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Gurenɛ is also called Frafra or Farfare.
This dictionary contains over 4790 entries and many pictures and illustrative sentences as well as grammatical information.

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Voici la meilleure version de la Bible pour les personnes qui souhaitent lire la parole de Dieu sur le portable!Vous êtes prêts à lire la Bible en français? Vous pouvez profiter d'une excellente version de la Bible Louis Segond, dans sa version 1910.Qui était Louis Segond ?Louis Segond est un théologien suisse du 18e siècle qui a traduit la Bible en Français de l'original hébreu et grec.Maintenant vous pouvez obtenir cette version gratuitement sur votre mobile et la lire quand vous le souhaitez.Téléchargez la Bible gratuitement sur votre Android et préparez vous à changer votre vie avec Dieu à vos côtés.La Sainte Bible est divisée en deux sections principales : l'ancien et le Nouveau Testament.L’Ancien Testament comprend 39 livres: Genèse, Exode, Lévitique, Nombres, Deutéronome, Josué, Juges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Rois, 2 Rois, 1 Chroniques, 2 Chroniques, Esdras, Néhémie, Esther, Job, Psaumes, Proverbes, Ecclésiaste, Cantique des Cantiques, Ésaïe, Jérémie, Lamentations, Ézéchiel, Daniel, Osée, Joël, Amos, Abdias, Jonas, Michée, Nahum, Habacuc, Sophonie, Aggée, Zacharie, Malachie.Le Nouveau Testament comprend 27 livres: Les quatre Évangiles (Matthieu, Marc, Luc, et Jean), les..
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Gurenɛ English dictionary. Gurenne is spoken in northern Ghana around Bolgatanga
Gurenɛ is also called Frafra or Farfare.This dictionary contains over 4790 entries and many pictures and illustrative sentences as well as grammatical information.
Dagbani - English dictionary app in your pocket.
Dagbani is spoken in Ghana, Northern region, northeast of Tamale, as far as Yendi. This app presents you with a good number of Dagbani vocabulary. You won’t find all the words in Dagbani, but there are about 6’695 entries and an explanation in English. Some have examples to illustrate the words.
This Application presents the Gospel according to John in the Wolof language, Senegal.
The Word of God is important for all humans. Here it is written and read in the Wolof language. Wolof audio files are in the app. Simply activate the small speaker at the top right of the screen, then press "play" and the text will be read for you.• Give your phone permission to download audio files for French and English. Once downloaded, the audio files will remain on your device for reuse in offline mode.
God's Word in Somali, Arabic, Swahili, English and French in one application.
The New Testament in Somali has the ability to download mp3 audio files so that you can read and listen to the verses at the same time. This Application gives you the choice of which two languages you want to see at the same time on your screen.English Assistance:If you press the little “book” icon on the top right you can change the windows on the screen: Now choose either- “single pane” if you want to see the Somali only- "two panes" to display the Somali at the top and the Arabic, Swahili, French or English version at the bottom- "verse by verse" to display a verse in Somali followed by the same verse in Arabic, Swahili, French or in English.• Bookmark and highlight your favourite verses• When you tap on a verse, an image button is shown on the bottom toolbar. When this button is pressed, the ’Edit image’ screen appears. You can choose the background image, move the text around the image, change the font, text size, alignment, format and colour. The finished image can be saved to..
The Word of God in Lingala, Swahili and French in one application
The New Testament in Lingala has the ability to download mp3 audio files so that you can read and listen to the verses at the same time. The audio and the writing have small differences since it is not exactly the same version of the Lingala translation that was used during the recordings.You can choose your screen display and open two versions at the same time in parallel:• Lingala above and Swahili below• Lingala followed by the same verse in Swahili• Lingala above and French below• Lingala followed by the same verse in French

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This book 📚 has allow me to understand this exotic language


Good and helpful app. Easy to understand


The app working absolutely well.


Good start. As revisions come in I expect this to be a very useful tool to the study of this exotic language. Please find a better name for TZ as it's an abbreviation of a Hausa expression. Finally could you start thinking of creating pronunciation of the words, if possible with audio. Great work.


I like the app. Easy and straightforward to use. I wish there were audio files to accompany each entry to assist me in my pronunciation of the word.


I love this app, it gives me a better understanding of some gurene words, thank you