Your app has a new name: “Speech Recognition and Synthesis from Google”. The Speech Recognition and Synthesis from Google app not only provides text-to-speech but also empowers applications with speech-to-text functionality to convert your voice to text. Read more in the “About this app” section.

Speech Recognition & Synthesis App SCREENSHOT

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Speech Recognition & Synthesis App DESCRIPTION

Power your device with the magic of Google’s text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology. Google Speech-to-Text functionality
Speech Recognition provides speech-to-text functionality to Google and other third party apps to convert what you say to text. For example, it can be used by:
• Google Maps when you use your voice to search places
• Recorder App to transcribe your recordings on device
• Phone App Call Screen feature to get a real-time transcription of your caller
• Accessibility apps like Voice Access for operating your device through voice
• Dictation or keyboard apps you might use to dictate text messages through voice
• Apps that contain a search by voice feature so that you can quickly search for your favorite shows or songs
• Language learning apps that recognize what you say as you practice a new language
• …and many other applications in Play Store
To use Google Speech-to-Text functionality on your Android device, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Default apps > Assist App. Select Speech Recognition and Synthesis from Google as your preferred voice input engine.
Google Text-to-Speech functionality
Speech Services powers applications to read the text on your screen aloud. For example, it can be used by:
• Google Play Books to “Read Aloud” your favorite book
• Google Translate to speak translations aloud so you can hear the pronunciation of a word
• Talkback and accessibility applications for spoken feedback across your device
• …and many other applications in Play Store
To use Google Text-to-Speech functionality on your Android device, go to Settings > Languages & Input > Text-to-Speech output. Select Speech Recognition and Synthesis from Google as your preferred engine.
Note, on many Android devices, Speech Recognition and Synthesis from Google is already available, but you can update to the latest version here.

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Speech Recognition & Synthesis App DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



The review below was on the previous version. I still need to test this new version. 2023-08-18 -------- The recent update, 18 April 2023, breaks Google Speech Services on Samsung Galaxy Note8, with Android 9 (fully updated as available). All default English US & UK TTS Voices become incomprehensible garbled noise or screeching noise depending on the voice selected. Had to uninstall this update to restore functionality of previous version. Please assist. Looking forward to feedback. Thank you.


TTS the last few years has been terrible. It was great on my Pixel 3, almost always perfect. On my Pixel 6 Pro it has been awful. It is regularly wrong, and not even close to what is being said.


It's a great app. I like the fact that they keep on improving. But the problem is the robotic voices. It is sometimes hard to differentiate between the sentences because they sound all the same. They should try and make it more expressive. So that every word and every sentence can be different. I mean. Imagine reading a book and every sentence sounds the same. So they should improve their voices.


This feature has tried to update daily, for hours at a time, on WIFI😵💫 I've even canceled the update only for it to try and update again a few minutes later. I even tried without WiFi to see if that was the issue. When using talk text, now it stops in the middle of dictation or will add words randomly. Very Frustrating


Great TTS but annoying that it reads out reference numbers to footnotes when reading books in Play Books app. It completely ruins the listening experience in books heavy with footnotes. Would have thought it obvious they are not part of the prose and something AI could easily detect. Also, frustrating we have to dig around in Accessibility settings to change voices. Please make it more.. well, accessible!


So far, it's great. I'm very happy with the narration. It almost sounds like a real person. My only complaint is the dyslexic font isn't an option. Oh, and I guess I don't like the position of the reading line. It's dead center. I think it would make more sense for it to be closer to the bottom for when you need to pause or go back. I had to make the text a bit smaller than I prefer.


It 30% of the time SUCKS! It is always changing words to something that is not even close to what I am saying! Even tho my mother was a English teacher for 35 years.. I've been thought to speak very clearly!.. but speech reck! I call it... doesn't really do so much justice.. for absolute vocabulary. And seems to fail at the most important of times!??


Today it advises to uninstall and reinstall app for Speech Services by Google but it cannot be uninstalled and it's showing my old phone as causing the problem and offers no update as suggested! Prior....Since this update visually it's displaying Chinese. I've tried uninstall and update as advised with reboot and nothing will correct it. I don't speak Chinese nor have I requested translation services!


The talk-to-text feature on Google either makes you appear to be illiterate, or like you just had a stroke. If I use the microphone feature on any of googles services it times out after six words. It can't figure out what to do after that no matter how many times I hit the microphone.


Why oh why is that God awful noise, which interrupts my thinking as I attempt to come up with the words, governed by notifications, which I DO NEED to hear otherwise? And why, are notification options not present in the app info?!? What is your vested interest in forcing me to either turn down notification volume for everything while I use voice to text, or listen to this useless mind-hammer that stops listening variably, whenever it pleases?!? Otherwise it's great. understands well.


I'm talking, and it's not even on, it shuts off right after the first word. Why does it bring up my keyboard on my phone? It moves my screen to what I'm saying and not allowing me to read the paragraph next to it. Why can't I turn on speech recognition and just read what I need to be written down? Then, I can turn speech recognition off to proofread what was recorded. It seems like developers purposely make things hard


It seldom works. Sometimes, it won't even start typing. Often, it changes the words so drastically that they are nowhere near what I was trying to communicate. It has even changed some things to inappropriate things.


There seems to be a problem recently introduced, perhaps through a recent update. Anything that relies on Google speech services like Gboard or the Google Assistant has suddenly stopped being able to hear me through the microphone - preventing the use of Google Voice Typing. Other apps and services that do not rely on Google Voice Typing, like my voice recorder app or the camera on the phone, can hear through the microphone.


I WILL TRY AGAIN! PREVIOUS versions didn't work! I Followed google play app instructions on how to use; BIPOLAR SAMSUNG GALAXY S10e IS THE MAIN PROBLEM!! It is supposed 2 read whatever is on my screen such as books, emails, but there is no app button to open/direct it to an open text screen. I NEED BOOKS READ Audibly! I NEED Accurate VOICE 2 TEXT Transcription, so I don't have to edit every 2-3 misprinted words. BIPOLAR SAMSUNG GALAXY s10e is now Interfering w Google Speech sercives


Having a lot of problems with the latest update. When using Text-to-speech it seems to freeze up on short sentences, the start of dialogue, any sentence ending in elipses, etc. and then just skip over it entirely. Let me tell you, missing pieces of dialogue while reading a book is DEEPLY annoying. Gets a bit worse when I use it in my e-reader app, but it even does it on Chrome pages. Also worsened when I updated to Android 13 for some reason.


This app does not work very well. It inserts punctuation randomly, and it is not very good at determining what words I am saying. I had an LG ThinQ that had a much better speech app on it. It was rare for it to put the wrong word down when using voice to text. Considering this is a new phone, and it is a Google phone and app, I feel like the software should work much better than it does. It definitely needs improvement because it is irritating.


I use the Google assistant dictation all the time instead of typing. I'm entering this review using Google assisted dictation which I presume uses this service. I've never had any problems and it does very well with things. In fact, the Google assistant voice recognition does so well that it will usually pick up the radio and start typing what it hears into whatever email I am composing.


Only works well one language at a time. If English and French are both enabled, the system balks when I dictate in English. But it works perfectly when I dictate in French. In addition, as I'm dictating this, the microphone keeps disappearing as soon as I stop speaking or in the middle of a sentence. This tool is very important to me as a senior who has tremors. Typing on my cell phone is very difficult. So for the most part this tool is a godsend.


Not great. I don't know what happened but this used to be a great app. An occasional misspelling but all in all pretty good. Now I get punctuation where it doesn't belong, horrible misspellings on simple words, instances where it will type exactly what I said then change to some garbled mess before I can press send. No changes on my end: same phone, same apps, no stroke ot traumatic brain injury. I was going to use voice to text to write this but figured nobody would understand what I said.


This app used to supply great natural voices. Now its syncing with my TtS app is flakey and it frequently crashes resulting in white noise with the merest hint of the voice within all the noise. I reboot the app and it behaves for another day or so before it crashes again. It doesn't happen with other voice providers; the only reason I don't use their services is because their voices aren't so natural.