📢🌟Para hacer bromas🤣🤣de llamadas falsas, 🤭🥳y salir de apuros con estos audios
📢Llamadas falsas de novios👰🤵
📢llamadas falsas de esposos🙍♀️🙍
📢llamada falsa de policía para niños🧑🤝🧑👨✈️
📢y muchos mas divertidos 🤶👩🚀

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Llamada Falsa Con Audios Broma App DESCRIPTION

Looking for an app with which you can fake a call? You have come to the right place, False Call With Joke Audios, here you can find a variety of audios of fake calls pranks.

Audios with a girlfriend’s voice, ideal for playing a prank on your girlfriend and seeing her reaction when she thinks you’re talking to someone else, but she’ll laugh to death when she finds out it’s just a fake call prank .

You as a man or boyfriend, it is ideal for when you want to play a prank on your boyfriend he will think you are talking to another boy, it will be very funny, just download Fake Call With Voice Of A Woman Man Joke Audios and enjoy All this content made with you in mind.

And the spouses also have fun audios to enjoy and relax a little, click Download app and you will see that making that special person smile is not so difficult.

Fake Call With Prank Audios, an application made thinking of playing healthy pranks like fake calls, can save you by escaping from a person you dislike, just pretend that someone important is calling you.

It also has a Police section for children. Do you want your children to behave well? The Police section for children is a good option to achieve this by pretending to make a fake call to the police, it’s a little joke, but with excellent results.

The application has different pre-recorded audios simulating calls, asking questions and pretending that someone is actually calling you.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to make your imagination run wild, the best thing is that with these fake call voices you can play a prank on the person you decide with a fake prank call with a voice in Spanish.

Just imagine that woman’s voice that is the voice of your girlfriend so that the contacts who listen to it also want to have the app.

Enter this application of fake call from my girlfriend with voice, enjoy the content of the varieties of voices and much more that you can find.

So don’t hesitate any longer and start to get the most beautiful smiles out of your friends and family, brighten their day with a good greeting and a nice audio of False Call With Joke Audios.

Without further ado, we only ask you to use this app responsibly since it is made with fake call pranks, but above all to brighten the day for you and your loved ones.

Keep enjoying this beautiful day and may God always be with you in every decision you make, do not forget to leave us your comment to continue improving, thank you very much.


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