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Google VR Services App DESCRIPTION

Google VR Services provides virtual reality functionality for Daydream and Cardboard apps. This includes functions such as displaying notifications while in VR, pairing Daydream-ready headsets and controllers with your Daydream-ready phone, and entering and exiting VR apps.

Daydream apps will not work if you uninstall Google VR Services.

By using this app you agree to be bound by our Google Terms of Service (Google ToS, and Google’s general Privacy Policy
( This app is a Service as defined in the Google
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It takes a lot of effort to even figure out how to configure this app for a specific headset, and even when you find its "pair with hedset" interface, which only works through QR codes, it spits out a nondescript "Connection error", while the Cardboard app can read the QR code just fine.


They fixed it. You can now press buttons just by viewing them just like before.this is definitely a step in the right direction. Still no reorient button, which is unfortunate(hopefully they add that in soon) but honestly im quite happy with where this app is right now. I think having the ability to press buttons by viewing them makes smartphoneVR better as a whole because not everyone has a headset with a magnet button. So whoever decided that, good call.


Not bad, not bad at all. Using this as a means to dust off an old Google Daydream for my S21 Ultra. Plays VR video just fine after you figure out what settings are right... Which isn't the most intuitive. Has VR controls which is great so you can change video options by just turning your head to point to different settings. Only issue I have is the bar to activate the settings are in pretty bad places make me need to Arch my neck in order to access.


This app used to be great, but now it's just trash. I got the daydream headset to go with my pixel phone, which I only got one year out of before it could no longer hold a charge for more then an hour at most. I then got a galaxy note 10, the head set worked just fine with it until suddenly the app updated & is apparently no longer compatible with this device. So basically I spent my money on two expensive pieces of **** from google that lasted me about 1-2 years max & is now useless. 🙃👍🏻


Why isn't there an option to reset the orientation when you enter the VR mode? It's there when the video is in 2D, don't understand why it wouldn't be in the VR mode too. It wouldn't be much of a problem but the gyroscope on my phone always drifts to the right no matter how many times I recalibrate it.


Here we go again... Another failed project from Google. Daydream support was dropped for new Pixel phones, leaving us with an unusable library of apps and obsolete VR headset. The app does not serve any practical purpose on my phone, yet it is pre-installed. One has to wonder why.


Please include a gaze and select feature ASAP otherwise this is useless for headsets without a button. We should be able to point, look at it and select in abt 2secs. So that those who don't have headset button can enable a handsfree option, which would enable the above feature. Can't believe Google didn't think of this feature in the first place where it would benefit lot of users


A really great experience - I think the vr services provided by android is revolutionary. While people won't necessarily use it that often in criticised harshly. I think it is definitely something that matures with time. I think deprecating the service on android 11 is a mistake. As hardware continues to advance, the performance of this is only bound to get better.


The app has made YouTube VR app dysfunctional for those who have a headset that doesn't have a button. Can't even see what features the update brought because the app won't even let you in without having a button on the headset (or a magnet) through which it can detect if the headset has been put on.


Absolute rubbish, trying to watch YouTube videos in VR is impossible, can't change the settings at all. You need to make it so you can have a static screen for non 360 videos, I might want to move m y head around and still be watching it. If you could add that, that would be great, thanks.


It's a decent enough app I see why it would be needed because of the information needed to convert videos/apps into VR. And to all the people out there who are like we can't delete it. Like if it's space you're after then delete something else, like I'm probably never going to use battery saver, invert colors, or grayscale that doesn't mean I'm going to flip out about it since I can't delete them. It ain't that big a deal everyone needs to relax. One thing I will say controls could be better.


Absolute joke. I was quite enjoying selecting my own phone and vr set in websites, receive a Google update which then forces me to download this absolute shambles of an app. Its garbage, an absolute 180 degree turn and absolutely in no way expands on user experience. I can't use many of the options to recently, increase volume or move videos or streams along. Pointless, I've just deleted and will try and see if there is any alternative options online.


I have no use for this app. Disabling causes it to load the "factory version," whatever that means, for which I also have no use. I don't use VR headsets or any other VR type devices. One of the warnings that came up when I force stopped the app was something about affecting other apps. Hey, here's an idea --- list the apps that are affected by it. Wow. What a concept! No option to uninstall.


I used to be able to select things with the little circle on the screen while using the viewer, now I have to take my phone out of the viewer, select something, put it back on. ABSOLUTE JOKE! GARBAGE! And why do I have to have a cardboard viewer or one with a qr code? Mine doesn't have a qr CODE do I need to spend more money now? Honestly 1 star is too much! You ruined the VR experience!


I purchased the Google Daydream ablut 2 years ago. When I tried to use it today I get the notification that my phone is not compatible. I have a Galaxy S9+ and it is the only phone I have used with the Daydream. The Google site says it is a compatible phone but doesn't have much in the way of trouble shooting. I would give it 0 stars if I could.


The VR just doesn't work properly. You try to watch a video and get all emersed but instead the screen flips, becomes stuff, and when you attempt to click play or anything in the headset it just doesn't work. Google really do be doing really dumb stuff like this


Before, when I would load up VR stuff for Cardboard on my phone, it worked perfectly well. But now, with Google's insistence that I use this app, it no longer works. As soon as I tap on the cardboard button on a VR video, the video just freezes completely, making me unable to do anything with it.


on certain websites when I watch the regular vr videos it works fine, (I can move my phone around and the video follows with my turning and tilting), but as soon as I click the 3d headset button, I can see the split screen for a moment then the video will freeze, and cannot move or click anything. I uninstalled it and reinstalled thinking it might fix the problem, still same issue. Please fix this issue.


Don't have any use(s) for this app or some other factory installed apps. Guess I'm gonna have to ROOT my phone, since I can't unistall this & thats the only way to diable it completely. If anyone else chooses to ROOT their phone make sure you get the right version for your phone, different programs for different phones/providers. I also recomend downloading hidden settings & hidden ssid apps. Theyre very useful in gaining more access to your phone & gives you on/off switches to almost everything.


Whiners wanting app removed don't know VR is hard coded in each modern phone. Get an old or symbian phone if you don't want it. (or a custom ROM) Besides the app isn't that big in MB and doesn't drain much battery while allowing you to use Google Cardboard or Daydream; background processes such as FB, do use lots of data. (they sync notifications etc clogging up your mb-ram) This app isn't on on background. It's only active when a headset is connected and turned on. Know your phone and hardware.