Your app has a new name: “Speech Services by Google” and a new logo. The app also supports new functionality. The Speech Services by Google app not only provides text-to-speech but also empowers applications with speech-to-text functionality to convert your voice to text. Read more in the “About this app” section.

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Speech Services by Google App DESCRIPTION

Power your device with the magic of Google’s text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology. Google Speech-to-Text functionality
Speech Services provides speech-to-text functionality to Google and other third party apps to convert what you say to text. For example, it can be used by:
• Google Maps when you use your voice to search places
• Recorder App to transcribe your recordings on device
• Phone App Call Screen feature to get a real-time transcription of your caller
• Accessibility apps like Voice Access for operating your device through voice
• Dictation or keyboard apps you might use to dictate text messages through voice
• Apps that contain a search by voice feature so that you can quickly search for your favorite shows or songs
• Language learning apps that recognize what you say as you practice a new language
• …and many other applications in Play Store
To use Google Speech-to-Text functionality on your Android device, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Default apps > Assist App. Select Speech Services by Google as your preferred voice input engine.
Google Text-to-Speech functionality
Speech Services powers applications to read the text on your screen aloud. For example, it can be used by:
• Google Play Books to “Read Aloud” your favorite book
• Google Translate to speak translations aloud so you can hear the pronunciation of a word
• Talkback and accessibility applications for spoken feedback across your device
• …and many other applications in Play Store
To use Google Text-to-Speech functionality on your Android device, go to Settings > Languages & Input > Text-to-Speech output. Select Speech Services by Google as your preferred engine.
Note, on many Android devices, Speech Services by Google is already available, but you can update to the latest version here.


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This app is less than average in accuracy. It starts to write, then turns off before I finish. If I try again, it turns off after about 2 secs. I am not exaggerating. I have to press the microphone again & it might not turn on. Last year, it worked better. On my lowly Moto G, it worked pretty well and had a repertoire of frequently used words & phrases. I don't use a paid app so that yet another app has personal info. Worse when dictating in Spanish! It writes word instead of the punctuation.


You guys have got to fix whatever bug or joke you have going on with your voice text. Every single time you go to use it you open it start talking and it will shut off like Clockwork after the first word you speak. Every single time without fail it shuts off. Then periodically through you using it it'll shut off after every sentence or so. Probably the most annoying freaking a in the world. I mean you're using your thumb so much to turn it on and off you might as well just text instead!


Speech services by Google is one of the best used on an Android phone. The only thing I will say, is that on the Samsung devices the Google voice to text does not work properly. However, I'm using a Google pixel 3XL, and have no issues with writing out reviews and using the voice to text feature. The only slight thing that I noticed is it read the star ratings. Either way, that's not too much of a big issue to


I got back to factory settings and reinstalled all the apps from scratch. I have lost all the voices downloaded before. Now this option is missing for some incomprehensible reason on my phone. I don't like the default language and I cannot find how I could install Vpice3, Voice 5 as I could do before. Please, give me the exact map.


This is my sixth S-Series Galaxy and for some reason Google Assistant will not do its job correctly and it's driving me nuts. Most of the time it will let me say one word and then it will shut off and I will have to start over or for instance as I am trying to do it right now every time I stop for more than a microsecond it shuts off. It's about 1,000 times less precise than it used to be and I have retrained it without solutely no improvement. I'm going to leave that typo there.


Constantly getting words wrong and sometimes lags for 5 seconds is how it's always been which is annoying but usable but since the last update it only lasts for a 2 seconds after you speak before automatically turning off no matter what, new plus old problems make this at app nearly worthless, please fix. Edit to 2 sec automatic stop has stopped.


Don't you find it strange that when voice to text 1st came out, It worked 100% perfectly? There was never an issue. Voice text..period can be dangerous. As many of you have explained that it changes what you're saying. 3-4 years ago, I notice when using v to t in YT site (which they own) It was replacing what I was saying, with the craziest ramblings that sounded like an insane person.. not exaggerating. Pay attention and proof read every word before you hit send. It happens too many times.


This barely works, it usually get things wrong, and after a while it really starts to slow down and takes a long time to load up the option to actually talk, forget having a quick conversation with this app on any other platforms he really have to speak slowly and you have to turn your volume down all the way and often I get something went wrong please try again later.


This was downloaded to my phone by Google Play store. I cannot use it because I can't set a shortcut to it on my home screen. I have Uninstaller it AND reinstalled it several times, but it just won't let me create the shortcut!!!! EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!! I will have to just permanently delete it & reser Google's "MEET" app which worked fine [I hope it still works]!!


This may or may not be politically correct but it is a factual statement. Talk-to-text usually makes me sound like I've had a stroke and less I do proof read severe direction if(correction to) sentence structure, punctuation etc. Sometimes I don't always catch it on my longer texts. I have to talk really slowly and enunciate my words. It can be very frustrating sometimes.


I do appreciate the service but it seemed to work better just a few months ago now if I hesitate for just a moment it stops recording and I have to hit the microphone numerous times for just a short post like this. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Example I had to push the microphone to add the word it after fix. Oh well!


The latest update doesn't solve the problem I'm facing - when pressing the play text button (speaker logo) on Google Translate app, I have to wait approximately 5 seconds for the sound to finally come out, and it gets interrupted whenever the phone is tilted or pressing the home screen button or the button that opens apps running in the background. It wasn't like this before, even if you tilt your phone or press the home screen button, it won't get interrupted.


Half the time, using speech to text stops working, or what I say is delayed by about 30 seconds or more. When I go to clean the cache, the cache is empty. Other times, I am speaking in English, and it types in Spanish. There no instructions anywhere on how to fix these issues. Half the time, the app Miss understands what I say and types the wrong words or stops before I'm finished saying three words. Very annoyed!


A number of months ago my speech to text used to be rather good, but now before I'm done talking it quit listening, and it gets almost all my words wrong, it's really tiring having to keep pressing the button and repeating myself over and over and Undoing everything it puts in,why does it work better in some apps than others? It puts in words not even close to what I said and adds words I did not say and convert words like he said to I said. Please fix or have a way it can be taught.


What happened it seemed like last month this thing was working perfectly. all of a sudden if I stop talking for more than a second and a half it just stops listening. And there are no options anywhere to control the duration in which it listens. even making this text right here it's already shut off on me five times. This used to work great, now I'm afraid I might have to look for alternatives.


Omg, just when I thought this app couldn't get worse, Google updated not only the app but background services as well. This now blocks reverting back to an older version of the app to get the non-mechanical voices. The new voices are just terrible. God.. so awful. 1 star rating is even too high in my opinion now. They keep messing up the voices with each update and now prevents us from even getting workarounds for their terrible service. Please bring back the voices from the pre-october update.


Dear Google developers, could you please teach your speech recognition to differentiate correctly between "bug" and "bag". in about 20% of the cases, your speech recognition gets it wrong. This single error causes the highest number of manual corrections when dictating texts pertaining to software engineering. It seems as if your speech recognition wouldn't hear the vowel difference but would try to figure it out from the context.


When it works it's great, unfortunately it only works about 25% of the time on the pixel 6pro. Phone audio won't work when connected to Bluetooth, not does it speak through the Bluetooth, won't work properly with trusted devices in an unlocked state, the list goes on.


Edit of 4 Dec 2022: update fixed it! Recently the tts breaks and the pitch of the voices get reset and stuck at specific values and not responding to changes on the sliders (unless speed is over 2x??). Instead of producing the voice with the desired pitch, the application ignores the slider value and uses pretty horrible stuck voices. Only temporary fix that I keep having to do is to delete the application data or uninstall it from the Play Store and reconfigure it again for each session.


Good and nearly great. I use this TTS engine preferentially, when listening to my ebooks. There is a fairly huge selection of voices and all are fairly easy to listen to. I'm rather fond of the voice I've been using for the last 5+ years. I have a request for the developers. Every so often a word will be pronounced silly, or a bit of punctuation will be read aloud. It would be great to have some settings for word substitution or pronunciation rules, like some of the other engines. Cheers ☺