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· Track your energy usage and production in real time with Mobile Optimized Energy
· Find ways to improve energy efficiency
· Control your smart home devices and remotely manage your Power Zero energy usage
· Monitor the status of your solar system in real-time as well as various historical status data

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Piping Reference (dimension and size)
This application is dimension of piping and accessories. It has many accessories in the app such as pipe size, pipe clamp, fitting, flange, pipe hanger and gaskets. This app have boths metric and us unit. It will be change unit when user select switch.Feature- Pipe Dimension- Pipe Material- Pipe Strength- Pipe Clamp- Fitting Dimension- Pipe Flange Dimension- Pipe Hanger- Gasket Dimension
Hide and share secret messages in images!
Use bumble to hide secret/sensitive/confidential messages in images, and share it freely with others. The information is stored in the image using steganography and thus cannot be retrieved/stored by social apps. Your text remains a secret Open the encrypted image in Bumble again to reveal the secret text again!Click on the 'Pin' icon to reveal the hidden text.WARNING:Sharing images via some apps (e.g. chat apps) might cause the images to be compressed. In such cases, you can lose the secret text!
Management software designed for equine professionals
O EQUINOVET® é um app criado para facilitar a vida do médico veterinário e outros profissionais de equinosAs funcionalidades do software foram desenvolvidas para atender as necessidades das principais áreas de atuação: Clínica geral, odontologia e reprodução.O que oferecemos:Acesso offlineO Equinovet é uma ferramenta para ser utilizada diretamente no campo, mesmo sem acesso a Internet, com a qual poderá consultar e registrar os atendimentos de forma simples e rápida. A sincronização dos dados é feita automaticamente quando o celular estiver conectado a internet, garantindo a segurança das informações.Relatórios de ServiçoMantenha tudo organizado e economize tempo.Fidelize seus clientes com uma cobrança transparente. Mostre de maneira clara os serviços prestados e seus respectivos valores.Controle de ClientesSaiba em segundos com quem você trabalha ou já trabalhou.Com o Equinovet você tem acesso rápido a todas as informações dos seus clientes de maneira organizada e profissional.Agenda de TarefasCom a intensa correria do dia-a-dia acabou perdendo um evento importante? Utilize o Equinovet e fique tranquilo!Não perca retornos de consulta, ou qualquer agendamento importante. Aumente a atenção, e melhore o relacionamento com os seus clientes.Procs VeterináriosDiferencie o..
Above is a Norwegian developed app that shows you accurate elevation data for the entire Norway.
Above er en norskutviklet app som viser deg nøyaktige høydedata for hele Norge. Ulikt andre apper benytter Above seg av Kartverkets terrengmodell som gir nøyaktige høydedata fra et rutenett på 10m x 10m. Du kan også dele din posisjon på SMS, en nyttig funskjon om du er usikker på hvor du befinner deg eller bare ønsker å huske koordinatene for et sted ved en senere anledning. Bakgrunnskartet i Above er en unik kombinasjon av Kartverkets topokart og fjellskygger. Dette gjør at det blir lettere å se forskjeller i terrenget.Alle stedsnavn er hentet fra ©Kartverket. Bakgrunnskart tilhører © Høyde over havet, meter over havet, moh, norsk, norge, kartverket, høydeprofil
All for better networking
Tenda technology official App, new version 3.0, blockbuster hit!This App provides the overall management of Tenda routers and supports local management and remote management. Signing in with Tenda account and binding your Tenda router, you can control the status of your home network anytime anywhere. (Support nova, AC5, AC6, AC7, AC9, AC10, AC15, AC18, AC1206, F9)
Android version of the X-Panels application
Android version of the software for control systems in Boeing 737 (best compability with Zibo 737). The application does not require any additional plug-in installed in X-Plane to working. You only need to setup connection with your PC with X-Plane installed.Uou can also find the Windows version of the application at this address: progress:lamps: EXEC, DSPY, FAIL, MSG, OFST
Smart financial management
Aplikasi ini sangat mudah digunakan. Bandingkan aplikasi jenis pinjaman, pilih aplikasi yang diperlukan, dan hitung suku bunga pinjaman.Semoga ini membantu Anda memecahkan masalah manajemen keuangan harian Anda dengan cepat dan mudah. Gunakan sekarang.Fitur1. Perbandingan produk pinjamanPerbandingan rinci jumlah produk pinjaman, jangka waktu, tingkat bunga, tingkat kelulusan, metode pembayaran, kondisi pinjaman, dll.2. Perhitungan pembayaran pinjamanKustomisasi jumlah pinjaman, suku bunga, dan jangka waktu, dan secara otomatis menghitung bunga dan total pembayaran yang diperlukan untuk pelunasan saat jatuh tempo.3. Cepat cocok dengan produk pinjaman yang tepatSecara otomatis dapat mencocokkan produk sesuai dengan jumlah dan jangka waktu, membantu Anda dengan cepat menemukan produk yang tepat.4. Strategi pinjamanBerikan informasi dan panduan terkait pinjaman untuk membantu Anda mengelola keuangan pribadi Anda dengan lebih baik.[Hubungi Kami]Apabila anda menemui masalah saat menggunakan aplikasi, hubungi kami dengan cara di bawah ini.Email: [email protected][Siapa Kami]pocket emas yang mengusung konsep financial technology ini, memanfaatkan teknologi internet dalam melaksanakan bisnisnya. Proses pinjaman tanpa agunan berjalan cepat dan mudah karena pocket emas menggunakan teknologi khusus untuk mengumpulkan, menganalisis, dan memproses pinjaman tanpa agunan Anda dalam waktu 24 jam. Contoh:Pinjam Uang: Rp5,000,000Durasi: tenor terpendek 91..
Measure accurate latitude, longitude and elevation with your Android device.
'Precision GPS Pro' uses your device's GPS sensor to measure your location more accurately than is possible with typical GPS apps. Turn your phone or tablet into a precision GPS navigation instrument.Normally, software on your Android device determines your location from individual GPS readings. This is fine if your are interested in getting your location to within about 10 meters. However, it is possible to do better than this if you average many readings at a particular location.This app is designed to do just thataverage many readings of a stationary Android device to get a more accurate location; it actually calculates a weighted average, accounting for the accuracy of each reading. The trade-off is time. You will need to wait a least a few minutes to get a high accuracy average location.'Precision GPS Pro' displays the following information on the main screen:-'start/stop' button,-'reset' button,-'save' button,-'email' button,-'UTM' button,-remaining battery power readout (%),-current latitude, longitude and (correctedsee below) elevation,-round number,-elapsed time,-PDOP, HDOP, VDOP values,-number of GPS satellites in view,-number of GPS satellites employed in fixing location,-signal-to-noise ratio of signal from each satellite,-accuracy..
Gramcaster Lite helps you to reach more prospective buyers.
Gramcaster Lite membantu anda untuk menjangkau lebih banyak calon pembeli yang tertarget
Fix your Lags, Enables HDR, QuickScope, FPP, Up to 400 Gyro Sensitivity & more!
Improve Your Gaming Experience Like Never Before!LFX Tool, a Completely Free, Powerful GFX Tool & Booster app is here for you! Fully Customize your game graphics from ‘Potato’ to ‘Equivalent to HDR’, Improve your FPS to maximum, Fix Lags of Low-end Devices, Unlock Super Brightness, Unlock Quick Scope, FPP, Up to Gyro 400 Sensitivity, Custom Quick Chat & more!LFX Tool is also a powerful App Backup & Uninstall controller app. You can get apk file of any android app installed on your device, uninstall them. You can also Monitor required permissions by any app.LFX Tool can also monitor Storage & RAM status. Additionally, you can play TicTacToe inside it.Features of App:• Basic Features:a) Change Game Resolution from Very Low to Very High.b) Enables Quick Scope mode.c) Enables FPP mode.d) Enables Gyro 300/400 Sensitivity.e) Enables Custom Quick Chat.• Local Backup Feature: Fully Backup Your Controls & Sensitivity, apply anytime or Share with your friends.• Cloud Backup Feature: Backup Your Controls & Sensitivity over Cloud & you’ll never lose it again!• RAM Booster Feature: Track your Storage, RAM & Network Status!• App..
Manage your Power Zero smart energy devices anytime, anywhere
· Track your energy usage and production in real time with Mobile Optimized Energy· Find ways to improve energy efficiency· Control your smart home devices and remotely manage your Power Zero energy usage· Monitor the status of your solar system in real-time as well as various historical status data

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