【图】ハイキュー!!FLY HIGH(截图1)【图】ハイキュー!!FLY HIGH(截图2)【图】ハイキュー!!FLY HIGH(截图3)


fly! Towards a new peak.
A newly developed smartphone game “Haikyu!! FLY HIGH” (abbreviated as “Haikyu!!”) based on the popular anime “Haikyu!!” is now available!
Assemble the strongest team while enjoying collection and training!!

■Recreate the match in high quality 3D
3D model characters run around the court, and there is also an automatic system that can be easily operated!
Experience the fun of volleyball in a hot game!

■Brilliant skill performance
In addition to stop-motion, the highlights from the match are recreated with brilliant videos.
Pay attention to the realistic appearance of the members and their powerful special moves!

■Team formation is free
In this work, you can choose from over 40 members (more will be added in the future) who appear in the original work. Any combination is possible!
Build your own strongest team, aim for the top, and grab victory!

■Relive the original story
Famous scenes and lines from the original work are realistically reproduced with full voice.
Let’s remember that hot youth again!

■A wide variety of content
You can experience a wide variety of content such as daily quizzes, clubs, training camps, etc.
Let’s enjoy “high hula” in various ways!

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fly! Towards a new peak.A newly developed smartphone game "Haikyu!! FLY HIGH" (abbreviated as "Haikyu!!") based on the popular anime "Haikyu!!" is now available!Assemble the strongest team while enjoying collection and training!!■Recreate the match in high quality 3D3D model characters run around the court, and there is also an automatic system that can be easily operated!Experience the fun of volleyball in a hot game!■Brilliant skill performanceIn addition to stop-motion, the highlights from the match are recreated with brilliant videos.Pay attention to the realistic appearance of the members and their powerful special moves!■Team formation is freeIn this work, you can choose from over 40 members (more will be added in the future) who appear in the original work. Any combination is possible!Build your own strongest team, aim for the top, and grab victory!■Relive the original storyFamous scenes and lines from the original work are realistically reproduced with full voice.Let's remember that hot youth again!■A wide variety of contentYou can experience a wide variety of content such as daily quizzes, clubs, training camps, etc.Let's enjoy "high hula" in various ways!
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ガチャ、レベル上げ、限界突破、拠点のレベル上げ、延々と続く素材集め(そしてそれに付随する回数指定しての自動モード)等々、ただただ凡庸などこにでもあるフォーマットのガチャゲーです。 やることが無駄に多すぎて疲れる。 最も致命的なのは肝心のバレーが面白くないところですが。 キャラゲーとしてはありかもしれません。ただ、ガチャでキャラ入手なので…


I was waiting for this for months


I can't wait for the game to open tomorrow!
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