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Fish Out Of Water! Game DESCRIPTION

Dive into a thrilling adventure with Fish Out of Water, without ads or in-app purchases. A captivating game by Halfbrick Studios, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Launch a group of brave fish pals into the sky and over the ocean, helping them travel far and bounce as much as possible!

Experience remastered graphics and audio. and enjoy a rebalanced crystal unlocking system for a more rewarding experience.

– 6 different fish with distinct abilities, adapting to 10 unique kinds of weather!
– Overcome challenges like tsunamis, icebergs, geysers, and jellyfish swarms.
– Unlock crystals by completing missions to buy costumes or craft charms for bonus powers!
– Online leaderboards, achievements, and secret leaderboards for top performers.
– A captivating storybook that unfolds with every level up.

Test your timing and strategy as you launch your fish friends like Finlay the Flying Fish and Micro the Whale through the air, bouncing and skipping across the ocean’s surface. The unique physics and fluid mechanics of the game provide an engaging and immersive experience.

Download Fish Out of Water now and embark on an exhilarating journey across the ocean, discovering new challenges and unlocking extraordinary powers!

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Such a great game. I wish the devs could bring it back on the app store.


I love this game simply adore it and my children have it on their tablets and love it as well.


Please get this running again. One of my favorite games. So soothing and fun... and nothing objectionable at all!!! Prefect for any age. Please please please guys🙏🙏🙏


One of the funniest games I've ever played It's sad how the devs abandoned this game, it's simple, nothing too complicated and complex, yet a cool and relaxing game that worth your time, easy 5 stars


I guess this app is now discontinued, which is sad, 'cause it was a really fun game to play. Though many of the games mechanics are strange right when you start, it was a good concept that was fun while it lasted.


The game works for me It's been my favorite since I was a kid. Unfortunately it's abandoned I would really love for them to come back to it.


I love this game , took me a while to be able to find it again , i hope one day the devs will comeback and at least fix some of the errors , it is a fun a simple game


When i first opened it, it didn't came. The next day when i checked it came. Then after some time when opened it it was not responding pls fix this problem. I used to play this game long ago it one my favorite game of me. Pls fix this problem and add little levels like angry birds have. And make a free ride like how you have now. I know you can do it


I love this game! I remember playing it when I was young 2015 on these Android laptops! It's just so fun to do


I always loved this game, (and would give it a 5) but unfortunately since it's been abandoned I can't play it at all anymore, it crashes everytime I open it. I hope one day the devs come back to fix it. </3


I grown up with this game so please can you put it again in the play store and fix the graphics bug??? Please Please Please Please Please. And the graphics Is working on old devices.


I spent so much time trying to find this game again and I'm so happy that I found it, but it's incredibly unfortunate that it seems abandoned. The graphics are very glitched after throws and you're unable to connect to your Halfbrick account. I can only hope to see this game come back one day, it was really a personal favorite when I was a child and the characters still make me so happy. Right now, the best use I have for it is just watching the fish swim around... It's quite relaxing.


Update it! I can't sign in, because the game says that it is unable to connect to Halfbrick servers.


I love this game so much! Please bring it back! It's one of the most relaxing most beautiful games I've ever seen! Please bring it back! :(


Loved it when I was young and decided to re download it for old times and it's still fun to me.


I found this game when I was smaller I loved this game still but I couldn't find it in Google play store so I looked it up online and found it I want fish out of water back it kept me busy and please update there are some things that bug out like the meter maeler sign and the side of the screen please update it and bring it back I beg you


The graphics are bugging out alot and since I really love this game it's sad that I never actually know my score because the graphics and font are being all janky


The game is really fun, but im disappointed by the lack of updates since 2016... the app is seemingly unlisted from search results so it's unfortunately likely it was abandoned.


I'm a returning player. The game has issues. I'm not able to connect my account and there's a lot of bugs


I cant logged in my account. It always says that check your network.. even if my connection is so strong.