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I like youtube and it has been working well, but there recently has been a bug with the miniplayer that sometimes just makes it not work no matter what you do. After messing around for a bit, I found that disabling the app in the information, and then renabling it fixes it temporarily, but the issue will come back often. Edit: My old method of fixing it no longer works after update. There is now no way to fix it


Can u guys pls simplify the video quality adjustment tab. It's so confusing. It would be better, if it's have the old tab where we can easily select the resolution. Tried to adapt with the new feature for a long time, but couldn't do it. I feel a very high resistance there. It's affecting the user experience. Pls do consider this feedback, Thank you


Great app. Love the videos. One problem though, when I'm watching a video or listening to a playlist on YouTube and I go to check how much longer is in a video, the red bar is gone and so is the numbers that tell you how long the video is and how much you've watched and the full screen button. The pause and play button is still there and so are the setting buttons on the top but the rest just disappears.


Honestly, YouTube has gone from bad to worse. There are so many unskipable ads in between the videos and in the start of the videos. However, that's not even the worse part. With new updates, YouTube has been glitching way to much. Sometimes i click on a video and it would stop and act all buffering and the video can't even play. You would need to exit and at times even exiting once wouldn't work....The app has become a shadow of it's own self and that's a bummer.


I'm really frustrated with the ads. I accidentally closed a video that was almost done while doing the dishes. I then had to watch two ads and the ads were longer than the remaining content. Additionally, I'm tired of the pop up ads before videos. If you want to read the description box or video comments to get an idea about the content before you watch it, you can't. You have to wait for the ads to finish because they fill the screen.


The controls for video playback are so frustrating. with no physical home button, I have to swipe up to get to multi tasking or home but that invariably moves where I am in the video to a new place. OK, so I won't go full screen, now I'm accidentally hitting another video & there is no back button like a browser. This is such a poorly designed app. You are better off using the mobile browser than this piece of junk.


So according to my experience YouTube is a phenomenal app so far. But there's just a small problem with the new update, the Date added (oldest) option in the channel's videos tab disappeared which is really annoying because for example if a channel contains 2k videos then how can we find the first video if we want to. I guess probably it's a bugs issue because sometimes it appears whenever I open a channel and disappears when I open another channel. Hoping for a positive response. Thank you


Could do with a few fewer ads, but what's really annoying is that the app keeps doing the mini window thing where it keeps playing while you're doing other things on your phone - but it's doing it by itself. Super annoying when you're in the middle of a workout video and can no longer see the instructor showing how to do the exercise, or the timer so you know how much longer you have to suffer.


So. Many. Glitches. I gotta only show you 3 of them. 1. Sometimes, when I watch a video, the video sets itself to the lowest quality possible even my internet is ok... I turned on higher picture quality. 2. When I'm midway through the video, when I'm scrolling through YouTube, the scroll automatically goes up. It goes fast or slow, and when I restart the app, the glitch was removed. 3. It's like the PC version of the green glitch, but in mobile. It was ported. Please fix all of this.


No doubt that this app is so useful and highly recommended but there are a few things that are needed to be fixed. Firstly long annoying ads which are of 1:00 to 2:00 minutes without any skip button. Secondly picture quality i turned the higher picture quality on then also the video is blur. (Don't think that I am sweet so i don't mean it but I mean it through the bottom of my heart.)if these changes won't be solved then YouTube will be closed 🔒.that's it. Thank you 😊.


So many videos, so little time. I enjoy watching videos of many different topics. I noticed today that tapping on the video while it's playing no longer shows the progress, or the red scrubbing line. I miss both of these features, though ability to scrubb through is still there. At least show the minutes elapsed and length again, please. Thank you.


Too many bugs keep happening. Sometimes comments section pops up and pressing the X doesn't work. Other times, yputube is slow and clicking a video takes a few seconds to load and in general, doesn't actually load. Closing a video sometimes takes a few seconds and every now and then it just doesn't work. Good app in terms of watching stuff, but too many little bugs. Too many ads as well. Waaaay too many.


I am very disappointed with this app. When I started using it, I got it for the solely purpose of watching ads. I must say that it is very annoying that every time I try to see two, even three ads in a row, pieces of videos are intertwined and I have to wait for minutes until the ads start again. Luckily, this is a less frequent issue as more and more ads are popping up more frequently, so I appreciate that the people at Google keep the main goal of YouTube in mind: to show unlimited ads.


This app used to work really well on my phone, and now it has so many issues from recent updates that it's now a hassle to use. After about 5 videos, it starts lagging out to the point where you have to close the app completely and reopen for it to work. Also lately, it'll pause at around 10 seconds in and stay buffering. In general it's a pretty bad app right now.


If it wasn't for the fact that it keeps crashing on me, freezes every 3 second after I use it for like 30 minutes I have to exit, removing most popular feature, then it would be a 5 star. I have to give it 1 star cause I can't stand with these problems I have to deal with every day. Also, I didn't forget that everytime I finished watching a video and I start watching another one, it sometimes collides to the video I watch and sometimes it doesn't come off.


Lately I've been having a lot of issues with the app when it comes to playing videos Fullscreen. Normally in could play a video and have it overlap while I would do other things, but lately when I try to do other stuff, I go back to the video and it's all scrunched up at the top of my screen with a black screen underneath. And I can't exit out of the video or search without closing the app altogether.


This app is just the worse. After introducing the double ad thing youtube has gone downhill. The ads keep getting longer, appear more frequently and after a recent update there is almost never the option to skip them. It has just become a really unpleasent experience to watch videos on this platform. I really wouldn't stick to youtube if there was an alternative. What a shame.


I love only being able to use the app because the website forces you to use the app. If you want to check the play list you better hide it before you go full screen because if you do. It shows up on the right side and makes it so you can't fast forward. And the x that hides it in one veiw ends the play list in full screen. This wouldn't be so bad if all the new vertical ads didn't play my video in the worng orientation when they finished .


Used to use regularly but it's just full of ads now. They'll play a short one that you can't skip followed by a longer one that you may or may not be able to skip. Then during the video, every 2-3 minutes this will repeat. Edit: changed to 1 star. During a 3 minute video, I was just subjected to the same unskippable Apple ad 4 times. It's getting more and more excessive


It does not display thumbnails for me, it just shows a random frame from the video on thumbnails. And that is just on the home page and the subscriptions page. The app shows thumbnails in the suggestions and search tabs. I have tried everything from my side, clear cache, logged in and out, uninstalled and reinstalled updates, it just doesn't work.