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Easy Pharma Master App DESCRIPTION

The Train in pharmacy application contains:
* Medicines with letters without the net and with pictures
* Medicines with pictures according to each disease or specialty with pictures and without the net
* 4 training prescription files, two of them without the Internet, with one of them containing pictures
* Numerous books for pharmacy training
* Books of medicines for human medicine according to each branch
*Dental medicine books with pictures
And many branches will be added without the net
You can contact us if you encounter any problem

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This app is a disease classifier (old version). Please use the newly introduced disease classification code New.
처방전이나 진단서에 적혀 있는 ‘질병분류기호’가 무엇을 의미하는지 모르시겠다고요? ‘질병분류기호’는 병원비 정산, 보험금 청구 및 지급 등을 위한 가장 중요한 정보입니다. 질병분류기호 검색. 이제 라이프시맨틱스의 ‘질병분류기호’ 모바일 애플리케이션을 사용해보세요. 본 프로그램은 한국표준질병사인분류(KCD6)와 국제질병사인분류(ICD10)를 대상으로 하는 질병분류기호 검색을 지원합니다.고객센터 전화번호 :1899-4358
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Dr.MindMental Health Screening | Self Care ToolFeeling low, detached, or disengaged? Perhaps it’s time to identify and corroborate your mental health issues!Presenting Dr. Mind, the only free platform dedicated to recognising and providing solutions to all issues regarding your mental health and emotional wellbeing. You can search your symptoms and choose from a multitude of medically verified tests. This app also includes numerous mental health tests like✮Alcohol addiction Test✮Shopping addiction Test✮Smoking addiction Test✮Drug addiction Test✮General anxiety Test✮PTSD Test✮Agoraphobia Disorder Test✮Panic Disorder Test✮ADHD Test✮Adult Autism Test✮Childhood Autism Test✮Memory Loss Test✮Eating Disorder Test✮Depression Test✮Bipolar Disorder Test✮Erectile Dysfunction Test✮Suicide Behaviour Test✮OCD Test✮Appearance Anxiety Test✮Schizophrenia Test✮Aggression Disorder Testand many moreTrust Dr.Mind and try it out today, because having a healthy mind is crucial for having a healthy body!Features✮Take a medically verified test from 25+ symptoms✮Track your mental health✮Get Help from nearby suicide centers.✮Watch videos and learn about symptoms✮Share your Report to Medical professionals, Friends, and Family✮Share the test with your Friends and FamilyReach usDo you like to be a contributor? We are happy to connect with you and reach youCheck our website:http://drmind.careContact us: us..
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The silver-haired return home care management APP connects the nursing process of the silver-haired family from hospitalization to returning home, continuously monitors their physical health, and assists in personal health management.The smart silver-haired family care platform gathers four major service items:1. Discharged personal care services, including: basic care, medication and other health education information, outpatient appointments2. Record daily blood pressure, blood sugar, medication and home exercise prescription. If there is any abnormality, the system will notify and remind to return to the hospital for further examination3. Health promotion services, such as exercise and nutrition advice4. Health courses are arranged, and the elderly can use the courses to implement home care
Allows users to connect to their hearing aid and control hearing aid functions.
With the MAGNIFY app you can:- Personalize your listening experience- Let the hearing aid automatically adapt to your needs- Adjust hearing aid volume and mute hearing aids- Adjust directional focus to aid listening- Create personal programs with your sound adjustments- Add locations to programs for automatic selection- Adjust the pitch of the sound (bass, middle and treble) using the equalizer- Access “Help” and troubleshooting tips in the app- Access the “Find my hearing aid” featureWe continuously update our device compatibility list. Please visit our website to see the latest devices we support: number: 5 300 0030In case of a serious incident, report the occurrence to the manufacturer of the device.
Dermatology learning tool from the British Association of Dermatologists.
Medical Student: Dermatology 2019 was created by the British Association of Dermatologists alongside expert dermatologists to make basic dermatology learning material more accessible to medical students and newly qualified doctors.•Learn more about a range of key dermatology topics such as skin cancer, inflammatory skin conditions, and emergency dermatology in the Learning Zone •Test and broaden your knowledge with case scenarios and picture quizzes•Generate your own randomised quizzes based on a range of topics
Eye-Check lets you test both eyes everywhere you go and whenever you want to! 😍
✅ Test your eyes easily online for free!🌍 Available in 13 languages:❤ English❤ Hindi❤ Arabic❤ Spanish❤ German❤ French❤ Turkish❤ Russian❤ Japanese❤ Portuguese❤ Italian❤ Malay❤ ChineseHave you been unsure about your eyesight? Just follow the instructions to check your sight step for step.This app let's you test both your eyes and finds you a doctor if you want to.Medical disclaimer:This app does not replace a medical advice.
pharmacy drugs pictures
The Train in pharmacy application contains:* Medicines with letters without the net and with pictures* Medicines with pictures according to each disease or specialty with pictures and without the net* 4 training prescription files, two of them without the Internet, with one of them containing pictures* Numerous books for pharmacy training* Books of medicines for human medicine according to each branch*Dental medicine books with picturesAnd many branches will be added without the netYou can contact us if you encounter any problem

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