracts from my enjoyment.


I would like to give it 5 stars.i gave it 4 stars because there is a problem i don't like. When we download a game,suppose there are 12 achievements and i unlocked many of them.due to some reason,i had to delete the game.when i installed the same game again,there were no achievements! I want to get the same achievements back that i completed.I really don't like this problem and i want it to be fixed.really appreciate if fixed.


All in one hub for my games, with cool achievements mechanism. Also, I like the built-in games, especially, Solitaire and Cricket. Pacman's controls are slow and bad. Whirly bird is ok. I am satisfied with this app 😊


I like the selection of games and apps but I have 2 serious problems. The first is that even if I set "don't auto update" it still automatically updates every thing. This has been going on for a while now. The second issue is the beef between Google and Amazon making the amazon kindle app worthless.


Can't launch certain games from within the app (my personal experience is with EVE Echoes). I feel like there are some bugs that need ironing out to ensure everything works as it should. But, all in all, a great and handy app to have.


Was good, untill achievements broke, I've gotten nearly over 700 achievements and I can't veiw any of them, I don't know this has happened, but apparently it has been happening for several months now? Google, if you read this, please do something about it instead of adding more "instant apps" or built in games. Edit: forget everything I said,they fixed the achievements, let's goooooo! 5 stars


Won't let me make games auto connect to Google play, so any progress saved gets wiped. It's very annoying.,First off, the detail on this game is beyond good, also the story line is so suspenseful and crazy good. The only issues about this game is probabl...


There's only a few games I ever play and 1 I care about being linked in to Google play games. My achievements are stuck. My last achievement was in 2020 and I most def should've had activity since then. Should've leveled and ranked up. I KNOW I've hit the achievements I've purposely worked at them to hit them. There's no updates on the game or play games. Why is it like this and can it please be fixed? Years of back and forth playing this game and saving I should be further than this.
Hi, Kayla. Thank you for your patience while our team worked to resolve this issue. The issue should be solved now. If you are still facing issues, could you please submit this as a feedback in the app by selecting the three-dots in the top right then navigating to Help & Feedback - Send feedback.


Everything works correctly except for the achievements since the last 2 updates. I keep getting this "try again" error. Is it because I have multiple devices with this app installed on them? Today the achievements came back! Not sure how long it'll display them. 5 ☆'s for now...


Edit: Per developer response, it is supposed to be fixed. Cleared everything out. Uninstalled. Reinstalled. Still not fixed. I suppose I'll just wait for another update. Achievements are broken and have been for months on multiple devices. The achievement list simply says 'try again' and clicking it looks like the system is trying to refresh but does nothing in the end.
Hi, Nick. Thank you for your patience while our team worked to resolve this issue. The issue should be solved now. If you are still facing issues, could you please submit this as a feedback in the app by selecting the three-dots in the top right then navigating to Help & Feedback - Send feedback.


This app is ok. It crashes from time to time. The main problem I have is the fact theres so much garabage on it. There should be some sort of threshold, apps and games continually scoring low should be taken off. Copies of other games should be taken off to. There should be rules about the amount of adds that can be used as well. Forced adds can be disruptive and google can help with better rules and regulations about limiting how many adds a developer can use. Limits on adds per hour may help.
That doesn't sound good. Thanks for your feedback! We always appreciate user feedback. You can also share it directly with our product team in the app via the three-dots in the top right - Help & Feedback - Send feedback. Appreciate it.


My Play Games level has been stuck on 11 for literally going on two years. It shows earned XP on my profile, but progress NEVER goes up and I never level up, and it gets annoying every single time I open a game to have that stupid bar pop up with the exact same level progress. No help from anyone when I've asked about it either. Why is anything Google so glitchy?


1. Some purchased applications do not appear in Family Library even after manually removing and adding them. Some apps do. 2. When you go to your account settings you won't see all the options as there is no scroll bar showing additional options available. 3. You will receive notifications that the developer has commented on your review, but when you open the link you cannot find the review. This was not the case before.


I really like that there's a hub for my games and others with lots of information. Until recently, I would have given this five stars but the achievement system has been broken for months. Achievements still pop, but a list of them (both the ones I unlocked and the ones I had yet to) used to appear when I clicked on a game and they haven't for awhile. Even after multiple updates, this feature still has not been fixed. I hope this gets fixed in a future update.