Hello, dear players!

We're excited to bring a fresh update to your favorite Merge Makeover game! Here's what's included in this update:

- New Debbie client visuals
- New tutorials for newcomers
- Stylish glasses chain generators
- Task balance enhancements
- Smooth gameplay & bug fixes

Merge with joy, and may your style always be on point!

Merge Makeover Game SCREENSHOT

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Merge Makeover Game DESCRIPTION

Play makeover merge games as you upgrade your studio and design your mansion, all while finding the love of your life. Dress-up & fashion game designed for a relaxing playtime!

Meet Audrey, a makeup studio owner and a fashion makeover fantasy stylist. As part of the makeover merge game, you can help her select new clothes for her clients and do their makeup. When she’s busy doing her magic, she can’t help but overhear gossip, tales, and stories she learns from her clients.

Story wise, this makeover game comes in two parts. The first component of your beauty empire adventure consists of playing a fashion as you run your beauty salon and make your clients happy. Give them a make over by going through different clothing, hairstyle, and cosmetic product choices and combining stunning looks.

Just as any small town, the one Audrey lives in has its fair share of gossip too. As she gives her clients a makeover, she also hears about their personal matters. She will meet friends and people from all angles of life, including a divorced housewife, a teenage punk, and a mechanic who needs to solve the merge puzzle of his daughter’s love fantasy wedding. Since she doesn’t work alone, this merge game will test her wits in a team setting and she will also have to overcome her competitors who are willing to do anything to emerge victorious in the corporate war zone.

While the first part is all about makeup merge challenges, the second part is centered around Aurdrey’s house, which is more like a full-blown home mansion. Can you take on the merge design puzzles as you organize her villa? While you’re at it, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of magic makeover styles and items, including furniture and decor. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without a good old-fashioned merge romance story she gets entangled in. It’s full of mystery and intrigue, inspired by popular TV shows.

In essence, the title falls into the category of merging games where you have to match and merge items to unlock better ones that allow you to complete the project. As the fusion is complete, you will be able to collect in-game currency to buy food, purchase new materials, and progress through the game. Over time, you will get access to better and more powerful tools, allowing you to fix your mansion and live in your dream paradise.

No fantasy match experience is complete without a rich visual style with sunny and bright colors. As you dress up new clients, you will be greeted with animated dialogues and characters that will make the world come alive. Match the makeup with each character’s personality while keeping an eye on modern trends. In the merge makeup process, you will be able to find various items like bags, jewelry, clothes, and accessories for men and women alike.

The immersive story will take your hand through the game as you become the happy merge master who helps Audrey find the life she deserves. Every interaction she has is hand-animated and the music that accompanies these miracle moments was manually composed for the purpose, thus making it unique. By combining match & design elements, the app lets you make virtual clients happy while arranging her personal matters and love life.

With Merge Makeover, merge stories await as you design your mansion and manage your fashion studio to let it become the talk of the town.


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I am having a blast with this game! I have played many merge games like this but this is definitely one of the best!!


I tried playing but I'm to easily confused I guess. I don't get it!




having lots of fun, love this game


so far it's a good game


fun game to pass the time with the only annoying thing is when you run out of energy and everything has to come to a stand still!


awesome game


I love it. But please make it offline too. My place has always weak internet connection. Will definitely change my review.


I Love the game


Funniest merge I've played I love the way the model/client bounces after each transformation 😂. Love the game


Playing a few hours and nothing bad to say. If you like merge games and/or makeovers, give this a try!


Smooth transition and easy game progression. Pretty colors and visuals! Rewarding game play!


I love this game


Lots of fun xxx


I love the game 😍


I've just started playing today so far this game is awesome


Great merge game with amazing graphics and TV shows vibes!


Cool is a good play game merge makeover : Makeup games


I love it game merge makeover I give you 5 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Very relaxing game where you upgrade your fashion studio and assist people's outfit. Lot's of gossip and big city life. Very nice merge puzzles. And what an awesome characters! I'd like to know Jada IRL!