- Fixing torch issue for devices without flash available
- Making the app more resilient

Pocket Whip App SCREENSHOT

【图】Pocket Whip: Original Whip App(截图1)【图】Pocket Whip: Original Whip App(截图2)【图】Pocket Whip: Original Whip App(截图3)


The one and only original Whip App! Move your phone side to side to WOOSH, flick your wrist to CRACK! You’ll be whipping like a pro in no time!


Enjoy THREE FREE whips:
* Indiana Jones Whip
* Bull Whip
* Flash Whip!

Our incredible Unleashed Whip Pack Includes:
*Cat-o-Nine Tails
*Flash Cat

* Unique accelerometer fun!
* Customizable settings to turn on/off sound effects and theme music.
* Low battery usage
* Optimized for the latest devices
* Removable ads

User Reviews:

***** (5 Stars) OahuBeast – Mar 19, 2012
Big Bang Theory definitely made this popular. I am just ecstatic that it was free. The other ones that cost money are rip offs. This is perfect for what I need (to make a whip sound when my friend is owned by his girlfriend).

***** (5 Stars) rtking1993 – Sep 24, 2013
LOL like Sheldon!

Support / Help:

For best results make sure the volume on your device is turned all the way up. Want to get the neighbours talking? Plug your device into a speaker!

No sound?
– Whip your device in the air to play the whip sound
– Check mute switch (if you have one) is not off.
– Check volume is all the way up using the volume control.

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The one and only original Whip App! Move your phone side to side to WOOSH, flick your wrist to CRACK! You'll be whipping like a pro in no time!*AS SEEN ON THE BIG BANG THEORY & DUCK DYNASTY*Enjoy THREE FREE whips:* Indiana Jones Whip* Bull Whip* Flash Whip!Our incredible Unleashed Whip Pack Includes: *Longeing *Romal *Riding*Snake*Signal *Cat-o-Nine Tails *Chain *Flash Cat Features:* Unique accelerometer fun!* Customizable settings to turn on/off sound effects and theme music.* Low battery usage* Optimized for the latest devices* Removable adsUser Reviews:(5 Stars) OahuBeastMar 19, 2012 Big Bang Theory definitely made this popular. I am just ecstatic that it was free. The other ones that cost money are rip offs. This is perfect for what I need (to make a whip sound when my friend is owned by his girlfriend).(5 Stars) rtking1993Sep 24, 2013LOL like Sheldon! / Help:For best results make sure the volume on your device is turned all the way up. Want to get the neighbours talking? Plug your device into a speaker!No sound?Whip your device in the air to play the whip..

Pocket Whip App DOWNLOAD

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This app has been quite exquisite in the sources of slavery I have made a profit of 1000$ by selling my black individual and whenever they act up this app get them right back in order😤


Great app! It's so useful when those colored people start talking back! Like for example, a colored person took MY spot next to MY girl so I pulled this app out and they started running just as fast as they should be.


perfect for racism


crashed when you ru to open


I love this app! Cotton business has been booming ever since I got this. Thank you!


The app doesn't work, it won't even open.


I love this app this app has been so good and I've made lots of money from selling those colored people! I have already bought 20 of them and created a farm! Before you ask I have been very nice and increased their wage from $0.01 an hour to $0.25 a day! Now they are crying tears of joy every time I use this app❤️!


Golly gee willickers I love this blessed application. Them colored people won't know what hit em. This game is therapeutic for me. I've already increased cotton production from 10 cotton per hour to 200 cotton per hour. Next time a black woman takes MY seat on the bus I can thank this app for helping me. Just a few cracks and they are up and outta there. THIS will make America great again.


Very good game my muscle memory is working


10/10 recommend, I tell all my friends to get it #totallynotracist😍


I love this app... a little issue tho is it plays when I'm not on it


These cotton pickers are listening way better when they heard these sound it gave them flashbacks


fun to play with people that get on the bus


these melon munchers won't know whats happening also the music makes my kid sleep thanks


This app is elite in everyway possible I love it so much


it won't make a wip sound


As a black man I can confirm it's fun.


There is nothing really bad about it I love the 4 or technically 7 FREE whips 5/5


It's alright, but it should have a flashlight when you whip your phone, would make it much better also the music button does not work


Epic whip, me and my friends at flash fights with it. No ads that I can see so far!
Thank you for your feedback!