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Get the official YouTube app on Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching — from the hottest music videos to what’s popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Subscribe to channels you love, create content of your own, share with friends, and watch on any device.

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I like the recent updates, especially ambient mode but there's a major issue. I had to uninstall & reinstall because of audio quality issues on every video almost, even with clear cache & restarting my phone. Now every time I want to add a video to a playlist it takes entirely too long to bring my playlists up. I'm debating on installing an older APK version because this is incredibly irritating and I don't want to wait on it every time I want to add to a playlist. Please fix this. Thank you!


Too many ads during video. Pauses during video to ask if you're watching. Decides to advertise a whole song while I'm listening to something. It's one thing putting ads between videos as I'm not paying for subscription, but during the video has gone too far. It has gotten me into the habit of watching other platforms instead. It's time YouTube had less control over my device and data.


Like the app, idk if it is just me, but the captions automatically show when the video starts. If it's a longer video after about 10ish minutes, the captions will turn itself back on, I have looked at and changed the settings multiple times, but it still continues to happen. It's really annoying when you are watching something foreign that already had dubbed subtitles or in other videos where the captions get in the way.


I really like YouTube! However, when you do a voice search and the app keeps crashing, you can't remove it 4 reinstall because it's built into the operating system on some Android devices. All you can do is remove the updates, clean up after the app reinstall the updates. I know things sometimes have glitches, and this is just one of them. I don't know why some apps are built into the operating system oh, only the developers know


I love YouTube, I always used it since it was created. Occasionally it has problems. Nothing serious. But, lately this app has been ridiculously filled with ads non stop! That's bs!!! I used to be able to skip these ads, at least every other one. But now I'm forced to watch all these ads! There's no skip button for most of them! It's really getting crazy with ads! Just to watch 4, 5 minute videos there's 10, 2 minute ads that can't be skipped. I use it a lot less now, than I used to.


Great and valuable for finding old and interesting videos on a variety of topics. Awkward though, when one video finishes, another starts automatically, and difficult to stop or close the app because of. The biggest flaw however, is the ads. I don't mind ads as such, but not when they appear suddenly almost every 5-10 mins without warning and usually something inappropriate like violent beating up. Google needs to resolve this. I'd rather bin the app than risk having nightmares because of.


it bothers me so much that I'm not able to see what I've just watched. In my watch history I thought maybe it was just my phone 🤷🏾♀️ but it isn't...I literally had to search "how to fix my YouTube watch history" and nothing on there works. But it shows up perfectly fine on my PC and when I'm not using the Wi-Fi. Also please get rid of that stupid "are you still listening/watching" feature, or if your gonna keep it at least make it so that we can turn it off.


Until recently, the app has worked great. However there are some longer videos I like to listen to while trying to get to sleep. I used to be able to play them no problem. But now, every couple of minutes the video stops (perhaps to buffer?) for 5-60seconds. And it's long enough and abrupt enough it prevents me from getting to sleep. I've tried fiddling with my internet (data and wifi) to no avail. PLEASE FIX THIS!


I'm a premium user as of late. I got sick of the ads that they place before LIVE STREAMS. The reason they are "Live" is because they are free videos that are supposed to be "Ad Free". Now, I can't even watch a full playlist of my favorite YouTubers videos without it glitching out after only 2 videos. I get the videos are a few hours long each, but that shouldn't matter. Please fix this issue.


The latest version would randomly crash and the app will not launch until I restarted my phone. It would crash 10/10 times every time I launched it after it has crashed once. The app just get worse after every update. Most of the time videos will not even play. And don't get me started with the amount of unskipable ads. 100% of times when my videos wouldn't load it's because of an ad that would not load. And there's an ad in almost EVERY video. Could you not fix the most basic of things?


I'm not entirely sure what happened, but the YouTube app is getting to be slower and slower. Shouldn't updates make it better? They keep making it run worse. I can't even go to another app for 2 seconds before YouTube completely crashes. And then I can barely watch 2 videos without it slowing down to the point it has to be closed and reopened just to get passed one video. These are like dial-up speeds and I don't really see anything that's large enough to justify the app running this slow.


I used to love YouTube. With this latest update crammed down my throat, I no longer enjoy it. Ads! Ads! Ads! Two ads, often with additional interruptions. Sometimes I'll be listening with my hands in dishwater, and an ad will start playing that I'm forced to either listen to or rinse and dry my hands to stop the noise. Yes. These ads are annoying and nothing but noise! They've even added ads to shorts? I just started watching shorts to avoid the annoying ads. Not sure where I'll run next!


It's brilliant and my all-time favourite app. I would've given 5 star rating but there's a kind of bug: first when you clicked the three dots on a video in the library and pressed "remove from history" the video would disappear but now when you press that button, it doesn't disappear instantly but you need to refresh the page to see the changes. I tried it on multiple mobile phones but that's the same.


Far too many ads. An increasing number of unskippable ads, the problem is getting significantly worse over time. I've been calling it for a while - advertising is not as good of a business as it's often painted, and is getting less and less sustainable with time - YouTube is a good indication of this. Seeing as Alphabet gets 80% of its revenue from selling ads, I'd suggest starting to download any YouTube videos you enjoy as the platform probably has only a few years left in it.


1. Stop asking if I'm still watching when on autoplay. Its annoying. Give option for one to choose if they want/ need that service or not. 2. Stop putting adverts in the middle of a video. Its even more annoying and ridiculous. 3. Auto play lists and also recommended videos are so repetitive and monotonous. It gets really boring listening to the same stuff over and over. Kindly improve.


I love this app very much but there's this weird thing going on with the description. You can't access whatever the person wrote in there and it only tells you the transcript, music and the creator of the video. And for some videos the description is only shown on the outside as a drop down and crops most of the text out. Also, some videos you can't go picture in picture with. In general this app is great there's just some inconveniences.


Obviously this is the premier video streaming platform. But, Google and YouTube are always tinkering with it and usually not in a way that's an improvement. They tend to remove essential features and add features no one cares about, and reshuffle the UI needlessly, then they have the nerve to raise the price of premium. This platform is generally heading in the wrong direction and it makes me want to explore the competition more. Also, I hate how they're pushing Shorts on everyone.


I can't stand how EVERY single time I open the app, it tells me to update, because you seem to add some new feature or UI element with every update that makes the app more tedious to use. Let me choose a specific resolution to start rendering videos at automatically so I don't have to set it for every single video I watch. There's no more red bar at the bottom of the screen until I tap to pause, which I can't tell if it's a feature or a bug.


Newest issue is I watch the ad then the video starts playing then it pauses. After the pause there's another ad then a completely new video starts. The videos keep pausing automatically when I rotate my phone. At least when I search a band it seems like I finally get to see more videos in the results. There's still a bunch of random videos recommendation so I still have to search for certain songs that are pushed to the very bottom or not showing up.


Every single time there's an update, the app negates picture-in-picture mode. Not turn it off, mind you, treat it as if it wasn't an option. Alphabet, you do realize that I'm more likely to watch an entire ad if I'm using the app PiP than if not, don't you? While I'm at it, unlock this feature outside the USA as well. Sucks for overseas users, as well as us to not have this basic feature while traveling.