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NFLPA Former Players Community
Welcome to the NFLPA Former Players App. This app will connect you with many vital resources that may be available to you as a former NFL player. This is a PLAYERS ONLY app which allows you to communicate and network with other former NFL players in a private and secure environment. Inside the app you will find stories about other former NFL players and perhaps even yourself! You will find professional and personal enrichment articles that are relevant to you. On the app you will also find fun events and opportunities that are close to where you are. There are also opportunities to earn coins that will give you access to some cool prizes and gear! The more you use the app, the more coins you earn! Welcome to your exclusive NFLPA Fraternity.Questions, Concerns? Please contact us at:[email protected] & Conditions: Policy:
Perfect variometer for the paragliding days!
Have a phone that has baro, compass and GPS? Why shouldn't be a perfect variometer for the paragliding days?It does what the name sais with the following features:- Altimeter with altivariometer indication the vertical speed acoustic and in a classical scale (5m/s or10 feets/s)- It can speak the vertical speed, so it is cool for audio only- It has tracking/recording of the flights in icg file so you can download and post the track to various sites- Compass- Last thermal point inside the compass- Wind direction- Last X (configurabledefault 10) seconds altitude gain/lost- Flight duration- History of the tracks recorded with (max altitude, start end altitude, max min vertical speed, etc)- 'Look around' feature to get from the internet the paragliding places around your location - Lots of settings capabilities- User manual at
Inizia ad allenarti con 20 hours fitness App e a raccogliere MOVEs
20 hours fitness app rende l’esperienza di allenamento più personale, divertente ed efficace aiutando le persone a migliorare il proprio stile di vita.Inizia ad allenarti con 20 hours fitness App e a raccogliere MOVEs. I MOVEs misurano il movimento: ogni tuo movimento genera un MOVE.Il modo più semplice e veloce per collezionare MOVE è di accedere con il tuo account mywellness direttamente alle macchine e allenarti con il miglior programma di allenamento.PERCHE’ USARE 20 hours fitness APP?- ALLENAMENTO: Visualizza il tuo programma di allenamento, il dettaglio degli esercizi e i video. Tieni traccia automaticamente dei tuoi risultati.- MOTIVAZIONE: 20 hours fitness App ti assegna un goal settimanale in base al tuo stile di vita.- ATTIVITA’ ALL’APERTO: Tieni traccia delle attività che fai anche all’aperto e non perdere i dati che hai memorizzato in altra applicazioni come Google Fit, S-Health, Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Polar, RunKeeper, Strava, Swimtag and Withings.- PRENOTAZIONI: Con 20 hours fitness App potrai verificare le tue prenotazioni e consultare gli orari delle lezioni.- MISURE: Tieni sotto controllo tue misure (peso, massa grassa ecc) e scopri come variano..
The best league organizer app for tournament manager and bracket creator
Notice: This app requires Internet connection to manage your tournaments.Welcome to LEVERADETo achieve success, you must first improve yourself.That's why miLeyenda is now LEVERADE.With the same goals, a new name, and a fresh look to help you create and manage your leagues and tournaments no matter where you are. Let's go!LEVERADE has created the best league and tournament manager, now available for your smartphone! LEVERADE is the best app to start organizing sports competitions. You can create leagues, playoffs, round robin and brackets.We now offer the web's full potential in the palm of your hand. LEVERADE Tournament Manager has a ton of features that will allow you to host the most exciting tournaments and leagues. With just a few taps, you can create the tournament you've always dreamed of and enhance it via web. All the information here are some of the things we offer:★ Create an organizer profile and manage your neighborhood or city's top leagues.★ Create league-type or single elimination tournaments; even a combination of the two for playoffs!★ Available for all sports: football, futsal, soccer, fifa,..
Football from the Portuguese 1st league. (Liga Portugal - Primeira Liga)
Standings, Livescore, Fixtures, and moreFast Live Score push-notifications. Settings lets you turn on and off notifications.Support for Android Wear with live score notifications.The tournament schedule has the complete schedule.
Euro Cup 2024 Match Scheduled Live Score Highlights, Team &Player, Point Table
Are you a Football fan? Yes? Then you are landing in the right place. There are all popular Football leagues starting from Football Euro Cup. And among them provides all the updates about your favorite football team and players information. This app contains football Tips, Winners, football Venus, Player Details, Record Corner and much more.Some of the features that you will get in the app are given belowSchedule Here you will find the starting time of Bangladesh and UtC, the venue and the winning team at the end of each match.Teams and players Here you can see the name flag and rating of 10 teams. And after announcing the squad you can see the pictures and names of all the players of the 24 teams.Point table Here you can see the points of each team and how many positions each team has. Which will be automatically updated every day after the game.Live TV Here you can see the score during the game.Most GoalHere you can see Euro cup 2024 top 10 Goal Scorer picture names and GoalIt will automatically update..
Novak Đoković (bahasa Serbia: Новак Ђоковић; sering pula dieja Novak Djokovic)
Novak Đoković telah membuktikan dirinya sebagai pemain all-court dengan banyak talenta. Dia berpartisipasi dalam Hopman Cup 2006 dengan pemain Serbia lainnya Ana Ivanović di mana mereka berdua berpasangan.Peringkat Đoković meroket pada 2006. Dia memulai tahun 2006 dengan peringkat 78, tetapi dengan keberhasilannya mencapai perempat final Roland Garros dan ronde ke-4 Wimbledon, dia mencapai 49 besar. Hanya tiga minggu setelah Wimbledon, Đoković memenangi gelar pertamanya di Amersfoort tanpa kehilangan set, mengalahkan Nicolas Massu di final. Đoković memenangi gelarnya yang kedua di Metz, dan dengan kemenangan ini dia menembus 20 besar untuk pertama kalinya dalam kariernya.Pada 2007, performanya di ajang Masters Series Indian Wells dan Miami, di mana ia menjadi runner-up dan pemenang, telah membuatnya menembus 10 besar dunia. Dia kalah di final Indian Wells melawan Rafael Nadal, tetapi kembali mengalahkan Nadal di Miami, sebelum mengalahkan Guillermo Canas di final (6-3, 6-2, 6-4). Kemudian dia mengikuti Monte Carlo Terbuka, hanya dikalahkan David Ferrer di pertandingan ronde ketiga dalam straight set. Di turnamen Estoril, Đoković mengalahkan petenis Prancis, Richard Gasquet 7-6, 0-6, 6-1, di final.Ia berhasil mencapai final AS Terbuka 2007, tetapi dikalahkan..
Your Personal Drive Analyser for your Smartphone
M PERFORMANCE DRIVE ANALYSER.Derived directly from motorsports, the M Performance Drive Analyser calculates all important driving dynamics data and provides you with numerous professional recording and analysis options. Results can be displayed and analysed in the form of videos and graphical representations on your smartphone. The plug and play system requires the M Performance Drive Analyser OBD stick that you connect to the OBD (on-board-diagnostics) port of your car. The OBD stick is a BMW genuine accessory product that is available at your BMW dealerAll BMW car models 2008 and later are supported.KEY FEATURESTrackDrive Track- and data recording including video with professional analysis toolsOne click video file creation with integrated driving dynamics dataTestDrive Precision time measurement for acceleration, distance, elasticity and brake deceleration testsPowerDriveShows real time engine power and torqueG-DriveShows lateral and linear acceleration with maximum value notificationsCoreDriveShows real time engine dataFuelDriveShows fuel consumption and CO2 emission including fuel costThe M Performance Drive Analyser is designed and manufactured by INATRONIC GmbH & Co. KG for BMW AG Munich.Important note:The use of GPS during track recording in the background may increase..
Net Predictor : Daily football bet predictions, team stats with smart AI
Elevate your betting game with Net Predictor! 🚀Get daily football predictions crafted by experts for smarter decisions. No cost, no hassle—just reliable insights. FOOTBALL BET PREDICTIONS AND ANALYTICS Daily Predictions: Accurate football insights every day.Expert Analyses: In-depth match breakdowns for informed betting.Probabilities and Odds: Prediction probabilities and betting odds assist you to make smarter choises.Easy to Use: No fuss, no cost—download and stay in the know. 🚀 DOWNLOAD AND GET DAILY BET PREDICTIONS Download Net PredictorOpen daily for expert football predictions.Make smart bets based on detailed analyses. 📢 Note: Net Predictor is designed for hassle-free access to reliable football predictions. No interaction needed—open, view matches, and bet smarter.📲 Download Net Predictor now for winning football tips!
Covering 30+ Sports, Live score, Highlights, Commentaries, Analysis, News & More
If you’re a real cricket fan and looking for the fastest LIVE score? 🤔 Well, look no further! You can now feel it all and live it all with the Sportskeeda App.Enjoy all the cricket action, live updates and news with an easy language switch to Hindi too.The one-stop app which powers your cricket enthusiasm. Experience the excitement with warmth and emotions; Live Score ( लाइव स्कोर ) Hindi, ball-by-ball commentary, match analysis, primary tournament coverage, premium articles, or even cricket news in Hindi ( क्रिकेट न्यूज़ हिंदी ) and content updates. Everything you need to know about cricket is covered in the most engaging manner. Sportskeeda Covers: 🌠 Fastest LIVE Scores📢 Ball by Ball Hindi Cricket Commentary🎯 In-depth Analysis & Insights📊 Latest Sports NewsIt’s never a dull moment with cricket at Sportskeeda. Squeeze out all the fun from the cricket tournaments by using our prime features: 👌 Choose your preferred language for cricket news ( क्रिकेट न्यूज़ ) in Hindi & English.🔍 Get expert tips from fantasy team building for major cricket tournaments. 🏅 Enjoy the list of your..
This application is a prediction of the daily matches.
Predict the matches, collect more points, and win

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It's very good app and I won couples times 🤩


Good app


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