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Are you a health worker and do you distribute shifts every month? Use Guardiscope and with a click you will distribute the guards of your group in 10 seconds, in a fair way and guaranteeing that the greatest possible number of preferences are fulfilled. You will get perfect deals with little effort

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Drug Information for Professionals Dermatology
PR Vademécum contiene información actualizada de medicamentos y drogas de prescripción médica comercializadas en Argentina.P.R. VADEMÉCUM fue desarrollado a partir de fuentes confiables, como las empresas elaboradoras y la bibliografía médico-farmacológica disponible en la actualidad.Para activar la aplicación es necesario contar con el usuario y código provisto por Lazar. La aplicación permite acceder por los siguientes índices: - Productos Contiene el texto del prospecto de los productos que se comercializan en Argentina.- Laboratorios Contiene el listado de laboratorios y los productos que comercializa cada uno.- Patologías Contiene el listado de patologías y los productos indicados para cada una - Interacciones Contiene el listado de principios activos y las interacciones de cada uno.- Índice Farmacológico Contiene el texto de la acción de los principios activos. - Índice Terapéutico Contiene el listado de las acciones terapéuticas y los productos indicados para cada una.- I.S.P.R. Índice de Sustancias y Productos Relacionados Contiene el listado de los principios y los productos que contienen cada uno. Exención de responsabilidad:PR Vademécum no debe considerarse un medio autónomo y suficiente para recetar aquellos medicamentos o sustancias sobre..
Parkway Shenton Tele-Health services
Parkway Shenton's "MyHealth Connect" mobile application breaks down the physical barrier of distance between patients and our doctors and clinics. Through the application, patients can now see and speak to doctors from the comfort of their homes and offices. MyHealth Connect will be available to employees of selected corporate clients who have arrangements for General Practitioner consultations and/or Executive Health Screeners in place with us. In addition to Tele-Health services, "MyHealth Connect" also boasts the following features:- Health Risk Assessment Questionnaire & Report
Are you looking for a job? Carelink has a lot of job information.
There is a lot of job information that is registered by numerous nursing associations/visiting home centers across the country.You can easily find a job that is right for you and contact you immediately.
Dedicated job platform for the healthcare sector; especially for locum jobs.
Clinical establishments can post all of their manpower requirements in Medjobs; It will help them to find the right talent at the right time. Special feature of Medjobs is it aims to fulfil the temporary human resource needs of the health care sector arising due to unavoidable personal or professional commitments of their human resources.Jobseekers in the health care sector will be able to find their suitable jobs in Medjobs. Medjobs will certainly benefit the doctors who are preparing for entrance exams and looking for relieving duties by assisting them to find one effortlessly. Currently the service is provided without any charges keeping the pandemic in mind.Also available on the web. more information and feedback please contact support@medjobs.appHow it worksTeamGN’S medjobs works by pooling the health care sector vacancies under broad categories like Doctors, Staff nurses, paramedics, and other hospital staff and subcategories based on the qualification.The platform mainly focuses on locum jobs (temporary relieving duties). The health care providers can hire qualified professionals and workers on a temporary basis even for a day or two. Similarly qualified professionals..
The must-have app for you to aim the care manager!
King Fahd Hospital مستشفى الملك فهد بجده kfh
King Fahd Hospital مستشفى الملك فهد بجدهkfh
IDS Exam Scheduling
IDS Service PortalThis application allows you to schedule your exam quickly and intuitively, in addition to obtaining important information for its performance, accessing your history and other useful services:• Scheduling exams • Confirmation of date/time• Information about exams and procedures• Appointment reminders by SMS, email, push or voice• Exam history• Other general information• Location and map• Contact
Fever? Use antipyretic on time. Don’t miss fever temperature.
The application helps to take care of a fever. It shows what temperature is expected in 20 minutes from the last measuring. You can see if the heat is rising or falling. Also it shows how fast it is changing. The prediction allows to make a decision when the fever must be reduced.Don’t use antipyretic when it is not necessary. The heat shouldn’t be reduced too early. Fever is a normal reaction of a human body to various diseases. Higher heat accelerates healing. Rash temperature reducing slows down healing and puts non-useful chemicals with drugs in a body.Don’t miss fever temperature. There is a dangerous heat level which may cause damage to a body or even death.A good fever caring is about heat reducing only if it is going to reach a dangerous point. And this application helps to do it in an intelligent way.Note: fever treating for infants, toddlers, children and adults might be different. Pay special attention to infants up to 6 months. Always call a doctor if you aren’t sure about the situation. Not all medicine can..
Order drugs and item in your favorite pharmacy.
save waiting periods and pre-order directly:With recipe direct your order in your favorite pharmacy from anywhere medicines and products.By text message or photo of your recipe or the desired article you can find out in advance whether your drug or desired item directly in stock and ready for collection in your favorite pharmacy.Your pharmacy tells you when your pre-order can be picked up and avoid duplicate routes and waiting times.They have no favorite pharmacy or in many places on the go?No problem. Recipe direct always find a pharmacy near you.Faster, more direct dialogue with the selected pharmacy.No duplicate routes and waiting times longer.Intuitive operation and simple design.High data security for your health data:Your health information is sensitive. To protect them, all Com munication is between you and your pharmacy using an encrypted connection. After completed pre-orders data is deleted your order.
CEMS Medical Specialist Center, Verona
Through this application you can manage your appointments or notice of termination by booking directly through the app, stay up to date on news and promotions.
Distribute shifts and guards automatically with blocks, preferences and counting
Are you a health worker and do you distribute shifts every month? Use Guardiscope and with a click you will distribute the guards of your group in 10 seconds, in a fair way and guaranteeing that the greatest possible number of preferences are fulfilled. You will get perfect deals with little effort

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