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Android Auto for phone screens App SCREENSHOT

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Android Auto for phone screens App DESCRIPTION

This app lets you use Android Auto on your phone screen with a phone running Android 10. If you have Android 10 and an Android Auto compatible car, you can project to your car display without downloading this app. Simply plug in your phone to get started.

Android Auto is your smart driving companion that helps you stay focused, connected, and entertained with the Google Assistant. With a simplified interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions, Android Auto is designed to make it easier to use apps that you love from your phone while you’re on the road.

Just say “Ok Google” to…
• Route to your next destination using Google Maps or Waze with real-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts.
• Get updates on your route, ETA, and hazards in real-time.
• Have the Google Assistant check your calendar for you so you know where you need to be.
• Set reminders, get updates on the news, and check last night’s score.
• Avoid distractions while driving by setting a custom do not disturb message while driving.
• Make calls using Google Assistant and answer incoming calls with just a tap.
• Access your contacts folder and send and receive messages with the Google Assistant using SMS, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, Kik, Google Allo, and many more messaging apps.
• Manage your infotainment system like never before. Listen to your favorite media apps including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, SiriusXM, TIDAL – High Fidelity Music Streaming, Napster Music, and Deezer. Many more music, radio, news, sports news, audiobook, and podcast apps are also supported.

The number of compatible apps is always growing! For a full list of compatible apps, go to

To use Android Auto, you’ll need a phone running Android 10 and an active data connection.

For support:
Get help from our community:!forum/android-auto

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FordPass offers the ability to manage your vehicle right from your phone:• Send convenient remote commands – Lock, unlock, and start your vehicle using complimentary remote vehicle controls (1) – when equipped with FordPass® Connect (2)• Electric vehicle ownership support – Monitor charging progress and use Departure Times to pre-condition your battery and cabin (3)• FordPass feature availability varies by vehicle and country. Images shown for illustrative purposes only(1) Remote lock/unlock requires power door locks. Remote starting requires automatic transmission.(2) FordPass Connect (optional on select vehicles), the FordPass App and complimentary Connected Service are required for remote features (see FordPass Terms for details). Connected service and features depend on compatible network availability. Evolving technology/cellular networks/vehicle capability may limit functionality and prevent operation of connected features. Connected service excludes Wi-Fi hotspot.(3) Effectiveness of cabin conditioning may be reduced by extreme outside temperatures.
Toyota app currently supports 2010 or newer vehicles (2018 or newer for Hawaii).
Created to provide a more convenient way to manage your vehicle, the Toyota app gives you even more ways to stay connected to your vehicleRemotely start/stop, Lock/Unlock your vehicle(1)(2) WearOS App.Featuring our range of Connected Services(1) (on select 2010 or newer, for Hawaii customers, 2018 or newer capable vehicles), simply sign up to activate, or manage your vehicle’s own Connected Services and you could soon be enjoying great features like:• Remotely start/stop your vehicle(2). Start your vehicle and even warm or cool the interior based on the last climate-control settings. • Lock/Unlock your doorsNot sure if you remembered to lock your vehicle? Not anymore. Remotely lock and unlock your doors and receive confirmation once the action is complete. • Find your parked vehicleForgotten where you parked? Use the Last Parked Location feature in your app to guide you to your vehicle's last known parked location. • Guest Drivers Alerts and NotificationsSet predetermined driver privileges by activating the Guest Driver Profile in your app and get notified if limits are exceeded. • Vehicle maintenance alerts and health reports Check your maintenance..
Turn your tablet or Android powered unit into a full blow Android Auto headunit.
Headunit Receiver emulator for Android Auto.Trial version of the app available on store listing, please use Trial version to test your device compatibility! in Beta testing? Sign up to the beta channel: to use the app?USB ModePlug in the USB to your device (in case of tablet use an OTG cable), when prompted make sure you allow HUR to be the default app for the action and you check the always box.If you are running the app on a device with Android 7.0 or higher, you might need to pull down the notification bar and select the connected USB device before the app starts (this is device dependent)If the app does not start automatically when you plug in your phone, you can always open HUR, tap the USB button and select the phone from the list.Wifi Mode & Wifi DirectPlease read detailed information here: Mode (when Android Auto and HUR are running on the same device)Open Android Auto on the phone, go to Settings and tap the "Version" 10 times to become a developerOnce you are a..
CarbitLink is your driving assistant.
CarbitLink is an in-vehicle assistant that supports screen projection from your phone to your car. Convenient interconnection and excellent in-car functions can give you the best driving experience.Key featuresOnline Navigation: Plan the most reasonable travel route for you based on your precise positioning and current road conditionsOnline Music: You can listen to tons of online albums and songs anytimeCarbitLink also provides common in-car features such as local music and phone calls to help you drive better.We look forward to receiving your feedback. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us via the following email:[email protected]
Google's Voice Action Services provides functionality for voice-based actions.
Google's Voice Action Services provides core functionality to support voice based actions. These components allow you to more quickly perform actions to interact with your device or currently installed applications.NOTE: Google's Voice Action Services works without requiring Google Search or Google Chrome app.
Always know what’s next with Google Calendar, part of Google Workspace.
Get the official Google Calendar app, part of Google Workspace, for your Android phone, tablet, or Wear OS device to save time and make the most of every day.• Different ways to view your calendarQuickly switch between month, week, and day view.• Events from GmailFlight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations, and more are added to your calendar automatically.• TasksCreate, manage, and view your tasks alongside your events in Calendar.• All your calendars in one placeGoogle Calendar works with all calendars on your phone, including Exchange.• Never miss an event or task on the goOn Wear OS devices, Google Calendar notifies you on time and supports tiles and complications.Google Calendar is part of Google Workspace. With Google Workspace, you and your team can:• Schedule meetings quickly by checking coworkers availability or layering their calendars in a single view• See if meeting rooms or shared resources are free• Share calendars so people see full event details or just if you are free• Access from your laptop, tablet or phone• Publish calendars on the webLearn more about Google Workspace: us for more:Twitter:
Google VR Services provides functionality for Daydream and Cardboard apps.
Google VR Services provides virtual reality functionality for Daydream and Cardboard apps. This includes functions such as displaying notifications while in VR, pairing Daydream-ready headsets and controllers with your Daydream-ready phone, and entering and exiting VR apps. Daydream apps will not work if you uninstall Google VR Services. By using this app you agree to be bound by our Google Terms of Service (Google ToS, and Google’s general Privacy Policy ( This app is a Service as defined in the Google ToS and the terms regarding software in our Services apply to your use of this app.
Voice guided navigation for Google Maps Go, optimized for low-memory phones.
Navigation for Google Maps Go provides GPS turn-by-turn voice guided navigation and is optimized for performance on low-memory phones. Download this companion app to get real-time navigation for Google Maps Go. Begin by searching for directions in Google Maps Go and then tap on the Navigation button.Provides real-time, turn-by-turn navigation when used with Google Maps GoExperience the navigation quality of the original Google Maps but designed to perform better on phones with limited memoryGet navigation for driving, walking, bicycling and motorcycles, where availableStores your route so that you get continuous navigation, even if you lose network connectivityHear voice-guided navigation in more than 50 languagesNavigation for Google Maps Go cannot be used as a separate, standalone app and must be launched after searching for directions in Google Maps Go
A visual assistant to help people with vision loss explore the world
Lookout uses computer vision to assist people with low vision or blindness get things done faster and more easily. Using your phone’s camera, Lookout makes it easier to get more information about the world around you and do daily tasks more efficiently like sorting mail, putting away groceries, and more. Built with guidance from the blind and low-vision community, Lookout supports Google’s mission to make the world’s information universally accessible to everyone.Lookout has six modes for a variety of activities: • NEW: Images mode (beta) describes the contents of an image, offering both a summary and detail. • Use Text mode to quickly skim text and hear it read aloud — for doing things like sorting mail. • Use Food labels mode to quickly identify packaged foods by their label, in addition to scanning barcodes. Available in more than 20 countries. • Capture a whole page of text or handwriting with Documents mode. • Use Currency mode to identify banknotes quickly and reliably, with support for US Dollars, Euros, and Indian Rupees. • Explore mode (beta) offers information about objects..
The world of music dedicated to you
Connecting you to the world of music:● More than 100 million official songs● Music content including live performances, covers, remixes and music content you can’t find elsewhere● Thousands of curated playlist across many genres and activitiesGet personalized music, perfect for every moment:● Personalized playlists and Mixes made just for you, built around your favorite types of music● Personalized activity mixes for your Workout, Relax, and Focus sessions● Create playlists with song suggestions or collaborate with other music fans to create the perfect playlist● Personalized Library to see all of your liked and added songs, playlists, artists, and albumsStay on top of the trend and discover new music:● Check out curated for you mixes such Discover Mix and New Release Mix● Discover music based genres (Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Dance & Electronic, Blues, Indie & Alternative, Jazz, Kpop, Latin, Rock, and more)● Discover music based mood (Chill, Feel Good, Energy Booster, Sleep, Focus, Romance, Workout, Commute, Party)● Explore top charts from all over the worldEnhanced your listening experience with unique features:● Song lyrics so you can sing along to your favorites●..
Experiment on your world.
Science Journal is the free digital science notebook brought to you by Google.Whether you're a science educator or a hobbyist doing science at home, you can keep your notes, photos and observations all in one convenient place. Use the sensors in your phone to measure and graph phenomena such as light, sound and motion, or connect to external sensors via Bluetooth to conduct experiments on the world around you.With the Science Journal app, you can:• Measure light, sound, acceleration, air pressure and more using your phone's built-in sensors.• Take notes and photos to document your science experiments. More note types coming soon!• Connect to external sensors using selected Bluetooth-enabled Arduino and Vernier devices.• Access your experiments across your devices using Google Drive.• Export recorded sensor data as CSV files.• Create automated triggers for recording data and taking notes.• Use sonification to hear the movement of your graphs.Science Journal is available for free on Android, iPhone, iPad and compatible Chromebook devices.Educational activities by our partners: support:!forum/sciencejournalOpen-source code available: notice:• Location: Needed to scan for Bluetooth sensor devices.• Camera:..
Carrier Services enables the latest communication services from mobile carriers.
Carrier Services provides services to support RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging in Google’s Messages app. It collects diagnostic and crash data to ensure these services operate smoothly.Please see the Google Play store entry for Google’s Messages app for more information on Carrier Services’ data collection and sharing practices in support of RCS messaging.
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Android TV Home is the jumping-off point for starting all activities on your Android TV entertainment device. The channels within the Home screen put your favorite content front and center. So whether you're looking for a new show to binge watch or just want to pick up where you left off, you get what you want, when you want it.

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